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Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

10/30/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah took a hard stand on Chris Brown, but just a few days ago the talk show host allowed another famous alleged woman-abuser on her show -- and now the victim says she feels betrayed.

Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

The man in question is gospel singer BeBe Winans -- who is accused of shoving his ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground in front of their kids back in February. BeBe was on "Oprah" on Friday to pimp out his new gospel CD -- his domestic violence charge is pending until another court hearing next year.

Debra tells TMZ she's "hurt by Oprah's decision to have Bebe on the show" -- especially after she refused to have Chris Brown on her show in the wake of the Rihanna beating.

Calls to Oprah's people were not returned.


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Didn't Oprah blab on and on about if he hits you once he will hit you again on her show crucifying the nineteen year old Chris Brown but she puts two grown man accused of abuse ( Mike Tyson and BeBe Winans) on her show within a month of one another?
What a loser

1787 days ago


I really pray that Chris can make it through and I am glad to see that he IS being supported by strong black role models like Will Smith. We all make mistakes some much bigger and more public than others but I feel as long as you do not kill or sexually assault someone you can grow from your experiences.

1787 days ago


WOW you know you messed up Oprah when TMZ is defending Chris Brown in anyway LOL. Maybe this will mean the beginning of TMZ backing up on Chris Brown a bit, doubt it but it would be nice to move on from this story.

1787 days ago


You forget that Chris was ordered to do all these things, it wasn't a choice. I'm sure if it were up to him, he wouldn't have had to do "hard labor" and such. In time, if he is "truely sorry", it'll become apparent. You can continue to buy and listen to his music, but for crying out loud, stop sticking up for this woman beater. Any woman or man who physically harms another is cowardly and weak. As far as Oprah, she's a huge joke!

1787 days ago


She can be very judgemental, she didn't want Chris Brown on and I get that , but Jay-Z has been all over U-tube for pushing and then hitting a girl. Mike Tyson and Bebe both hit women, Mike even bites men so why the double standard?

1787 days ago


Oprah is such a hypocrite!!! She no saviour like people make her out to be. All she does is jump on bandwagons and do whatever is popular for ratings, (ie now she wants Sarah Palin on her show). Ugh!! I haven't watched her show since last year and I can barely stand to hear her speak. She such a disappointment. TMZ you'll never get a response out of this narcissist!!

1787 days ago



I agree with you that anyone that puts a hand on a woman OR a man is wrong. What I feel is forgotten is that Rihanna has slapped and attacked Chris Brown as well. I know no one cares about these facts because she is a woman and when a woman hits a man it is deemed okay but wrong is wrong on both ends and I don't condone EITHER. I support Chris mainly because of the lack of people reviewing this facts and jumping to conclusions like Oprah. I wasn't even a fan of his until TMZ continued to ONLY talk about him for almost a year after the assault. Since I don't know either of them and I was not there that night so how can I judge someone's sincerity?Rihanna doesn't appear to want to be the poster child for domestic violence despite everyone sticking up for her in the name of women's rights, probably because she knows it was violence on both of their parts,so do we contine to byrate this young man. I prefer to HOPE they are both sorry and he has learned from his actions he is only 20.
Agree though Oprah sucks...

1787 days ago


Why does no one give Chris credit for pleading guilty. He did not HAVE to plead guilty or say he was sorry. In a court system we are given the right to a trial. He could have went to trial and dragged Rihanna's name in the mud but he did not. He manned up and plead guilty to end the drama.I have not ONE other celebrity accused of this offense do the same. WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD IN JUDGEMENT FOR CHRIS BROWN

1787 days ago


I think Oprah has changed. Now she is just another two bit TV hustler that is just looking for ratings. She has no integrity.
She personally has it in for Chris Brown. Mike Tyson and Bebe Winans? that says she don't' give a crap about women's cause it
has anything to do with money.
Oprah has no standard. She lost it with greed!

1787 days ago


Plain and simple... Oprah sucks and should retire.She is beginning to think she is God and can judge who does and does not deserve retribution after tragedy.

Hate Her and everything she stands for!

1787 days ago


Munch Munch Munch its not about the Food, LOL that fat bitch, she will do anything for a Cheese Burger !!!!, C BROWN IS STILL A BEATER, NO MATTER WHO SHE HAS ON, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PASS ME THE

1787 days ago


I thought Abuse was Abuse. What makes one right and the other wrong? No Man or Women should lay a hand on each other, but what I want to say is that. Chris Brown even if a dislike what he did in his personal life and made me lose respect for him on that. It's that he was 19 when this happen, Mike was earlier 20s around 23-25, BeBe is in his 50s but she picks and choose who can change and who can't? Last a check you can't pick choose DV because their close friends of yours. You either against it all or your forgiven to an extend.

Oprah being Double Standard on this just makes me lose all respect I had for her and believing she was something she clearly is not. Don't be against people because they're not your close and personal friends, and start being bias. If you are going to preach about being against for something and taking a stand. Do it on all cases not because you have a personal relations with the defended.

1787 days ago


I stopped watching Oprah several years ago when she had two women on her show, one black and one white, who had both abused their children. She literally berated the white woman with such hatred then turned around and coddled the black woman. I was so angry that I emailed her and told her what a bigot that she was and vowed to never watch her program again and haven't to this very day!!! It is my opinion that she should have not shown partiality to either women and should have kept her personal feelings out of the program but she didn't. She lost any respect that I might have had for her that day. Furthermore, she's been linked to a group of "elite" people who are looking to find a solution to our ever growing world population. Does this sound like someone who should have this nation's ear? I think not!!!

1787 days ago


Jack-I don't normally comment but I had to when I saw your post. No one disputed what Chris did and by the way RIHANNA is a beater as well and also used to beat up her brothers but thats not the point. The point of the article was that Oprah is a hypocrite. Fine if you don't like Chris but read the article fully before commenting-thanx

1787 days ago


Oprah also did a piece with Mike Tyson She only talks to wife/girlfriend beaters when it suits her.
She did not wan to talk about MJ but she had no problem re-airing her old interview with him. She makes so sick. This high moral ground that she has when it suits her. "I don't like rap but I will talk to Jay-Z"

I don't eat hamburgers but I will scarf down a corndog"

1787 days ago
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