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La-Z-Boy-Mobile Lost in Tragic Custody Battle

10/30/2009 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like a babe being ripped from the arms of its loving mother, the man who got a DUI on a converted La-Z-Boy is now being separated from his cherished creation.

La-Z-Boy-Mobile Lost in Tragic Custody Battle

Dennis LeRoy's La-Z-Boy-Mobile is being sold out from under him on eBay by cops in Proctor, Minnesota -- a punishment for LeRoy getting his second DUI while riding the incredible contraption last year.

But all is not lost ... in exchange for removing the chair from the possession of its drunken master, LeRoy will get one of the DUIs taken off his record.

Somewhere, LeRoy is probably listening to "There's a Tear in My Beer" by Hank Williams.


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It's my job to be first, people!!!!!!!!!!! Deal with it, because I've no life otherwise!

1765 days ago


I just wanted to comment on something, but Simone seems to have stolen my thunder.
In an unrelated thought:
Get Fuzzy!

1765 days ago


Caesar has decreed that all citizens shall worship at the
Church of the Carbon Footprint.

1765 days ago

Allen Ridak    

A police auction?? Can't wait to put some fake bids on that one. I'm tipping the police will be very excited with their final price of over $1,000,000

1765 days ago


I'm sure that a redneck republican will buy it...shoot there'll be a bidding war HEEEHAWWW!!!

1765 days ago


i think the word you tried to use was baby not babe

1765 days ago


SPEAKING OF DUI'S....did you know that 7 time DUI convict was released without restrictions or a motorized Chair? Suggest the disbarment of the Releasor.....SOURCE: KMOV ST. LOUIS 10-21-09. PLEASE tell all your friends to contact the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and demand the disbarment of the RELEASOR....St clair County Illinois States Attorney Robert Haida. ARISTOTLE ONE SAID....THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY IN THIS CAUSE WILL LEAD TO A DUI DEATH......DISBAR THE RELEASOR......

1764 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Can they confiscate and sell your property IN AMERICA????

Wonder if this would happen with a CELEBRITY? I don't recall any of their cars or SUV's being sold.

1764 days ago


is it me or does it seem sort of I don't know, ILLEGAL for them to confiscate his property and then sell it on ebay for a progit then take one of his DUIs away?

1764 days ago


It's all right. After all, it is in Minnesota, home of democrat Franken and the democrat acorn election fraud winners. However, it still sounds illegal to me. If it were ANYONE other than attorney general HOLDER, likely there would be some federal intervention in this confiscation and sale of private property.
Number 5 can go suck an acorn egg.....raw and get salmonella I hope, for the stupid unrelated comment

1764 days ago


Only the court can confiscate a vehicle, and the owner has a right to appeal the decision.

1764 days ago


The very definition of a high functioning alcoholic. Nice work !

1764 days ago


Man they should give him back his chair jesus rather a drunk ridding a chair then a car for gods sake.

1764 days ago


WTFF????? you pay the po po $600 and you can get a DUI removed from you record??? where the Fu*k do we live? afghanistan? i didnt know you can buy a dui off your record!? welcome to america people where ANYTHING is possible for a small amount! wow very disguisting police work! not to mention disturbing!

1764 days ago

Joanna Pena    

It's over $2,600 and still has 3 days & 22 hours to go. Why would people even want this chair? It's trash to me

1764 days ago
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