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Chiefs Fans to Owner: Fire Larry Johnson!!

11/4/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson is roughly 80 yards away from becoming the all time leading rusher for the Kansas City Chiefs -- but after his anti-gay slur scandal last week, Chiefs fans want him off the team before he has a chance to make history.

Hundreds of loyal Chiefs fans have signed a petition, begging the team owner to keep Larry Johnson's name out of the Chiefs Hall of Fame forever.

The petition reads:

"Larry has been a black eye on the organization ... We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Chiefs, please deactivate Larry Johnson.

Please do not let his name sit atop the all-time rushing leaders in Kansas City Chiefs history."

We spoke to one of the fans behind the petition, Andy Phelan, who tells us: "I would love it if we never see Larry Johnson in a Chiefs uniform again ... He's a cancer in the locker room."

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JLC...educate urself, douche. PS. U suck.

1783 days ago


JLC, I was wondering- What exactly is a CONSERVATION REPUBLICAN? If you are GOING TO YELL maybe, MAYBE you should know what the hell you're talking about. What's that old saying? I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
Your anger makes me smile.

1783 days ago


I am 55 S/W/F lifelong sports fan. Was married to a black man, raised a mixed race son who was killed by a drunk drive at 25yrs in 2004. Just so you have a perspective on who this is coming from. I LIVED predjudice!

This is STUPID! I cannot even believe L Johnson was suspended, much less lost salary. He put this on his Twitter page, not in an interview on the football field.

Just because someone says, "Fa****" doesn't mean their meaning someone is a homosexual, it's just like you're a biotch, or some other negative thing.

Get over it! Larry, remember what our Grandmothers used to say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say ANYTHING at all." You are under the microscope...

1783 days ago


Too bad he didn't say "c#cks#cker"....that doesn't necessarily refer to gays...there are a lot of women who are adept at that.

1783 days ago


#25 Believes ALL black people use the N word. May be in Hollywood movies but in NOT the real world. That is BS stereotyping.

1783 days ago


Who cares, He has whined and cried about everything since he has been in KC. He needs to enjoy his wealth and play football and shut his mouth. But he has never been able to do that mouth shutting thing.
Good for the fans to help run him out of town.

1778 days ago


WOW!!! I have never read so many ignorant comments in my entire life! First thing first. The man signed a contract and part of any professional sports contract is that you are not allow to publicly talk poorly about your organization. My company even has it. If I post something negative about my company on Facebook I could fired if they see it. Next, its not just what the man has said, his actions are completely unacceptable. He has beaten women, pulled the team down and ever since his large contract was signed he has played TERRIBLY. Sure he had a good season or two but now the man is WORTHLESS. The gay community had very little if nothing to do with this. I know several hardcore Chief's fans who despise the man. This was just the last straw. It wasn't the gay comments as much as the fact that he publicly attacked the Chiefs which per his contract he was not allowed to do. We are finally rid of him. The man just pulled an already struggling team down even further. If you think this is about the gay comment, or it was run by the gay community then I refuse to argue with you because you just can not argue against ignorance because they will never get it.

1778 days ago


I don't get it!! You can't refer to an african american by the "n" word so what makes you think that someone calling someone the "f" word is ok? I would like to see how many of you would keep your job by referring to someone by the "n" work. Forget it you would be done!

1778 days ago
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