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10/31/2009 1:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Good for him... it is people like him that keeps the economy going. I hope the people who received the tip puts the money away for a rainy day.

1789 days ago


You can get a full meal at most places for what he spent on just a large water!

1789 days ago


If I had that to spend on "lunch" or even dinner, I would find a delicious $150.00-$250.00 meal someplace, and donate the rest. I don't think the food would be any better. I don't get it. Sounds like a waste of money to me.

1789 days ago


Please let me know where I can send my two son's college tuition bills. This lunch would cover the rest of their schooling.

1789 days ago


All I wanna know is if he's single! I can sure help him spend some of that loot on more important things than ME!!!

1789 days ago


Lol, I guess Chris Rock was right about being Rich and Wealthy.

"Shaq is rich, the man who signs Shaq's check is wealthy"

1789 days ago


The Russian is just trying to "stimulate" the economy. ... A fool and his money ... Didn't Patrick Ewing once say, "we make a lot of money so we spend a lot of money." ... if the guy is worth $1B, this lunch would be equal in percentage terms of someone making $52K per year spending $270.00 on lunch for 6 people. A lot of money for lunch? Yes. But, not overly crazy.

1789 days ago


Damnnn........ a billionaire and good looking. That doesnt happen very often.

1789 days ago

ex lax    

a fool an his money are soon departed

1789 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

I am among those who value fine food and wine and are willing to pay for it. New York offers many choices for a truly memorable meal at exorbitant prices, but it is simply foolish to pay so dearly for side street pasta and jug wine. I have been to Nello many times over the years. After my last visit a few years ago I swore never to return. That time the wine and service were appalling and the waiter actually argued about the tip! For reasons of convenience, I tried again last week, but found it even worse than before. The food was unremarkable, the portions small, the wine barely drinkable, and the atmosphere absurdly pretentious. My guest agreed. There are so many truly good places within easy walking distance. Leave Nello to people who don't know the difference and are content to be cheated and patronized.

1789 days ago



the receipt says there were 6 customers not the 10 people you say there were

1789 days ago


Well good for him. Wonder how many hungry children $47,000 worth of food bank staples would feed?? I'm sure he's so thankful for good old America, land of opportunity. Good for him. Hope all his lunch guests were well fed & said a prayer for all the people who would go to bed with empty stomachs across the country that night.

1789 days ago

ex lax    

an he can't afford a razor or teeth cleaner

1789 days ago


Why do you only have 2 choises for the poll?

Envy Disgust?

How about another option for us non-haters?

1789 days ago


Looks like there were three wine orders totalling $35K - 3 La Tache Romanee, 2 Chateau Petrus and 2 Cristal Rose. I guess the rich have always spent huge sums on themselves, we just haven't been privy to the details of their obscenely self-satisfying lives before now.

1789 days ago
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