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TSA Takes Big Gulp Over Britney

11/3/2009 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with a TSA rep who was on scene, who tells us, "There were ice chips in the cup, and that is permitted."

Britney Spears
did what no one else we know has ever done at LAX -- she took a Big Gulp-esque drink through security and drank with aplomb as she walked to her plane.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
We contacted a security specialist from the TSA who told us screeners have "discretion" when it comes to letting liquids through security.

But we've never met anyone who's ever been able to get anything close to a Big Gulp size of liquid through security.



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A while back, before I knew too much about this stupid rule, I was told I had to throw out the water in my son's sippy cup (while he was drinking from it). Then to be told "oh, but maam, you can buy water for (just about) 15.00 a pop just on the other side of security. I was so po'd. Nice to see brit brit with her big gulp - biatch.

1779 days ago

for now    

Don't blame security.
Brit probably had 31 machine guns 16 bombs,7,000 bullets,4 battleships
and 200 men in that little cup.

1779 days ago


Crazy - I was in Kansas City Airport last week WITH ICE IN A CUP and was told by TSA that it is not allowed and the cup had to be thrown away.

post who at TSA said it was ok and I will note it next time I am at the Airport. This is not a Britney issue but shows how disconnected TSA is.

1779 days ago

Paula Duvall    

Interesting lapse of "security"...How do the screeners know that she isn't hooking for Al-Qaeda, these days? She's done everybody else!

1779 days ago


First of all, it's clearly not a drink... did u see the way she threw the cup back?? Obviously it was only ice left... and yes, you can bring ice (of any amount) through a security checkpoint. No favoritism shown here, and it has nothing to do w/ the fact that she's a celebrity. Get your heads out of your asses everyone, and STFU

1779 days ago

Old Enough    

Great now the terrorist know that all they have to do is freeze the explosive liquids to get them through security. I really wish people would think about the risks to the public before posting helpful information for terrorist.

1779 days ago


This actually pisses me off!!! I flew recently and the damn TSA made me throw out 4 3oz bottles of premade baby formula even though I had a letter from the Doctor that my son was a premie and and had serious reflux needed to have that many bottles durring our flight. I have to use purified water aquafina is NOT purified!!! And why should I have to pay $5 for a bottle when I called ahead, followed the guidlines, had the letter TSA told me to get and Lil miss Britney gets in with a BIG GULP CUP OF ANYTHING!!!

1779 days ago


They throw out formula for infants while in their mother's arms, hell yes, they should have thrown her cup out as well.

1779 days ago


Amazing how quickly people ASSume.

They were ice chips, and you can see her chewing.

1779 days ago


I've went through security with a 7-11 drink last saturday, they didn't say anything, I think it's the fact that I was drinking from it at the time, just like Britney is. Who's gonna drink hydrogen peroxide ?

1779 days ago


TMZ she's not the first i have taken even my food through so many times in fact every time i am flying they let me have my food and drink no matter what they don't stop me THE officers are very nice so stop making them look bad.

1779 days ago


LAX took my $50 mascara. I told them it wasn't liquid and they said it didn't matter. They even tried to confiscate my powder! I opened it to show it was only powder. Took my pet water turtle as my carry on in a small pet carrier and they made me pour out his water (maybe half a cup). The pet carrier was clear, it was very obvious it was his waiding water. I told them i couldn't give him tap water and they didn't care. I had to buy a bottle of water after going through security and ask McD's to microwave it for me. Screw her!

1779 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

What moron would make a well known person stop DRINKING their soda?
Come on people. She IS priviledged, she IS a celebrity, she IS famous. Happens all the time. She boards first, she gets better service, she has special meals, etc, etc.
Get over it.

1779 days ago

Scott Marks    

You guys are getting desperate to fill your blog. Who cares about this trivial crap?

1779 days ago


Oh relax, she probably has panic attacks while flying and the ice chips were helping. That is what helps me when I panic. Has anyone here tried to get past with ice chips rather than a liquid and had problems?

Jesus, you swear to god there was nothing else in the world to worry about.

1779 days ago
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