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Kate Gosselin -- The Lonely Disciplinarian

11/3/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like the drill sergeant of a pocket-size army, Kate Gosselin went off on 6 of her tiny troops yesterday when they refused to stand still and be quiet after getting off the school bus.

Kate Gosselin: Click to wach
When one of her 5-year-olds rebelled with a few insubordinate dance moves, Kate was heard snapping "This is the kind of stuff you cannot be doing when you are five years old. Stand quietly ... Stop your feet and don't move them."

As an extra threat, Kate added "If I wasn't here you'd still be standing in the parking lot waiting."

Good times....


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Those kids are well behaved and don't deserve to be treated like that. I have 6 kids myself, and yes, they're a handful, but I treat them like PEOPLE, with feelings, and never talk down to them. (It IS possible, people. My kids are well mannered and care about other people's feelings because that's what I modeled for them!) They were acting like normal 5 year olds, and never went more than about 2 feet away from her. They weren't in danger in the slightest, and didn't deserve to be treated like they were some monumental inconvenience for her. She needs to get over her controlling b*tch ways and start treating them like she actually cares about THEM, instead of how she WANTS them to be. Sad.

1823 days ago


i have seen "Parking lot " swaps from and 2 school buses a few too many times w/these kids - Is this some kind of "lets avoid or make sure they see us" type of plan.Its been on some of there shows - in the middle of parking lot - theres a public school bus droppoing off the kids - who can get that kind of deal from public money IF THATS THE CASE...just noticed this a few times is all.

1823 days ago


OMG Like many said she is NOT the 1st parent to discipline their kids AND more people NEED to discipline... LOOK at all the kids who are in trouble becuase their parents are afraid to yell at them and teach them the right way!!!
As for picking them up in a parking lot... DUH if you follow this family, that is where she picks them up every single day.... think of it like this,,,
how would YOU act if your mother, your mother in law and 2 of your enemies followed you and watched every single word you spoke, every singly thing you did.... you wouldnt like it and it would be hard to live like that so stop being so dang hateful....
Jon is the one who left, Jon left her to be the Mom 24hours a day... do you know how hard that is???

Most of us have 2 or 3 kids.. not 8... I think she has been the most consistent, the most honest and loving and committed through this whole mess!!

1823 days ago


No, Kate: That is exactly what 5 year olds dance around all questions posed to you. Why can't the kids dance around a parking lot?

1823 days ago


Kate should bring her live-in nanny, then there would be two adults handling the kids. Kate is NOT a lonely single mother, she has all kinds of paid help. And let's be real, kids that age can not stand still for very long. She should have been ready for them when she picked them up. Another photo op.

1823 days ago


I am not to say give Kate a break, but I am asking to give her one. Come on people , you are always complaining about the kids on television, but you keep putting her on the shot. The kids safety was her first reaction. Yes , she could have put her personal stuff in the back before she came to pick them up. What if she was running late? People can we please leave this woman alone to work on her problems. Kate , you do not help yourself by going on television everything some producer ask you.

1823 days ago


Well, whatever gets their attention.

1823 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

It is clear that Kate did not expect to be picking the kids up from school and was stuck having to ready the car while keeping control of six five yr. olds. She's handling it pretty darn well and she is NOT yelling, she is talking in a firm but loud voice. It would be so easy for one of these kids to dart away and her only concern is their safety in a busy parking lot. Honestly, I couldn't understand most of what she was saying so she couldn't have been talking that loud.

Those critical of Kate obviously have not ever had to supervise a group this age in a parking lot. It only takes an instant...

1823 days ago


you mean she was actually home one day this past month
might as well yell at them the little bit of time you are with them
you supporters dont care that Kate is never home but are quick to harp on jon for not being there full time. Jon is home more than she is.
Stop defending her behavior. They ALL need to get off the tv. and as far as the paparazzi making her life miserable, she asked for it.

1823 days ago


If the paparazzi had followed me Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my kids, they would have heard the same kind of talk coming out of me. And I only have two kids. Children need to be still and calm when out in public so mom can get things done without having to worry that they will dart off. And children do dart off at a moment's notice. But if they are constantly moving, then I can't tell a dance move from a darting move. And who cares if she didn't get her clothes out of the way in time. I sometimes forget that I put something in the back seat and then have to move it when the kids get in. Who among you are so perfect that you have your every minute planned out and done well? I'd like to see how you get things done, even without the world watching. I admire Kate. And I totally understand how she had to deal with that dirtbag of a husband. Anyway, life is hard enough as it is without everyone judging your every move. And if you don't like Kate, I'm sure that's no skin off her nose because you a) don't pay her mortgage, b) clean up after 8 children, c) really give a darn about her or her kids and d) don't know her.

1823 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

We all know most of the negative comments are coming from JON or Hayley because this wasn't a big deal at all. Leave Kate alone, she didn't do anything wrong here. I have two kids and if you follow me around with video camera's you would hear me raise my voice from time to time. This woman has 8 kids and going through a lot with that reject Jon, she is basically a single mother with 8 KIDS!!!! I think she is doing well with what is going on. Can you imagine having your husband leaving you, cheating on you in public and having 8 kids to worry about. Leave her alone. Oh and Jon/Hayley get off the page we know it's you on here putting Kate down, you both are losers and hated by most.

1823 days ago


Now does everyone understand why the dogs had to go? Thankfully they were saved from the witch. She talks to those kids as if they were the dogs!

1823 days ago


What's the big deal?

1823 days ago


That is not going off on your any stretch of the imagination.

1823 days ago


"78, No, Kate: That is exactly what 5 year olds dance around all questions posed to you. Why can't the kids dance around a parking lot?"

@Debbie: Um, maybe because that's where cars drive? I dunno. Could be wrong.

1823 days ago
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