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TMZ's Celebrity Costume Contest -- Finalists!

10/31/2009 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The celebrity snapshots poured into the TMZ newsroom for our Celebrity Costume Contest and the competition is fierce!

Be sure and check back on Monday to help us decide which pic will score the $250 prize and some secret gifts from TMZ!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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1787 days ago


Some of the pictures are funny!!!!!!!! But, some others are scary!!!!!!!!

1787 days ago


I love # 108! chanel as Marilyn is brilliant! Definitely should win!

1787 days ago


Never before has the human condition and its satiric propensity for absurdist parody been showcased so effectively.
I don't know what's happening, but I think I'm getting tired of TMZ. I never thought this day would come, when something so immediate and cutting edge non-news would suddenly turn sour.
The spun sugar of your cotton candy coverage, which melted in the mouth onto drooling tounges, has become a stale lemon merangue which puckers and tightens the jowls with astringent overly crunchy rinds.
Congratulations, you have exhausted my voyeuristic wanton and replaced with an envious disgust best savored over 52,000 luncheons.
Cristal is overprived and overly sweet.
Perhaps to the point of bitterness.
Bitterness that I now feel, knowing that you have consumed enough of life that a period of dormancy must now be realized. Sure, I can't wait to see the glamour of Hallow's weekend painted on the celuloid sky. Mayhap to hear tell of Thanksgiving's feasts and charities in the near future. Yet, woebegotten, the premise of the notion of the fact that you made myself and several others aware that the facination of fame and its unpleasant side-effect of infatuation, has become passe to this weary soul. I now know the names of people who have literally no purpose other than to be a vessel for the very meaninglessness of who they are. Holloween.

1787 days ago


Vote 4 Nicole as JLo!!!

1787 days ago


I feel I was not specific enough in my previous comment. What I meant to type and what apparently failed to post, like so many other of my compositions is that TMZ brought John Mayer to my attention. I would have never known of him otherwise. Now he's like all coy, probably due to Jenny A berating him after his douchery on the show that you allowed him to host. Are they back together? I find I sincerely don't care. You got me to this place TMZ. Once I read that Jen demanded to replace toilet paper rolls feeding up and over, and not under and behind. DEMANDED! That was interesting news to me once. Never again! You can't yell at me now, Jen! I don't even hang the paper anymore! The thing in the wall that holds the roll fell off, now it sits idle on the sink, waiting to be used or perhaps to fall into the sink and get wet and shrivel up. It leads a precarious existance, but you know what? It waits for me! It waits fff... (uncontrolable sobbing dissolving into incoherence) So that's what I meant to convey in the previous blather. Happy Nevada Day!

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1787 days ago


Jon and Kate on the couch separate had me LOL when I saw it! That has my vote!

1787 days ago


1785 days ago


#26 as Lady GaGa!!! GaGa oooh la la!!!

1784 days ago

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