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Jon Gosselin: The Spirit Moves Me

10/30/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin is not going to hook up with Octomom for a TV special, because his "spiritual advisors" had a bad feeling about the project. Who knew we were spiritual advisors?

We got a statement that Jon's "talent" agent sent to the producers of "Jon - Kate = Jon + Octomom" saying, "While Jon appreciates the consideration and the potential revenues that it offers, after reviewing with both the management team and his spiritual advisors Jon has decided it is not in his best interest to pursue a show of this nature."

The "Dear Jon" letter continues, "... it is important to Jon to focus on his family and repairing the relationship that Jon and Kate need to have, both for themselves and for the sake of their children."

That's Jon Gosselin for you -- always doing the Lord's work.


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This guy is so yesterday. A guy who wanted his "freedom" and then proceeded to do nothing but screw up his life and many others after he got it. The epitome of loser.

1788 days ago


"Being advised by spiritual advisors" translates into "Someone told him that if he does this, he is for sure going to Hell".

As soon as this whole Jon-Octomom story began, I thought "Please, God, let this be a joke". Looks like prayer really does work.

1788 days ago


I guess he's holding out for a quality family program like The Divorced Dads Club. Also, is he referring to Schmuley as his spiritual advisor? What a perfect addition to his circle of media whores.

1788 days ago




1788 days ago

White guys love lil kids lmfao    

Kate, You and your supporters should go back under the rock ya'll came from. She's a gold diggin whore. Why is it legal for her to pimp out her kids? Oh wait, women do that everyday just to live. We need more independent women in this world who will go get a JOB for her money. NOT leech off of men for their personal gain! You women that feel like a man should support your lazy azz before, during, and after your married should DO IT YOURSELF! My daughters will not be money hungry whore's like the rest of the women on this planet. They will WORK for their money just like men. Independent women like my mom should stand up and make this witch get a REAL JOB! Kate supporters should watch the beginning of J&K + 8, she was nice until TLC gave the c**t a very much needed make-over. Then after nip-tuck(LARDASS REMOVER) she woke up as super c**t. Kate supporters just get off the web & get ur own life str8. Stop tryn to justify her being a bitch & a bad mom. My aunt has 9 kids herself & isn't on tv, she is single & busting her azz @ the hospital (nurse/RN) everyday. Let's see kate & her supporters do it.

1788 days ago

Princess De    

Thanks Jon for refusing to be on another reality show and giving us the decency of not having to look at your ugly ass. Thank You.

1788 days ago


his g/f said it the best... jon is SUCKING the life out of her and everyone else.... i think she is starting to see that she is a rebound fling... get out while you can.. and when you make that move he will be stalking you.... mark my words.

1788 days ago


OMG...YOU MUST BE KIDDING....LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL,Jon get a real job....go back to what you know,when you married Kate,at least you will be working come on..

1788 days ago


Jon has to get back to basics. His fling time is over! Put the love life and TV shows on the back burner and get things settled. Be a DAD for your kids. They need you! Kate's a mental case and they're better off with nannies. Time to get a REAL job and collect child support from moneybags! She's crying poor, but everyone knows she's stashing it under the mattress. Glad you chucked the Octomom deal. Bad idea!

1788 days ago


Let me make sure I have this right: He goes to see a "spiritual advisor" and the Jewish council for guidance?... this man needs a straight jacket and padded cell!

1788 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I can't believe that Jon would even entertain this idea. Regardless of popular sentiment, Jon & Kate Plus Eight did not start as a show about a someone seeking fame or purposely having an irresponsible medical procedure that almost ensured high multiple birth.

Kate did not get pregnant thru invitro as did Suleman nor did she insist that all fertilized eggs be implanted because she could not handle the idea of destroying any eggs (but since Kate did not have invitro, it is a moot point). While anytime a person seeks the type of medical intervention Kate used risks multiples, what happened in Kate's case is astronomically rare. That she chose to risk continuing pregnancy based on religious beliefs is her choice.

Kate risked her life to carry this UNPLANNED brood. While she loves her children, I'm sure she would have rather had only one. She did have a career, as a labor and delivery nurse, and she was a far better choice to remain at home than Jon. Unfortunately, Jon couldn't hold a job. Right or wrong, they depended on public assistance and I believe it affected Kate deeply.(I don't care about Kate allegedly turning down used baby equipment. There are good reasons for not using used equipment, and, hormonally, she wasn't probably the most rational person at the time) Jon just floats thru life...

So when The Discovery Channel came knocking, there was daylight. Then they were offered the series, and, like many people struggling to provide, thought it would be the perfect way to allow Kate to remain at home with the kids. Supposedly, Jon was working. The show enjoyed a following of people who thought the kids were cute and who could relate to the struggles of raising kids. I was pleased that Kate and Jon did not "act" and showed the good and the bad.

Unfortunately, the problem with reality is that it does not always go as planned when Jon began to act out after signing a new contract with TLC. He couldn't get Kate on board, as she had grown with the show. Jon had not and resented being left home with the kids while Kate's new career took off. As he became more resentful of being stuck at home with the kids and the show, he thought he could make demands on both TLC and Kate. Apparently, this came to a head in October of 2008 and Jon and Kate got into a disagreement which resulted in a separation within the household. In Kate's eyes, this was a bump in the road and would run its course as she was raised to believe in marriage as forever. Jon, coming from a broken home, viewed this bump as a break-up.

I believe this is why Jody insists J & K broke up in October. Jon told Jody that because that was HIS perception. Too bad Jon wasn't talking to the right person. I think he gave Kate an ultimatum, the show or him, regardless of the contractual obligation. Kate had no desire to return to the past and she knew she had to fulfill her contract or get sued. Jon moved into the garage.

By January 2009, instead of working on his marriage, Jon began to venture out to places which are not marriage friendly. By February, he was acting like he was not married with 8 kids. By April/May, his behavior made it into the public forum. By June, Kate was forced to realize that she needed out of this marriage as no one should put up with a husband who may be sleeping around in this day and age. Kate may have been "mean" to Jon but there is NO excuse for cheating. Cheating on your family is beyond selfish.

This was clearly just another passive agressive move on Jon's part meant to hurt Kate and TLC. Fulfill the remainder of your contract and possible option and let the show fade into the night. But, noooo, Jon just couldn't do it one more day and pulled the plug, lying that the show was harming his kids. He is a hateful man/child. He is a horrible role model for his kids.

So, getting back to Jon and Octomom, Jon and Kate may have turned out badly due to Jon's bad choices but they are hardly on the level of a totally messed up woman named Nadiya Suleman. They are just an example of why divorce is so prevalent amoung parents of multiples.

1788 days ago


I think he should hook up with Octomom and have 10 more kids. That way, this can become even more of a pathetic circus as it is, and maybe we can have a few more television specials featuring his crying girlfriend

1788 days ago


That douchebag should count his blessings, or thank his newly
acquired Rabbi, or whatever, if he really got any offer to do
anything. He's a useless thieving, lying, piece of Shiit. And The
Insider should be embarassed to be paying that douchebag holder
Hailey for appearing on their network to shed her crocodile tears.

1788 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    


AT LEAST SOMEONE has the courage to SAY "NO" to Octo-FREAK/leach.

As LONG as we taxpayers are FUNDING OCTO-MORON'S 14-kids (their multi-million $$$ births) .. etc etc
Octo-creature should remain HOLED-up somewhere WHERE NOBODY can SEE HER -- ever again!

REMOVE THIS blight from society. Octo-LEACH has caused THE WORLD the worst carbon "footprint" IMAGINABLE.

1788 days ago
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