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Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

10/29/2009 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Swift's rep just put together this swift explanation for TMZ, "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night ... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

What the heil was Taylor Swift thinking?

Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

During Katy Perry's birthday party in West Hollywood last weekend, 19-year-old Swift put her arm around a guy wearing a Nazi swastika -- a symbol of hate, murder and evil -- and smiled for a photograph.

There are rumblings that the "JH" on Swift's shirt stands for "Jew Hater" -- but it seems more likely it stands for Julianne Hough due to the fact that Hough had a "TS" painted on her outfit ... most likely for Taylor Swift.


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Wasn't Katy Perry the one who spray painted everyone when they walked in? So why aren't we saying wtf to Katy Perry for putting that one him??

1819 days ago

A fan    

Parents, educate your children, this is not acceptable.
Innocent people were murdered and this symbol was used !

1819 days ago


OMG why would you put a picture of britney on the side there next to nasty phil spector??!!!! That's awful TMZ! Britney is a well, i like her. And I don't even want to talk about phil, god, come on.

1819 days ago


Photo 101, look at the person before you take the picture. They might have something on them or around them that will paint you in a bad light. To the young man with the shirt, come on dumby, their isn't one thing funny about your costume. Taylor you and dumby need to retake American History class.

1819 days ago


For crying outloud!! WW2 was over 6o years ago and the girl is 19! She isn't the one wearing the shirt We got people in gulags in North Korea, Burma, and around the world there is genocide. Worry about today not yesterday.

1819 days ago


It's the freedom thing again. Yoy can´t take a picture with someone if they wear something, that someone might have something against.Sure you can. I can parade down the street dressed in nothing but swastikas and "Hitler for president" written on my forehead shouting "Deutschland Deutschland über alles" and if you don't like it, too bad. I know it is a strange idea to most Americans, but freedom of expression is a good thing , I promise.

1819 days ago


maybe she'll invite Prussian Blue to open for her on her next tour

1819 days ago


There is also a T & an S on the jeans...for Taylor Swift. People can turn nothing into something if they search hard enough. It was all innocent I'm sure. SERIOUSLY, let it go..... now back to something more fun: The Evi-l Quaid woman and her sidekick ... gotta love the antics of nuts and the havoc they cause in small town America!

1819 days ago


It was from a photoshoot you idiots!!! He's not with her his name is AJ

1819 days ago


I love how Taylor Swift can do the dumbest/most hurtful thing on earth and still 75% of the people who voted find her innocent. What if it was KANYE???

1819 days ago


the swastika means eternity and is a peacefull symbol despite the nazis ripping it off I wish all the ignorant people would shutup about a symbol they know nothing about

1819 days ago


The Evi-l Quaid woman and her sidekick ... gotta love the antics of nuts and the havoc they cause in small town America!

Read more:

Yeah. Weren't they supposed to be extradited or something today? Always good for a smile !

1819 days ago


didnt natives use this symbol as well? before hitler

1819 days ago


The party was a white T-shirt party where everyone paints random things on eachother's shirts. The painter of the swastika was a homosexual African American who was friends with the dude. It was just a joke. Take it as you will.

1819 days ago


The real disgrace here is not so much that she took a picture with someone flaunting a swastika, or even that someone would be foul enough to paint a swastika on his chest (encyclopedia entries elucidating the history of the swastika aside, its presence in modern cultural is intrinsically tied to the Nazi party - don't deny that).
What's truly pathetic is that she supposedly DOESN'T KNOW WHAT A SWASTIKA IS?
Ignorance like this is inexcusable. This is not some obscure kernel of history - it's the most incendiary icon of the last 100 years. Whether she really did know it was a swastika and was getting her anti-semitic kicks, or had no idea what a swastika is, she is NOT innocent.
go to college, jackass...

1819 days ago
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