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Anna Nicole Mistakes Pregnancy for Gas

10/31/2009 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith was so whacked out of her mind in 2006 that she mistook the baby growing in her womb for a case of bad gas -- and it's all on a tape that was entered as evidence in court on Friday.

The video was shot by Howard K. Stern at a little girl's birthday party. Snippets of the video were released two years ago, but now the entire 50-minute tape is being used in the drug case against Stern and Anna's former doctors.

In this particular clip, Smith can't seem to comprehend the fact that she's pregnant -- consistently denying there's a baby in her belly ... despite the fact she's showing.

It just gets weirder from there -- check it out for yourself. Then sadly, at the end of the clip, the little girl looks straight into the camera and says, "She's having brain trouble."


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damn this is low , words escape my thoughts how could another human being do this 2 another. these people need 2 answer 2 someone whether here on earth or in hell. this is beyond low!

1821 days ago



We need some Michael Jackson news! Damn, it's boring on this site, TMZ! We’re posting just to be posting! Give us some updates on Dr. Murderer, Dr. Haney, and the rest of the idiots that can't collect, because their cash cow is gone; thanks to them!

It's almost like they killed MJ to collect their ill gotten gains. A bunch of MORONS!

1821 days ago


WillOTheWisp, I was speaking to the person who signed her name Willow. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

1821 days ago


So sad that the only one with a shred of common sense is the little girl.

As for brodydallesho's question:"I wonder if his defense can claim that she's suffering side effects from a legitimate prescription?"

I was legitimately prescribed medication (an anti-seizure-type drug) that seemed to take most of my brain away, made me into a different person, and left me unable to perform ordinarily simple day-to-day tasks (cooking, carrying on a rational conversation, driving, even walking from point A to point B without forgetting where I was going and for what purpose -- even across the room). Trust me, I am no wealthy celebrity and was not begging for drugs and when I repeatedly asked to come off of this drug the Dr said the side effects were to be expected and that it was "working". Off the drug I am healthier and more able to function like a human being instead of a zombie, but on the drug it was hard to think clearly enough to demand some alternate solution from the Dr who thought it was "working" for over a year. Luckily (in a way), in my case the side effects of the treatment were dramatically worse in nearly every way than the condition it was supposed to treat, and I was able to go off of it without danger.

I will never be able to understand how doctors can believe they are helping patients by treating a disease/condition that leaves a patient disabled for XX days per year, with a treatment regimen that leaves the patient essentially disabled 5-10 times as many days per year, but I have experienced it and seen it with friends and family way too many times to think it isn't a prevalent attitude among doctors.

Obviously Anna was taking multiple and much more serious drugs than I was, and who knows how many or which of them would be considered "legitimate" -- but certainly any drug has possible side effects that affect different people differently, and more so with combinations of drugs all taken together, so I'm sure the defense can bring that up. Whether or not a jury would believe that all of the drugs were legitimately prescribed or that a doctor closely monitoring this patient can justify such a debilitating treatment for any length of time is another question.

1821 days ago


78. WillOTheWisp, I was speaking to the person who signed her name Willow. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Posted at 12:12AM on Oct 31st 2009 by MJN

No Problem! Just giving you a heads up! The haters like to do that.

You have a good night!

1821 days ago

jennifer Anna is the victim? Just stop. She took drugs willingly, knowingly, and when she was sober she knew she was pregnant and still took all of those drugs. Howard is an a$$, no doubt about it, but let's not victimize Smith. She made a whole lot of wrong choices in her life, not giving a crap who those choices affected, and it ultimately killed her. Boo hoo and moving on.

1821 days ago


Who is Riley and what parent let her experience that scene?!?!??! Just sad......

1821 days ago


This is too disturbing to read about so I have jumped over here to say that I pray that Vicky (Anna Nicole) and Daniel will be exhumed and returned to Texas just as soon as these three monsters are held accountable for their crimes against Anna Nicole and Daniel. Larry Birkhead, I don't know if you sleep well at night - if you do, then, Karma is going to catch up with you, too, someday.

1821 days ago

Birkhead: Prosecutors chastised testimony    

Any one with even a small amount of insight (AKA intelligence) can see that ANS is playacting with the child.

Did you see how straight ANS ran in the second video??? A drugged/stoned person wouldn't be able to stand let run that straight.

In the third video if you watch ANS cleaning her face of the clown makeup you can see that she is doing a very good job of it, a drugged/stoned person would not care about cleaning her face of makeup let alone take the time to clean her face as well as she did.

ANS looked sober to me, she seemed to be just enjoying playing with the child and maybe liked freaking the child out who seemed to have quite an attitude, and she probably knew the child well enough that she knew that she could take it.

The child did seem very friendly, familiar and comfortable with them and from the looks of it ANS had teased and played with her before.

1821 days ago


Yeah he really loved her didnt he!!
What a Jerk to not have an issue with filming her in such a sad state and to even let her take drugs when she was carrying "his" baby as well.
I hope he rots in prison with his new boyfriend Bubba!!

1821 days ago


This makes me sick! Anna needed help indeed and everyone around her let her down.It is not TMZ's fault that Howard taped this.They are merely reporting whats occurring in court and hopefully it will help in getting Justice for Anna and Daniel.Lets see who looks like the pathetic clown at the end of rhe trials.

1821 days ago


jennifer, Yes I believe Anna was a drug addict on her own, but I feel he kept her TOTALLY drugged up at the end. She was too sick to take her medicine by herself and why didn't howard take her to the hospital, and why didn't he get a DR.,and why did he say he was a proud parent of Dannilyn, and why did he end up with Annas' stolen house, and why did he end up with all the marketing to Annas image, and????????????????

1821 days ago


She is soooo play acting with that lil girl... If anyone has ever played dolls with a lil girl, you play like that.. If you ever watched the Anna Nicole Show, she did a lot of baby talk and playing around.. She was teasing the lil girl to get a reaction out of her.. She also had very bad seizures and was on seizure medication.. RIP ANNA AND DANIEL.. By a Fan

1821 days ago


This is truly pathetic. I really hope Howard Stern rots in a jail cell for a looooooong time.

1821 days ago


Does it make any sense at all to you people that he says, "Anna don't run you will hurt yourself". "No Anna you can not ride a bike". But here Anna it is ok for you and the baby to take all these drugs.. Come on people.

1821 days ago
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