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Ivanka Trump's

Vow of Chastity

11/2/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Donald Trump's gorgeous daughter Ivanka Trump (left) -- and Cher's son Chaz Bono back in 1990 (right).

Ivanka and Chastity
It's all in the genes.

We're just sayin'.


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Ivanka is beautiful in and out. Chaz, well who the hell knows what he/she is any more. What a freak!

1813 days ago


Hey Whamo, you are a idiot!!! Have you never heard of something called FREE WILL moron?!?! God DOESN'T make mistakes dumba**! People who are raping and killing other people(including children) are using their FREE WILL(meaning WE choose to be good or be bad)!!! You can't blame God for that retard! And sex change operations are an abomination to the human race! Period! If God had intended for you to be a man, then he would have made you a man in the first place! Same goes for a woman! There's no "I was born in the wrong body" or some other bullsh*t like that! God made you to either be a man or a woman! Whoever really thinks that is just really messed up in the head and needs help! I totally agree with justsaying and imabeliever!

1813 days ago



My whole life I'be been hearing, when something horrible happens, that "It was God's Will" and "Nothing Happens without a Reason" and "God Has the Power to do Anything". So don't conveniently have God take credit only for the good, yet blame us and our "Free Will" for all the bad in the world. So what u r saying is that our free will is stronger than God's?

Don't get me wrong; I'm a believer, but some things I'll never understand.

1813 days ago


Ivanka looks just like Katherine Heigle. Chaz used to be gorgeous!

1813 days ago


Chastity/Chaz is obviously a human in a lot of pain, and this is manifested in her/his weight and desire to "be" male. Can you imagine what it must have been like to grow up in the shadow of Sonny and Cher as parents? Cher must be going crazy over how her daughter turned out. People, if you are planning to become rich and really famous, please DO NOT have children!

1813 days ago

melinda montoya    

i have to admit they were both pretty good lookin' at one point. especially chastity bono, when she was a women at 20 i think. eventhough, ivanka looks practically the same! how old is ivanka anyways.?

1812 days ago

melinda montoya    

chastity bono, isn't that a weird name to give someone, what the hell was cher thinking giving her that name. she wants her to abstain from sex, well, obviously she got her wish, because chaz wants nothing to do with a bono. she just wants one, thats all. she figured cher used to be a man, then why can't she be one, its only fair. so obviously cher agreed and said, ok, go ahead, its alright with me because i used to be a man. so cher got rid of the bono and just kept cher. or cher no bono. you know, what i think cher is short for cherry. so cherry wanted no bono and then she had cbastity and then chastity didn't want no bono. so now chaz has a bono.

1812 days ago


TorontoWoman, I NEVER said that our free will is stronger than God! You seriously need to reread my comment again! I said that he gave us the choice to choose between being good and being bad! So yes, it is OUR OWN fault as humans for being bad! Tell me how God can be at fault for our own stupidity? And how can you be a believer when you are basically saying that we should BLAME God for the bad stuff? It wouldn't be a gift if God made us to basically act like a robot all the time! That is why he gave us free will. What WE choose to do with it is up to us! So like I said, it is OUR OWN fault for acting the way we do! You CAN'T blame God for that! And fyi, I was responding to Whamo who basically doesn't understand that God gave us free will to choose to be bad or good! Go back and read their comment! They need to understand that we can't blame God for all the bad that goes on in the world! And I stick to what I say! If God had intended for you to be a man, then he would have MADE you to be a man in the first place! Same goes for a woman! There's no "I was born in the wrong body" or some other stupid sh*t like that! And sex change operations ARE an abomination! PERIOD! God KNOWS what he is doing! We as humans seriously need to trust him!

1812 days ago


It's just that they both have those Gary Busey 'Chicklet' teeth. But they're both beautiful gals, well at least Chaz was before she became a man.

1808 days ago


I'll have to agree with #11. NO matter what Chasity does to her body, she is and always will be as she was born (a girl). She can spend all the money in her bank account and it will not change that fact. It's sad that she could not accept of how she was created. This goes for anyone else too, not just a celebrity figure.

1796 days ago


Chaz was great in Stripes,and Cool Runnings...Oh you mean that was John Candy??? My Bad

1627 days ago


I am sure Chaz fits this discription.
A sex chromosome that in humans and many other species is present in both male and female. The male somatic cell consists of one X chromosome and one Y chromosome; the female somatic cell carries two X chromosomes. All female gametes carry the X chromosome, whereas half of the male gametes possess the X chromosome and the other half the Y chromosome.
I wish him well and hope he is at peace with himself. This was not a easy decision and his new life is complete now.

1627 days ago


Chaz Bono turning into a huge man is something that I really don't understand, but I will make a sincere effort to try to hear her message when she releases her story on DVD which should be sometime soon.

Chaz is seriously overweight and it would be a shame if he died once he was a man. I can't understand how a natural woman would love an unnatural man. Does that make this woman, (Chaz's girlfriend) a lesbian or bisexual or someone who is attracted to a surgical hermadrodite or does it just mean she is just a plain old gold digger?

I will try to hear Chaz's story and I will try my best to love her being a "him" and I hope she finally finds the happiness that has mysteriously eluded her.
Chaz's DNA will always be female - XX chromosome and one cannot transplant one's DNA.
I can understand CHAZ not liking herself, but to change one's body in such a way that results in a freakazoid non-female is strange. Her new penis will not become erect, unless she utilzes a type of air or saline pump device.

She (Chaz) does still have a uterus.
She (Chaz) does still have ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Chaz doesn't have testicles or a testicular sac that is attached to a prostate gland.

You can't argue she is completely surgically MALE because that statement is false.

Face reality everyone - - - Chaz is surgically rebuilt in ways that only make sense in "Make believe-ville."

Psychologically speaking, it's still a mystery why mutilating oneself results in any type of happiness.

Oh well - - - I will watch Chaz's do***entary and give her every chance to explain why all of this surgical whittling makes her feel manly.

I don't think she could fully put his point across in any socially acceptable manner, but I will give the poor gal every chance to get it.

1364 days ago
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