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Anna Nicole Smith Drug Case to Go to Trial

10/30/2009 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithThe preliminary hearing in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case is over -- and a judge decided there was enough evidence for the three defendants to stand trial.

Howard K. Stern
, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and their impressive 23 total felonies are due back in court on December 11.


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At last!!!!!! How do you feel now Swims?

1715 days ago


Ahhh yes poetic justice for sure, long at last. Daniel was a young innocent boy with a full life in front of him. no matter how one feels about Anna how about the poor boy? You know they killed him too for some reason. I don't equate MJ with this horrific story, although there are similarities. Anna was abused sexually and taken advantage of by those who she trusted. she was a mess granted, but they helped her stay a mess. I Hope they all rot in jail~~

1715 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Doctor happypants should be havin that rotor of the helicopter up his azz by now--ride it Dr. go rotate! Only fun you'll have until you go to prison!

1715 days ago

can't wait    

Wonder what Swim will say now.

1715 days ago


she was a beauty............. Hopefully she will get justice...

1715 days ago

thats right    

i'm glad she's dead. she was ugly inside and out.

1715 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

omgosh, this will b good reading again, I don't have a novel right now!

1715 days ago


I am very glad to see them all stand trial. For the deeds they done knowing what they all knew.. Now maybe they can figure out what happened in that hospital room the day Daniel died. Maybe they will all start talking trying to save there own butts.. And why did the doc's let Howard take pictures for use later to make money when she was stoned..Well maybe it will be murder later on like it should have been charged from the beginning..Brenda

1715 days ago


#22, that is a terrible thing to say. That being said, Anna was an addict to EVERYTHING. Over the top life style. Drugs. Sex. Alcohol. Good or bad publicity. You name it and she did it in excess. It is not surprising that someone with so little self control died very young.

1715 days ago


If you wonder why this case is going to trial, read "A Question of Murder" by Dr. Cyrill Wecht. It's about the lives and deaths of Anna and her son. It's riviting.

1715 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Contradictions from Howard K. Stern regarding the clown video.

From Transcript of Judge Seidlin's courtroom:

SEIDLIN: That video we saw the other day, is that her normal state of addressing someone?

STERN: The -- what you saw on the video?

Yes, that's how Anna Nicole talks. That's how she's talked since I've known her. I mean there are times when she's more impaired than that...

SEIDLIN: More impaired than that?

STERN: There are times...

SEIDLIN: Was she impaired in that?

STERN: No. I don't think she was there.

SEIDLIN: You just said more impaired than that.

STERN: Right. More impaired than that. Exactly. Her...

SEIDLIN: Was she impaired? Was she under the influence then?

STERN: No, I don't think so.

SEIDLIN: But you just said to me she was more impaired than that.

From Transcript of Larry King Live

KING: We're back on this illuminating program tonight.

A home video of Anna became public after her death. It was played during the court battle in Florida. The tape showed Anna heavily pregnant wearing face paint and behaving oddly. Many said she might be under the influence of something. Howard shot this video. We are seeing it now. What is your explanation of this, Howard? Just goofing off?

STERN: That's a stolen video from the house. And it's about an hour-long video and what they did is they cut it down into about 45 seconds to make it appear that Anna's on drugs when in reality, Anna is pretending to be a little girl and she -- I think in the video, she even says that her name is Lucy, which is a character that she played in her most recent movie called "Illegal Aliens." She's clearly playing around with a little girl and it is just edited it to make me look bad and to make Anna look bad. It's horrible.

1715 days ago


Would love to see Howard on the stand answering to all his lies and contradictory statements.

1714 days ago


Good, Doctors need to be charged when they over prescribe to people. To many people are dead because doctors are giving people strong narcotics.My brothers died 3 years ago he was 46. His doctors gave him oxycotin 80 mgs 5 aday what the hell would someone need that much pain relief. He worked construction if you looked at him he looked normal heathy . I could see it maybe if he had cancer and was in bed in terrible pain or something like that, but I have seen people in pain managament places walk out with enough drugs to kill anybody . There is a big problem in America the Drug Admin. needs to really crack down. And maybe save a few lives.

1714 days ago

dallas boy    

YIKES!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why did I do it??!!! Why oh why did I do it???!!!!!
Just looking at her skanky druggie smile makes me wanna puke!
What a waste of sperm and egg: look what it turned into!

1714 days ago


i hope justice prevails for Anna Nicole. its about fricking time Howard K. Stern and his 2 accomplices got some jail time..

1714 days ago
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