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Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

10/29/2009 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Swift's rep just put together this swift explanation for TMZ, "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night ... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

What the heil was Taylor Swift thinking?

Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

During Katy Perry's birthday party in West Hollywood last weekend, 19-year-old Swift put her arm around a guy wearing a Nazi swastika -- a symbol of hate, murder and evil -- and smiled for a photograph.

There are rumblings that the "JH" on Swift's shirt stands for "Jew Hater" -- but it seems more likely it stands for Julianne Hough due to the fact that Hough had a "TS" painted on her outfit ... most likely for Taylor Swift.


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People actually give a crap? There are much more important things to worry about. Sorry. Only uptight jews would care.

1828 days ago


Typical Redneck country singer

1828 days ago


I'm proud too. :)

1828 days ago


This is only news because of Harvey LEVIN. Maybe she didn't notice--or maybe it is photo-shopped by TMZ for a story like another poster said. You guys make me sick

1828 days ago


she s just young and stupid !

1828 days ago

Envious 1    

Oh please!! People make a mountain out of a mole hill all the time. I would love to know here everyone got the god complex to think they can pick apart every single star's life a part. They are famous yes, but we do not own them people. This poor girl has been chased all stupid week because she was seen with Taylor Lautner. Big Deal! Hell, if everyone has their way they will videotape and show live her loosing her virginity. Get over it people, grow up and do something more constructive with you life.

1828 days ago


You people are complete idiots for even printing this crap... You obviously cater to the stupidest of our society.

1828 days ago


Yes it kind of looks like one but it has the top filled in so it is not.

1828 days ago

Bill Mitchell    

There is hope for the younger generation. Swatstikas and Nazi symbols are not the wisest choice, but they know something is seriuosly wrong with the nation they were born in.
Liberalism has abcessed a GENERATION or three...

1828 days ago


How come there's no uproar about the fact this was Katy Perry's party...why did she let him in?

1828 days ago


This is so not news. What a really terrible thing to do, TMZ. My guess is she didn't even SEE the shirt, he approached from the side. And, given how smart she is, who would be so stupid as to even suggest that she would've posed with him if she'd seen the shirt.

This is a non-story. The guy said he didn't know her, he apologized for dragging her into this. She didn't see the shirt. The end.

1828 days ago


the "swastika" when its the other way is a sybol from an ancient tribe in india. it has no negative meaning. and i am jewish usually this would outrage me. but give her a break!

1828 days ago

Dan Leveillee    

Wow... Some people have nothing better to do than create fake controversies & conspiracies.. Taylor is one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet.. Trolls, go back under your bridges please..

1827 days ago


Wait a minute.... THAT kid is a MODEL? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

1827 days ago


Seriously, the girl took how many photographs that night? Do you think she even knows what that symbol means???? Come on people, there are much more offensive things happening around the world that do not get ANY media time and this is all you can come up with to complain about????????????????

1827 days ago
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