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Kate Gosselin Busted for Speeding

11/2/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin was speeding in her SUV with the kids on board last Thursday, according to a Pennsylvania trooper who spoke with TMZ.

We're told she was going 15 miles over the posted speed limit ... we're told she was going about 70 MPH.

Gosselin was cited and already paid the $109.50 fine.

Jon & Kate Gosselin


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Kate is an insane bitch! Someone needs to get those kids away from her

1818 days ago


i wanna f%^& kate so bad!!!! she needs it!!

1818 days ago


How many 15 minutes do these people get? She should take care of her children and get out of the public eye. Why does incompetence and ignorance get rewarded? I don't get it.

1818 days ago


Something is not right about this report. The eight kids don't fit in the SUV because of the sextuplets car seats. In order for all of the kids to have been with her they would have had to be in the big black van. So who's lying the PA Trooper or TMZ

1818 days ago


"Gimme a break!! Everyone speeds and you all are just bitching becasue it is KATE!! It's a speeding ticket, it's not like she was at a bar getting drunk and was speeding with her kids, or she is out there doing 22 year old boys, HU? You people are so STUPID like her dirtbag of a husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

You're ignorance amazes me. Give ME a Break. You are just angry because it WASNT JON.
Who are you kate fans trying to fool? You are all in denial. Get a life.
And yes. who cares...its a speeding ticket.
For that matter, who cares Jons with a 22 year old... i would be too if i was mistreated for that long on national tv.
You kate fanatics really need to worry about your own lives, and wake up a little. Shes nothing but a useless bitch, and she cares about herself and her well-being and not the kids. END of story.
Jon and Kate...need to go AWAY.
They are BOTH poor excuses for "parents".

1817 days ago

M Murphy    

This woman makes me ill. I spend more time with my CAT then she spends with her kids. Oh right she has some one else play MOMMIE.

1817 days ago


If I was the Cop who gave her the ticket I would have written her up for being a phoney, bad spray tan, boob and nose job failure.
P.S Bite me Kate!

1816 days ago


Kate must think that she is:
1.) Above the law to travel above posted speed limits.
2.) Think that other driver's and her children's safety is unimportant.
3.) And have a bizarre self impression of who she is to so willing expose both herself, the children and other drivers on the road to endangerment.
Good for the police officer for giving her a ticket!

1816 days ago


I hope they both realize they are slime. Those poor kids have been put through enough. Thats not good enough, now the tacky wench has to lecture them and yell ....over what? They weren't doing anything...standing there talking. That pig isn't happy unless shes lecturing someone...when no one else is Jon, she releases the demons on those poor little kids.

How much longer will we have to hear about this garbage? Are they close to " crashing and burning" yet? Kate is the biggest fake, low life....I think I've ever seen, Like her phoney comment..." The fans used to annoy me, then I realized how much they cared about me (its always, " me ") Yeah, till she realized...everyone was turning the channel...lost 90% of the they are " special " how convienent..kate...ya trashy thing....

1815 days ago
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