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Army Apologizes for

Seacrest Stalker

11/2/2009 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The U.S. Army is issuing an official apology to Ryan Seacrest -- after learning his alleged stalker is one of their own.

Seacrest Stalker
TMZ just spoke with Lt. Col. Nathan Banks, an Army spokesperson, who told us: "We apologize to Ryan Seacrest. Pending the outcome of the local investigation, the Army will decide what further action to take. We take all matters of our personnel seriously."

As TMZ first reported, Chidi Uzomah is currently a member of the U.S. Army reserves -- and is assigned to a special forces unit. Translation -- he's a very dangerous man.


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Army quote: "my bad, we were just after his Lucky Charms"

1815 days ago

Jacko Was A Wacko    

This whole country is apology happy. What the f@ck does the army have to apologize for in the first place???

1815 days ago


I served along side of Chi in Afganistan. Checkoout some pictures of our unit: This dude is a bad MOFO!

1815 days ago

wheat thin    


1815 days ago


So TMZ...are you saying all members of the Special Forces are "Dangerous"??? What a liberal slap in the face of our military men and women...

If you liberals hate this country so across one of the borders!!!

1815 days ago


It's hard to believe he, and other celebrity stalkers, have to "stay away" (a hundred feet or some dumb number)from Ryan and other celebrities, even though "authorities" know these stalkers are very capable of murdering them! It seems, in our society, the only time "authorities" do something to protect celebrities, or non-celebrities, is when they've been physically harmed, or worse yet, murdered! ~ How about PERMANENTLY throwing them out of the United States, or even force them to stay 3-states away from the celebrity AT ALL TIMES!!! ~ It seems that if the stalker is put in jail, they're in there for such a short amount of time and when they get out, they just continue with their stalking! Something's got to be done.

1815 days ago


Maybe the colonel will give Seacrest a BJ as a part of his apology. I'll bet Ryan would return the favor.

1815 days ago


funny how a 2 bit seacrest has a bad ass stalker and the rest of Hollywood have just normal nutcases

1815 days ago


@5 So your saying a person who has SF training and then has a few screws loose isn't dangerous?

They aren't trained to change diapers you moron. They are used for a reason and when one goes nuts they can be a handful...

1815 days ago


I think if someone stalks me or someone I love and ends up hurting them I will forget the poleeece and take care of them myself.

I am not a cop lover anyway, so they are the last people I call.

1815 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

He is NOT a green beret, he is a washout reservist attached to a CAB, the Army equivalent of the slow learners class that does not perform combat arms duty.
That is not to suggest he is not dangerous and/or mentally ill, but Rambo he ain't.
USA 19F ODS, OIF veteran

1815 days ago


is this dude gay crazy? or just plain crazy?

1815 days ago


#5, calling a special forces operative "dangerous" is like calling a preschool teacher "nice." It's part of the job description.

Yes, SFOs are dangerous. Not in a "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" kind of way, but in a "this person knows all sorts of dangerous methods to stalk, hunt, harm, capture, and escape" kind of way. That's what they're TRAINED for.

Most SFOs are nice people with a very high level of training and skill, who have the capability of performing dangerous jobs if and when the need arises. If one goes off his nut, though, he is FAR more dangerous than a regular Joe on the street.

That's not a "liberal slap" or anything else you said that is equally stupid. It's just a fact.

Hell, if you told a regular SFO that he was a dangerous fella, he'd likely wink and say, "Only if I need to be."

1815 days ago


TMZ got this very wrong. Where did you get that the 426th Reserve Civil Affairs Battalion is part of a Special Forces unit? Special Operations Force (SOF) maybe, Green Beret no! Why dont you fact check your ridiculously inaccurate information sometime? SGT Uzomah is not in any way a Green Beret.

1815 days ago


He's no John Rambo. He couldn't even get past the front security desk.

1815 days ago
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