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TSA Takes Big Gulp Over Britney

11/3/2009 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with a TSA rep who was on scene, who tells us, "There were ice chips in the cup, and that is permitted."

Britney Spears
did what no one else we know has ever done at LAX -- she took a Big Gulp-esque drink through security and drank with aplomb as she walked to her plane.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
We contacted a security specialist from the TSA who told us screeners have "discretion" when it comes to letting liquids through security.

But we've never met anyone who's ever been able to get anything close to a Big Gulp size of liquid through security.



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Unreal... I mean I was forbidden to take a sealed bottle of water, bought from a vendor inside the airport to make formula for my child for the flight. aggghhh.

1724 days ago


Yes you can bring Ice through the checkpoint it is a new change in what is pemitted to go into the airport. Check your new SOP Kathy who works for TSA. Frozen liquid can go throught the checkpoints now.

1724 days ago


Brit's back.............. :O)

1724 days ago


I think it is completely unfair that celebrities get special treatment. When my daughter was 3 months old, we were stopped in the airport. Before I could even ask what was going on, a large male security guard had his hands down my daughter's diaper and he was feeling around in it. I understand their reason for doing it, as people could smuggle drugs or illegal items in their child's diaper. But I was never given any options to undress my daughter and take the diaper off myself or to have a female officer investigate instead. The point of the whole story is that TSA feels that they can violate innocent children, while they don't even properly search anyone who is famous. It is disgusting.

1724 days ago


I was let through earlier this month with gatorade. I explained that I had kidney stones and the screener let me through, but warned me about the restrictions. However, he did make me throw out my hair and facial cleansing products in my carry-on because the containers were too big (they have to be 4 ozs.). I probably could have argued that the items contained less than 4 ozs., but he was really nice and let me through with the gatorade, and I really needed the fluid, so why push it? It has a lot to do with their personal discretion.

I don't think Britney got any special treatment that any 'normal' person may have received.

1724 days ago


I was just wondering if that was you?

1654 days ago


see the biggulp$$ you arn't gonna see me with the chain of hospitalization"player"

1654 days ago


You haters are ridiculous and really need to get a life, stop whining and displaying such extreme fits of jealousy & rage!
While you're doing that - it wouldn't hurt to learn how to actually "READ" an article as well... You just see the name "BRITNEY SPEARS" and you get your backs up and prepare to attack! RELAX PEOPLE! TAKE A BREATH! CALM DOWN A LITTLE....

Britney didn't get away with ANYTHING.

The Big Gulp liquid was NO LONGER IN HER CUP when she passed through security. Her cup was practically EMPTY. The only thing remaining was just some left over ice chips in the bottom.

The TSA already confirmed that a few ice chips ARE permitted. What are they equivalent to? Naturally formed condensation? Relax!
It's containers FILLED with LIQUID that they're watching for.
I think we'd question THEIR sanity if they thought Britney Spears (or anyone else) may attempt to blow up the plane with a few ice chips in the bottom of a cup.
You guys get so worked up and jealous over nothing.

Waa- waa... I had to throw out my coffee from Starbucks while going through airport security, etc. etc. Boo Hoo... but OMG -
they give Britney STAR TREATMENT by letting her carry her empty cup through with her! IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!

I don't know about you - but to me, after drinking all the liquid from the cup, its pretty much just GARBAGE by the time you're left with just a few ice chips at the bottom.

Sure, you freakazoids might try tripping about the fact that ice melts back into liquid form - however, if you watch the video, you'll see that Britney is actually consuming the ice chips (therefore eliminating them as she proceeded). It's not against any law to go through security after having CONSUMED liquid.
Technically, the ice chips were exactly that: ICE CHIPS. If they'd been in LIQUID FORM they would be called WATER - but they weren't at the time she was passing through. Sure they may have had potential to become water again (had Brit NOT been consuming them)but seriously, Again - what is that equivalent to? Some CONDENSATION build up??

Personally, I think the people who are actually so terribly upset by this "incident" should take some time to re-evaluate their own lives and find out what the TRUE issue is that you have.
It seems to me that you see "BRITNEY SPEARS" involved and you fill with rage no matter what the story is and you lash out like a jealous toddler. Perhaps some day fame and fortune will find you - and you'll have your turn to deal with all that comes with it.
Until then, put your BIG GIRL panties on, your chin up - and try not to cry so much about such stupid little things.

1545 days ago
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