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Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

10/30/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah took a hard stand on Chris Brown, but just a few days ago the talk show host allowed another famous alleged woman-abuser on her show -- and now the victim says she feels betrayed.

Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

The man in question is gospel singer BeBe Winans -- who is accused of shoving his ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground in front of their kids back in February. BeBe was on "Oprah" on Friday to pimp out his new gospel CD -- his domestic violence charge is pending until another court hearing next year.

Debra tells TMZ she's "hurt by Oprah's decision to have Bebe on the show" -- especially after she refused to have Chris Brown on her show in the wake of the Rihanna beating.

Calls to Oprah's people were not returned.


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I see everyone is basically in concensus that Oprah is a hyprocrite- I don't think i've ever seen almost EVERYONE agree on this site about something!
I can't wait til we can move on from this story though i'm tired of hearing about this while other celebrities do horrible things repeatedly and get a pat on the back like Sean Penn,Tommy Lee, Charile Sheen etc

1788 days ago


Chris Brown belongs in jail, not on the Oprah show. Mike Tyson served his time, & what Bebe did is nothing compared to what Chris Brown did. Bebe never smashed a girl's head in to the point where she was unconscious & purple. I hope he didn't give her brain damage. Chris Brown should never be allowed within 50 feet of a woman ever again.

1788 days ago


Chris Brown is doing his community service and owes nothing to you or anyone else. If you knew anything about the law you'd know that first time offenses are usually spent without jail time. Obviously the judge did not feel the same way you all feel about the severity of the case and she has ALL the facts so I would go with her judgement on this one sorry Rez.

1788 days ago


I read Chris Brown was supposed to go on Oprah but discussion with her producers broke down because he wasn't willing to talk about the abuse. He ended up going on Larry King instead & Larry kicked the crap out of him. Mike Tyson did talk about the abuse on Oprah so in my opinion Oprah's not a hypocrite; at least not on this issue.

1788 days ago


You sound SUPER CRAZY! How can you be more angry with someone you don't know about a situation you have not witnessed first hand, than anyone else ever in your life. Maybe you need to get out more or read real news of battered women in shelters and killings and child molestation world hunger I could go on but you get the point.
Also no one that I have read has defended Chris' actions as he does not defend them himself but to evoke so much rage for a one time incident when there are far more severe situations everyday and multiple time offenders, is crazy. You must not have a life or friends I suggest get both.

1788 days ago


#124 i feel the same way about the umbrella women. Far from innocent by a mile. Oprah im a little dissapointed, but it is her show and she may be saying she can have whom ever she wants. I thought the same thing when i saw mike tyson and bebe on the show. Chris Breezy is young and we all made mistakes everyone even she. Some people cant control things and they are adults look at her with the up and down weight lost. Its a struggle for the rest of her life. Chris i wish you the best and i have forgiven you no one is perfect not even MS O.

1787 days ago


here is a man that is of God who made a mistake and now he is being
brand because of the decision he made do we know both side of story
before we start to label. God tells us to forgive how many times and let go and don"t go back to the same mistake again. I believe in be be and will continue to support him in his career. Let go and
let God deal with him and i am for sure her regrets what he did.

1779 days ago

Ray Gordon    


I before E except after C (or sounded like A as in neighbor or weigh?) Let me quote the leading authority on this:

“I seize this moment, at the height of my leisure, to reiterate, that the feisty, inefficient science of their atheist society is weird.”

NEIL KEITH said this, and I agree.

1730 days ago


44. I see some are justifying Oprah's actions by labeling abuse.First of all, Oprah's very hard stance with Chris and doing a show on general abuse has put her in a corner.If she avoided the topic on air she wouldn't be deemed hypocritical but since she did now it just appears that she is. Also you feel a shove or whatever is not bad from Bebe but she also had Mike Tyson on her show recently. I'd love to hear someone justify bringing him on the show after her big show on abuse and being nice to him. I also feel that Oprah should discuss women that hit men as well because the statistics show they are convicted and charged alot less likely then men as in the Rihanna case.

Posted at 7:35AM on Oct 30th 2009 by Mike

Mike, the only one that has discussed it with women hitting men was Tyra on her talk show recently. Yes, what Chris did was wrong but people forget that Rihanna put her hands on him in violence too but nothing is said about that!

I do think Oprah put herself in a hypocritical position. I know its her show and she can do what she wants on there but come on?! Won't have Chris Brown but you'll have BeBe Winans and (worse yet) Mike Tyson?! Something is wrong here!

1769 days ago
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