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Jackson Musical Creditor's Claim

11/2/2009 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Old Man Creditor ... just keeps rollin' along. Yet another Michael Jackson creditor's claim ...

This time Audio 4 Video Digital, Inc. wants $736,502.59 for rented sound recording and audio equipment "in connection with the making of a musical."

Michael is listed as the performer and the producer.

Here's what's interesting: One of the bills lists the start date as 6/9 and the finish date as 6/25 ... the day Jackson died.


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*ominous music plays*
That's kind of creepy and weird. This bit of info will certainly keep the conspiracy theorists going for a while.

1815 days ago


I really want to know when an arrest will be made! Saw This Is It this weekend. It would have been an awesome concert and it made me sad!

1815 days ago


So Michael was making a musical? Hmm interesting...

1815 days ago


Hey Harvey!

How much money are you making on MJ stories????

1815 days ago


Rollin, rollin, rollin on a river......... Seriously, people have no shame! Couldnt go after him when he was alive. Quite the date screw up no? 6-25-09? What is that all about? Creditors line up to the left, in back of Billie Jean of course!

Justice for MJ

1815 days ago


Have you seen This Is It? This was going to be an amazing concert! For those who haven't seen it, there is a blog about Michael and the unreleased Dangerous track 'Work That Body' from the writer/producer of this track and artist, Bryan Loren. He's incredible. He also wrote and produced a lot of the other unreleased Michael tracks for Dangerous that are floating around. As well, he wrote and produced 'Do The Bartman' for The Simpsons. Michael sings backup with him on that. I love that track. There is also an unreleased track he wrote and produced by Janet from Rhythm Nation called 'Work'. Loren is currently working on a solo project that should be great! His work is excellent. He's cute too. Check it out:

1815 days ago


I love this picture ~ OOHH the smile.... Love him so much...... I saw This is it friday and loved it so much. Cried during the J5 part when he thanked his family but just danced and sang in my seat during the rest of it. I could just watch it over and over. He was a true genious in everything he did. Gone too soon doesn't even justify how I feel. We want to hear that JUSTICE will be served not about creditors..... RIP MJ. Love you more.... If any of you haven't seen the movie it is a MUST. Brilliant, Awesome, Inspiring, Beautiful, Heart Wrenching, etc..... Made me love him more.....

1815 days ago


I read 'somewhere else' that MJ was planning on making "This Is It" a movie. He was planning on recording some of the concert footage. So maybe that's what he was going to do with this creditor. But that amount sounds ridiculous for such a short period of time.

1815 days ago

screamin in dig    

There was never any intention to have a concert! The "THIS IS IT" was intended from the beginning to be a movie !If you notice all the footage looks like it was a movie. That was the master plan. MJ Never died ! He is alive and is living in seclusion. He wanted to put his tarnished persona to rest. This is the only way how it could haqve been done that is whay it is called "THIS IS IT" Get it. Have open minds. anything is possible to do Any one can fake their death.. No body No death. Planted people and high confidentialality agreements were signed. Read between the lines. Mj wanted to clean up and this is the way he didit THIS IS IT. Clues are all over the place you just have to find them....

1815 days ago


A lot of these people are padding their bills
Especially the lawyers

1815 days ago


Sounds fishy to me. MJ working on another musical at the same time he was preparing for O2. It is already known that he was working on "This is It" day and night and told that to everyone. Besides, he was contracted to AEG.

I find this questionable. Perhaps good ole Jermaine rented it for him and bros to do something. We know Jermaine didn't have the money. Everyone will try for their piece of the pie! Of course, just because they file a claim does not mean it is legitimate. TMZ knows this as well but it makes them money to post them. I heard from my sources that 5 have already been dismissed.

1815 days ago


TMZ, In your article about Elizabeth Taylor going out with MJ's kids, you misprinted MJ, and kids, and now some fans think MJ faked his death and he's really alive. Also some fans think that's why Dr. Murray has not been arrested. Could you clear this up in your daily report?

1815 days ago


So nice `Michael is listet`

Thanks for writing his name

Yes something smell November now and nothing goes on

1815 days ago


People like that need to get paid for the work they did. It's people like John Landis who's been out of the picture for 200-years that doesn't need to be paid anymore. Old John Landis and others like him that are coming out of the woodwork are only TAKING MONEY AWAY FROM MICHAEL'S CHILDREN and should be ashamed of themselves!

1815 days ago


Good picture of MJ and thanks TMZ for using his correct name, Michael!
Equipment used no doubt for This Is It, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Where is the justice for MJ's murder???

Justice and Love for MJ

1815 days ago
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