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Britney Spears -- The High Price of Sanity

11/4/2009 6:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears blew through $1.32 MILLION on lawyers in a recent 7-month span -- but the result was priceless.

The money has been used to pay off the lawyers who represented Britney's conservatorship -- the group of people who have essentially restored Britney.

The court order makes it clear: More fees are on the way ... and Britney's conservators need to stash a few bucks away to prepare.

BTW, it cost Britney roughly $280,000 in lawyer's fees to keep Adnan Ghalib, Sam Lutfi and Jon Eardley away from her.


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Do you know how many homeless people could have shelter and food off of that money?

How many orphans in third world countries could have a warm meal.


Stars are crazy, the greed out there with lawyers. The money wasted and pissed away.

1815 days ago


YOU MEAN SHE PAID THAT TO HER ADULT DAYCARE ATTENDANTS OR AKA HER BABYSITTERS? Bitch can't handle her own life, gotta have others do it! When her bank roll stops rolling.....she's gonna be a LOST PUPPY! With no money to pay sitters, she's gonna be in BIG TROUBLE!

1815 days ago


Who is checking the lawyers and their bills? Must be a gluttonous feeding frenzy for parasite lawyers. Hourly billing is an antiquated corrupt system that isn't disappearing fast enough.

1815 days ago


she looks good.I wish her well i hope she gets her kids back from kevin i am not saying he a bad dad but i think the kids should be with briteny now that she is better and her tour is coming to i end on top of ever thing its her money ihope in the long run it all werth.

1815 days ago


HAHAHA! Paying her babysitters! That's good

1815 days ago


So she did a SUPERVISED tour, doesn't mean she can handle her own business or that she can keep herself mentally in check without medications or supervision. If left to her own devices she would be back chopping off her hair. Supposedly she is bi-polar, you don't get over that; it's a lifetime illness that has to be medicated. If Britney was not supervised, she'd forget or just not take her medication. Papa has a job for life.

1815 days ago


dont you mean for the 'appearance' of sanity..
c'mon now

1815 days ago


I hope she ditches her handlers and goes on another drug binge.

Psycho Britney needs to make a return.

1815 days ago


she doesn't look right in the eyes anymore. All her videos are the same - trying to be sexy. She looks more like a stripper. After seeing the girls on Dancing with the Stars, Britney doesn't even dance.

1815 days ago


The 280K she spent keeping those CREEPY guys away from her was money well spent.

1815 days ago


That $280,000 in lawyer's fees to keep those three away, would have gone a lot farther if she had hired a few ex-SIS bodyguards!

I bet if Adnan tried to hit one of THEM with his car, he wouldn't be heard from again!

Just my two cents...

1815 days ago


That's why we love to hate lawyers. There's not an honest one out there. They are absolute thieves. I have to wonder about Brit's Dad, too. He seems to be making a lot of money off his own daughter.

1815 days ago


Pink wig 500 dollars
7/ 11 stops 85 dollars
Paying off lawyers priceless

1815 days ago


I like Britney!!!!!!

1815 days ago


Posted at 6:12PM on Nov 4th 2009 by this world is crazy:
Do you know how many homeless people could have shelter and food off of that money?

How many orphans in third world countries could have a warm meal.


Stars are crazy, the greed out there with lawyers. The money wasted and pissed away.

Ah, that old argument. But how many homeless people could entertain thousands and be under the pressure the average star endures?

We live in a world that will always have unequal wealth distribution for reasons too big to get into here. Services are rendered and dollars are payed. Big money is exchanged for services of value, and always will be. Sure, there are more important life-and-death issues in the world - and there always will be - but that doesn't take away from the fact that there are skilled individuals in the world who demand (or at least those with specialised services that are in adequate demand) that wish to be compensated for their expertise, in all corners of the globe.

Life is more than just about survival, but also education and work...and ... *drumroll* being fairly compensated for services rendered.

Unequal wealth distribution will always be around. People will always die unfairly *somewhere*, even where we live. We can drop it all to attend to these people, Mother Theresa-style, or we can continue living and working the best way we know how (and perhaps limit generosity to tax-breaks and good PR).

1814 days ago
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