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Miley Puts Another Dime in the Jukebox, Baby

11/1/2009 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus played a concert at Freedom Hall in Kentucky last night -- and then hit up a local bar for a surprise after show.

Miley Cyrus

Miley, 16, jammed on stage at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Bar in Louisville. We're told she showed up around midnight and sung "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" with the band that was performing.

She left shortly after.


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Paul Petersen advocate    

Re the Miley post: she showed up after midnight and 'sung'..... (should be 'sang')!! I cringe every time I read a TMZ post that has such glaring grammatical errors. Editing is really pitiful!

1782 days ago


Okay. maybe the bar wasn't the best idea, but she looked like she was having fun, and let the girl have that for Christ's sake.
She works damn hard.
She's obviously just went to give a little (big vocal) performance, nothing else as she left shortly after.
And if she had been drinking don't you think it would have been caught, I mean all eyes would have been on her watching her every move trying to get every little bit of dirt they could, but no.
And I'm sure if there were legal age restrictions on that night it will be followed up, but as some have mentioned places do have under age nights etc.

1782 days ago


And for the native american shout, keep in mind that Miley is part Cherokee.
Go Miley coco. Love!

Posted at 5:05PM on Nov 1st 2009 by Sunflower

You idiot; don't even get me started on MY Native American race and compare to that piece of buck-toothed, mullet-headed piece of trash, mkay? One thing straight from the get go....NOTHING about that skank is Native American other than her 'wannabe'. She's a skank and nothing more, and if that becomes a race, she started it; well sex with her dad started it.

1782 days ago


that poor girl really can't sing. she's totally tone deaf. And where the eff are her parents? Oh yeah, they are pimping out the 9-year-old. The cyrus's are giving the lohans a run for their money.

1782 days ago


I can't wait til she burns out.

1782 days ago


To any parents who are considering taking your tween-ager to the Miley Cyrus concert - I would go again - with reservation. First - her opening act (Metro Station) is NOT age appropriate (music type or content) - come late if you can so that you will miss it. Second - expect some age-inappropriate dress and dancing from Miley. This is NOT a Hannah Montana concert. Her portion of the concert last night was terrific - but it wasn't what I expected for my 9 year old to see. We did leave early because her dance moves were becoming racier as the evening progressed. My daughter left crying because she is worried that "Miley is becoming a bad girl like Brittney Spears." Miss Miley is growing up with a bit too much Hollywood influence. Her handlers need to pay close attention to what she does because she's on the verge of loosing a significant portion of her fan base.

1782 days ago

its me    

i love Miley and she has such a good voice . this girl is living it up BUTTTTTTT seeing her in a bar is not good. shes only 16 yrs old. she also lost weight and she doesn't need to so i hope she doesn't get skinnier cause she looks fine the way she is . i just dont wanna see this young VERY talented girl go down the wrong road in life . the cops would have done something if they seen a 16 yr old in a bar so they should have done the same with Miley!! stay on the right track and dont end up like a Paris Hilton who by the way is nothing but a porn girl . I'm sure she loves the attention from her old movies . shes such a has been but i just dont wanna see Miley end up like girls like Paris and all of the so called party girls . party girls is not even AN IN THING ANYMORE so stay on the right track . your a great singer , good actress . dont mess it up AND stay the hell out of bars and clubs! where are the damn police when little girls/boys are in these places?? is it ok because they are hollywood???? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT POLICEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ITS NOT RIGHT FOR ANYONE TO BE OUT IN A BAR AT THAT AGE , NO MATTER WHO IT IS!

Read more:

1782 days ago


Do you suppose her hymen is still intact?

1782 days ago


1. she looks HAMERD
2. how did she get in

1782 days ago


65. Do you suppose her hymen is still intact?

Posted at 7:40PM on Nov 1st 2009 by markko

Nah, her dad mullet-boy got that a long time ago.

1782 days ago


To put this in perspective, she was not bar-hopping or anything. A member of the band is a close family friend. She had never seen the band play before and wanted to support her friend. As far as what she was wearing, it was a costume ball. Everyone was dressed up.

1782 days ago


Regardless of whether or not she was there to support a friend, the sign at the door says "21". Trust me, I know. It's against the law, and she shouldn't have been there. End of story. The owners are liable, the bouncer is liable, and Miley should be held accountible as well. What a disgrace. I won't be going back to Phoenix Hill.

1782 days ago

Casey Scott    

allow me to put this into perspective: she came in to a bar at 16 which is ILLEGAL, went to the outside dance bar (which has NO band) and was daning her ass off. I have the cell phone pics to prove it. only after I spotted her (she had on a head band with her hair hanging over and around her face to disguise herself) and approached her did she go downstairs and make her appearance on stage. She was not there in support of anyone other than herself. That is just what she is selling to the moms of her fans and her parents. I apologize for my type-o earlier. It is PHOENIX HILL and "BEE" you are a douche bag.

1782 days ago


god all u people that bag miley are crap give her a brake she is a growing teenager having fun im sure we all did things when we were 16

1782 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Oh. That was weird to watch. Kinda like bad karaoke on speed. The girl should've just gone home after her concert to get her beauty sleep. God knows she needs it.

1782 days ago
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