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Carlton Banks

I Love to Love White Chicks

11/3/2009 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Alfonso Ribeiro has a taste for white meat ... particularly, the kind with blond hair.
Alfonso Ribeiro
The actor formerly-and-always-known-as Carlton Banks busted out a freestyle rap session at last night's Steel Panther show -- a session that started with the line, "I have been known to f*** some white girls in my lifetime!"

Dude also claims he often leaves the nightclub scene with a member of the Caucasian persuasion -- and according to our vast video library ... he ain't lyin. 


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He's just gross, nasty and way too short! This is ONE white chick he'd never leave anywhere with!!! I agree with Stefany! He's goofy, but sorry we don't want him either!!! LOL!

1781 days ago


And so does your mother after pushing your ugly ass out. Stupid, racist moron. And please speak for yourself because I likes my beautiful, black women with their nice, curvy shapes and chocolate skin. A white woman does nothing for me with their loose, flabby, asses and flat chest. And the only reason alot of people go with white women is because they are easy. They do everything up under the sun, that atypical woman would not do, like sleeping with animals, licking butt, anything else out of the ordinary. Plus, it's easy to get their money and use their asses up like toilet paper. I know lots of black men who do that. So you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Posted at 4:45PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by Angry Black Man

THIS was a direct hit towards white women, and I'll be a child like you and say 'I can say whatever I want; whenever I want', so don't sit all high and mighty like you didn't say ALL white women, because you sure as hell did. Get over yourself when someone is trying to help your ass out!

1781 days ago


Just shows how damned childish you are..'you say something about a black woman and I'll say the SAME THING about a white woman'....come on, grow the hell up!

1781 days ago


White men are the right men!

1781 days ago

R U Kidding Me???    

The difference is white women let black men run all over them. Obviously he is a corny black dude, which ultimately makes a perfect match for a white woman. Sorry, but I'm just calling it like I see it and this video proves my case.

1781 days ago


Ewwwwwwww I'm a "white girl" who tends to go for Black guys...but maybe us White girls need to be more clear: Attractive Black guys! Not Carlton-lookin 5'3 lame nerdy black guys. LOL Carlton... I bet he hasn't f-ed ANY girl in ages.

1781 days ago


Angry Black Man, you forget that "Mark" probably IS a skinhead. ;)

1781 days ago


he reminds me of a dj i used to know. even looks a little like him. i loved that dj.

1781 days ago



1781 days ago



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1781 days ago


42. White men are the right men!
Posted at 5:45PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by Amy

Read more:

Please white men are d@#$%^&!

1781 days ago


All of you are stupid for allowing this stuff to upset you. Mark is mad because his mother left his father/cousin for a black man. Carlton is a sale out... No real black woman would want "INCH HIGH PRIVATE EYE".... You must be at least 6'0" to ride this attraction. Screw them all. Just do the world a favor and turn gay.

1781 days ago


He is Dominican

1781 days ago


angry black man i got you

1781 days ago


And we care why? lol

1781 days ago
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