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TSA Takes Big Gulp Over Britney

11/3/2009 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with a TSA rep who was on scene, who tells us, "There were ice chips in the cup, and that is permitted."

Britney Spears
did what no one else we know has ever done at LAX -- she took a Big Gulp-esque drink through security and drank with aplomb as she walked to her plane.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
We contacted a security specialist from the TSA who told us screeners have "discretion" when it comes to letting liquids through security.

But we've never met anyone who's ever been able to get anything close to a Big Gulp size of liquid through security.



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1779 days ago


#63. I work as a TSA shhh don't tell) you CANNOT bring ice thru unless it is for medical purposes. Each airport seems to do what ever they feel like. Directives from DC NO ice, No liquids unless you have your 311 bag. You can carry thru an empty cup and fill for free on the sterile side. so you STFU

1779 days ago


I call bs on TS. We just returned from a trip and an overzealous screener didn't pull us aside but shut down our lane while she went through my purse and pulled the two bottles of milk I had just bought for my boys. She told me I had to dump them and wouldn't even let me pour a little into the baby's bottle. I even asked if the boys could sit in a chair RIGHT THERE and just have a few drinks then toss them in the trash. Better a little than none. She said they would have to leave and reenter security. Meanwhile another screener let an adult man do it. All the other screeners walked away from her. I don't yell or scream or call names but I did call her out for other people being allowed to do it. So she grabs the milk and the bottle, runs some test on the milk then tells me I can pour some in my boy's bottle then there would be less in the container making it ok. WTF? As she dumps the other bottle of milk in the trash in front of me. So yeah, it's all random crap and the screeners have authority to do whatever they want, whether it makes sense or not and it's crap.

1779 days ago


I think the people who say it's no big deal have never been shaken down by a pissed off TSA employee. I think the fact that she is a celebrity means she SHOULD follow the effing rules and that the TSA should make an EXAMPLE out of her instead of an EXCEPTION. It's already bad enough that the general public has to toss out baby formula as it's being drunk by an infant. Why not make it a little more palatable by expecting EVERYONE to adhere to these extreme measures? Let's also take into account her well known mental state. The girl was on a 5150 hold less than two years ago! Kathy was right, though. I'm pretty sure you TSA folks are some of the dumbest human beings capable of holding down jobs.

1779 days ago


STFU!!!!!! you people are sooooo lameeee like you guys are gonna die because you have to throw your drink out or you baby formula!!!!! get a life! face it, britney is not the first or last celebrity to pass through security with ice hellooo!!!! stop hating and if you don't like it don't fly!!!

1779 days ago


as an airline employee who has gone thru all the background checks, finger prints we can't even bring anything more and 3.5 oz thru..
definitely special treatment!!!!!

1779 days ago

Blogger Bob    

Hi. Blogger Bob here from the TSA Blog Team. Please see our response here ---> Ice is a solid, therefore it's allowed.


Blogger Bob
TSA Blog Team

1779 days ago


I agree with BILLIE! She's a pig! White trash pig with money! It will be gone soon though...I'd say prior to her 32nd birthday!

1779 days ago


Maybe people don't agree, but I do think this is unfair and am tempted to write an angry letter to the TSA about this ridiculousness. Because she is Britney Spears, she has the right, unlike other people, to take a refreshing beverage (despite its current state of matter) through security? Yes, TSA allowed me to take one bottle of water for formula when my daughter was young. Yes, I was allowed to have her sippy cup full. However, over the summer when I was flying when my 3 year old, she was not allowed to take her water with her, so I had to take a screaming child with me. Exercise judgement my ass.

1779 days ago


I recently went through LAX because my plane from Orlando was late into Dallas, making me miss my flight to Palm Springs. I accepted a flight that was just leaving but it would fly me into LAX and have to change carriers.
When I was in the Orlando airport, I bought my little girl a bright pink snow globe that said Florida in it.
Well, because of my flights being changed, I had to go through security AGAIN at LAX, and sure enough, they wouldn't allow me to take the snow globe.
That wasn't my fault. It was AA that was late causing me to miss my connecting flight and no one told me I would have to go through security again.
I was so upset when I saw them toss my little girls souvenier in a bin.
I think its CRAP that they allowed Britney to go through even with 'ice chips.'

1779 days ago


She is getting old and skanky. She must be really mentally ill or she would have gotten off of that conservatorship by now.

1779 days ago

alan brickman    

Anybody who would think Britney is a Terriost needs to get another job!

1779 days ago


She is probably traveling privately on her own plane........if she wants to blow herself up let her.

1779 days ago


wow, this is annoying! i don't care if it is just ice, if i had it, that'd be the end of it. but! TSA is stupid...they were sure I was a herion dealer, but after searching and destroying all my stuff (seriously everything i owned, i was moving from europe) they found nothing, but also seemed to miss the pocket with a big blade in it! wasn't meant for harm, just a trophy piece;)

1779 days ago


THat is a 32 oz cup from Taco Bell.. you can see the logo on the cup.....

1779 days ago
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