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Big Brother Suspect --

Alleged Phone Drug Deal

11/2/2009 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audio tape of former "Big Brother" champion Adam Jasinski allegedly setting up a drug deal with a government witness who was working with the FBI.

Big Brother Suspect -- Alleged Phone Drug Deal
According to authorities, the audio tape proves Jasinski -- the more distorted of the two voices -- was working out a deal to sell 2000 units of oxycodone to an FBI informant.

During the call, neither man mentions any pill by name.

According to the audio tape, the deal was supposed to go down on October 16th. However, the feds allege it went down on the 17th instead and Jasinski was arrested in an undercover sting operation.

Jasinski was charged with possession of 2000 oxycodone pills with intent to distribute -- he's being held in Massachusetts without bail.


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This jerk deserves whatever happens to him. He was suppose to use his winnings to to help handicap children.
I am so glad he is locked up. He is a peice of crap and Karma finally caught up with him.

I hope he rots in prision.

1785 days ago


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1785 days ago



1785 days ago


that is NOT matty!! listen to the voice dude sounds like an idiot.... MATTY wouldnt narc..... the narc is eric bevilaqua!! face book him from boston ma from the north andover area....THAT IS NOT MATTY...i am a MATTY FAN!! and i KNOWWWW his voice well

1785 days ago


THAT IS NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT MATTY!! listen to the voice people... morons you guys are even worse than him!!

1785 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

This kids nickname should have been cracker not baller..he is gonna be really ballin in fed prison for the next 10 years..this Eric kid has no pic so i looked up this Nick Asaro character.what a chump my 12 year old girl cousin Emily she is bigger than him that kid was selling drugs.. he would have made a better career as a jockey. Come to were i live you wouldnt last a week.ohh matty mcdonald straighten out your eyes you look like a iguana..

1785 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I am also glad this kid got caught..Anyone with the Nick name baller is a clown, guess we found our next member of celebtrity Rehab, STARRING ADAM "BALLER" JASINSKI & throw his BB9 Boy toy MATTY" i cried like a brod on tv" Mcdonalds on there too..I think that midget was selling his BB9 clothing on ebay for like a dollar..i cant believe this goof gets this much press..Whats wrong with you people? That voice def sounds like Matt from what i remember. what ever happen to him? prolly in the gutter giving out hand dookies for his BB9 leather coat back.....

1785 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Honeslty people i would much rather give this wierd looking half ass celebtriy / junkie up b4 going to fed prison.My uncles in a fed prison in alabama it's terrible. baller? what a goof, inmates will be balls deep in his ass.. i hate that show bb9.. he should have done something positive with his winnings!GREED!funny how so many people care about other peoples buisness. People sell drugs to fit in, obviously this kid never ever got layed!!You can park a car in between his teeth.Whomever did it is pretty good at it thats for sure,To get this moron to fly to somewhere in mass i think it is. Good find for dea....

1784 days ago


That is not Matty. Adam karma finally caught up with you. What a dumb ass. Taking money you won , buying drugs to sell to try and make yourself more money is more then a dumb is a JACKASS move, and i am glad this moron got busted.
It's is too bad CBS can not sue and get the money back. That should be a rule use the winning for illegal crap and you have to pay it all back.
Ballar , your really gonna be ballin for the next 10-15 years. Money is the root of all evil and so is greed, and lying and Adam was a pathtic liar,an a greedy MF'er...

1784 days ago



That is NOT a Cop on the other end of the phone . . . .

It is some druggie (Government Witness) who got busted by the Fed's & chose to cooperate with the Fed's to get his sentence reduced.

It's how the game is played !!

The Fed's keep going up the ladder for the next Bigger Fish !!


1784 days ago



Fed's must keep coming back to you to buy more drugs . . . . Usually it is three (3) times before they bust you.

REASON: So you cannot claim at Court that this was only your first time selling drugs & have never done it before !!

The Fed's respond by showing they established you're a regular seller of drugs by having previously made three (3) controlled buys.

It's not entrapment !!


1784 days ago


No that is Eric and he is from Haverhill, Mass. The reason he became a snitch was to make his drug charges go away. He has been snitching on people his whole life. What surprises me is that he works as a Court Office in Mass and gets away with this. Even is his charges go away he should still be fired from the Court system. His father is a Chief so they take care of their own don't they?? If I were a judge I would not allow this guy in my court room. He was arrested on felony charges so he sings. NO WAY!! FIRE him before the backlash. This guy he snitched on KNOWS who Eric is and will be sure he gets back at him........

1780 days ago


I think everybody should call the Trial Court in Boston tomorrow and speak to the Chief Justice of Administration and Management and tell him how we feel about having felons working in the Court System. He should have been fired immediately not put on a paid leave of absence. Whether he snitched to get his charges dropped or not his is still a FELON!

Nobody can work for the trial Court who is a KNOWN felon!!

The number is 617-742-8575 and ask for the Chief Justice Mulligan. If you cannot get him call Ext 205 his secretary

Don't just blog about Eric the Court Officer CALL and make your comments heard. He needs to be fired immediately!!! His father is a Chief in Haverhill and they are protecting him!!!

1780 days ago


Poor Adam....sometimes money is not the answer to happiness....
sometimes money gets you in trouble. He needs to learn how to handle it. Sad.

1779 days ago


TOLD YOU it was Matty, now they can be roommates in prison :)

1609 days ago
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