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Paris Lashes Out at 'Scumbags'

10/30/2009 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before cops showed up at Paris Hilton's home last night, she once again trashed the people who broke into it.

Paris Hilton: Click to watch
Outside Philippe, Paris tore into the Burglar Bunch -- who allegedly stole $2 million worth of property from her -- calling them "dirty rotten thieves" and "scumbags" who deserve 10 years in the slammer.

As we previously reported, several of the suspects have had run-ins with the law before -- and if they're found guilty, they could be S.O.L.


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Paris Hilton drives drunk- which could have killed someone, then continues to drive on a suspended license, and she gets 5 minutes in jail. These people steal jewelry from celebrities that leave their doors unlocked and they should get 10 years but her 5 minutes in jail for putting lives in danger is acceptable? Not that these kids should go around robbing people, but Paris is no icon for being a law abiding citizen. Don't leave millions of dollars of jewelry laying around and then have raging parties at your house. She deserved it for being the irresponsible toolbag she is.

1783 days ago

Zach Swan    

I hate myself for thinking this, but Paris looks hot in this. Then she opened her mouth, but still, she looks hot. I'm gonna go wash my mouth out with soap now.

1783 days ago


Wow Paris, having recently been incarcerated yourself for a very lenghthy stay at LA Correctional perhaps you can lend them your Gucci rhinestone-studded shank?

1783 days ago

Rap sucks    

Yeah I'm so sick of those losers. But damn look at Paris, i don't care what she is or has, but i want her bad!

1783 days ago


Paris' brother gets evil on robbers!

1783 days ago


Hilton can do blow, drink and drive, use people for self promotion including buying a woman mourning the death of her dog by getting her two dogs BUT NOT PAYING FOR THEM so then they have to be returned.

I have to hand it to these kids that they got into all these (semi) famous people's the other poster got the bentley and the benjamins but no security?

Makes me wonder if this is all a publicity stunt.

1783 days ago


This White Trash Skank should be thanking them. She hasn't had this much publicity in a long time.

1783 days ago


Hello, even us poor people know how to hide our expensive stuff. I know its not worth like yours but we have sense to put in safe or deposit box. Stop leaving your crap all over the place and making yourself a target.. In other words stop bragging of all the bling you have.....

1783 days ago


WoW! Paris got boobs!
Look good.

1783 days ago


Ummmm in these times, I really and truly can not feel sorry for someone like her who has been handed money all her life. If she WORK HARD for what she has, she would have invested in some high security system to guard her stuff.

1783 days ago


Hilton's father told her that if she got fake tits it would make her look "cheap". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


1783 days ago


When did paris hilton get breasts implants? We all saw the flat chest in her bad movie... what gives?

1783 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Porn Star

Twice in as many days?
Sympathy's over...

1782 days ago


Paris. I'm a fan. But really..10 years?! Whats worse. Ya - I think your DUI is A LOT worse. Driving down the road drunk..potentially killing someone.

1782 days ago

river rat    

AH HA HA HA.....Dougie the Douche has new bags to play with!

1782 days ago
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