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Jon Gosselin: The Spirit Moves Me

10/30/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin is not going to hook up with Octomom for a TV special, because his "spiritual advisors" had a bad feeling about the project. Who knew we were spiritual advisors?

We got a statement that Jon's "talent" agent sent to the producers of "Jon - Kate = Jon + Octomom" saying, "While Jon appreciates the consideration and the potential revenues that it offers, after reviewing with both the management team and his spiritual advisors Jon has decided it is not in his best interest to pursue a show of this nature."

The "Dear Jon" letter continues, "... it is important to Jon to focus on his family and repairing the relationship that Jon and Kate need to have, both for themselves and for the sake of their children."

That's Jon Gosselin for you -- always doing the Lord's work.


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Catt Alex    

I have never watched a single episode of Jon & Kate, and never will.
I have never watched or followed that hideous Joker-mouth Octo-Beotch, either, and never will.

Give all those losers the boot and let's be done with it.

Bring back the Heene-fest. I want to see them fall on their faces for what they did.

Why do people want to be reality show celebrities? Can't they see that it doesn't really work out that great for most people? I can't believe how desperate and pathetic people are in order to be on TV.

*shaking my head*

1797 days ago


Jon your such a dumbass!!!!!!!

1797 days ago

Pink Blonde    

Omg. You Kate Stalkers are so f'ng creepy it scares me. You spiteful, hateful nutjobs. get a f*cking life of your own, instead of being so jealous of somebody else's.

1797 days ago


He is running scared now. Kate is a successful author now with an income. He is cutout of TLC and has no job now and is seeing the writing on the wall. He is going to have to get a job and WORK for a living to pay child support for 8 kids. Now that his new girlfriend has come forward about his temper and abusiveness it explains alot about Kate. Good Luck Kate, stay on the high road.

1797 days ago


Jon is such a tool. Spiritual advisors are not going to do a thing for you Jon, you have screwed yourself deep into a hole and now you are trying anything to get out. If Jon wouldn't have gone around tramping around with all these sluts and jet-setting around and saying that he dispises Kate, maybe things would be a little different for him. His mouth and his actions are what is getting this tool in deep trouble. Think before you do Jon, then maybe your life would be better you dumba@@.

1796 days ago


TALENT AGENT??? Why int eh hell do him and Kate have talent agents? They do not have a talent, well I'm not sure if being idiots and making complete asses of yourself on tv and magazines are considered talent these days or not.

They need to get it threw there heads that they had a reality Show, none gets famous from reality Shows, yes some become popular on them like these two did but in about a year you will not see them or even remember them

1796 days ago


Jon + Octomom = the end of civilized world as we know it. We all know it was HIM that turned down the idea because she would jump at ANY chance to pimp out her kids for $$$$

1796 days ago


Jon should have taken the money and done the show. He has nothing else going for him there are no respectable gigs on his horizon.

1796 days ago



1796 days ago


When will the plug be pulled on both Joh and Kate they a pitiful it is like watching a train wreck, I will not watch the show whether it is jon and kate or just kate.

1795 days ago


"While Jon appreciates the consideration and the potential revenues that it offers" This little clause says it all and this is probably Jon's first, last, and only consideration. Jon doesn't care about the "spirtual" matters. If he did, he'd keep his mouth shut and try to heal his marriage.

1793 days ago
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