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Chiefs Fans to Owner: Fire Larry Johnson!!

11/4/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson is roughly 80 yards away from becoming the all time leading rusher for the Kansas City Chiefs -- but after his anti-gay slur scandal last week, Chiefs fans want him off the team before he has a chance to make history.

Hundreds of loyal Chiefs fans have signed a petition, begging the team owner to keep Larry Johnson's name out of the Chiefs Hall of Fame forever.

The petition reads:

"Larry has been a black eye on the organization ... We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Chiefs, please deactivate Larry Johnson.

Please do not let his name sit atop the all-time rushing leaders in Kansas City Chiefs history."

We spoke to one of the fans behind the petition, Andy Phelan, who tells us: "I would love it if we never see Larry Johnson in a Chiefs uniform again ... He's a cancer in the locker room."

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Jokas Girl    

I live in KC and I think this is bull crap. People say F** all the time. Even I do and it means nothing. KC GET OVER IT!

1817 days ago


OMG!!! Who the f*ck cares!!! I'm Italian...do I go screaming everytime someone calls me a wop? My husband is white and gets called a honkey, cracker, etc. I don't see him outside someones office with a picket sign. I guess some people just HAVE to complain and ruin lives...it makes them feel like they're changing the world. Their not, but I guess putting someone out of a job gives them a warm fuzzy feeling.

1817 days ago


I live in KC and the chiefs organization sucks, players are paid so why should it matter what they say. LJ is so paid that it really doesn't matter if he says fa#$ot or tweets. The United States has become so fragile anything said will be taken out of context. For all you people who thrive off your baby soft feelings, when your dealt a bone crushing blow to the jaw don't say I didn't tell yah so. For all the weaklings sitting at thier computers blogging BS...........

1817 days ago


get over it...let him play....everyone has used this word some time or another....

1817 days ago


How easily the majority of Chiefs fans have forgotten how much we LOVED LJ only 2 years ago. Lets not forget its just a freaking game. That goes for all you "true" Green Bay fans. Brett wants to play ball, let him effin play ball. IT'S A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1817 days ago


i think people need to quit being to sensitive. yeah, maybe he should of said it, but not one person on this earth has never said anything to put down another person. grow up, and let it go. Cheif fans should be happy they have atleast one decent player on there team anyways.

1817 days ago


Yea, stupid fans need to grow up and get a life, people that get offended by words are pathetic.

1817 days ago


whitney.....I don't know where u live....but KC doesn't have a "bunch of gay activists". lol. take a look sometime at the 80 thousand plus at arrowhead stadium....running out of beer would be one of their bigger concerns!!!

1817 days ago


The fans being upset with Johnson isn't necessarily about his latest incident and this isn't the first time he's been involved in some sort of controversy. He's a punk bully. He's been arrested something like 4 times for assaulting women. The fan's outrage goes WAY beyond him running his mouth and calling names. This is sort of the straw that broke the camels back.

1817 days ago


Sorry there, Loyal to the Chiefs-didn't mean to step on your toes. Your comment wasn't up when I went to post...

1817 days ago


There are more important things going on in the world, and I'm just wondereing that all thses cry babies have said that and a lot more we just don't know abot. Bet their household is so out of wack and that is where their ficus should be.

1817 days ago


If Michael Vick can return to the NFL, and all the other wife/girlfriend beating, druggy, illegal weapons peeps can continue to play, and this guys says a word and he can't stay?

Seriously, I have absolutely no issue with gay people at all - until you all get ridiculous like this. It's a word - let it go. Remember the Sticks and Stones rhyme? Name calling alone should not be grounds for suing, loss of property, or livelyhood. I don't care what the opinion or who said it or who they said it to. It's ridiculous. Get over it!

1817 days ago

Democrats are evil    

After reading these comments, you know the only group that hates Larry Johnson is the one and only original hate group themselves, the Gay Democrats of America. They hate anyone that is against their agenda. NFL fans are a tough bunch and they are not going to tell Larry to take a hike because he said what was on his mind. Homosexuals are among the worst democratic fools that want so much to normalize abnormal behavior. Well I say, "don't use that backdoor anymore, for it is a one way avenue, the old mud highway, that can kill you if you drive the wrong way on. Go back to dancing with the stars, will you. Leave football alone.

1817 days ago

Allen Ridak    

I want LaQuisha & LaQuanda to have MY babies!

1817 days ago


God forbid you say something anti-gay. You can beat women, punch assistant coaches, drink & Drive, & keep your job. Hell, you can do cocaine and get elected to the Hall of Fame, but definitely don't say anything about a sexual preference (it's not a race, gender, or anything else, just simply a personal choice).

1817 days ago
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