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Spade -- No Regrets on Farley Direct TV Ad

11/4/2009 2:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Spade says he has no regrets about resurrecting a classic scene from "Tommy Boy" -- featuring the late, great Chris Farley -- for a controversial DirecTV ad, telling TMZ that offending people was never his intention.

David Spade: Click to watch
We got David outside Boa last night, where he told us Farley's family and the director of "Tommy Boy" all gave their seal of approval for the spot.

He wasn't lying -- Kevin Farley, Chris' bro, was there too and said the commercial was "an honor to my brother."


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It was great. At first when the commercial started, I thought it was some promo for an anniversary edition of the movie or something. But the SECOND Spade turns to the camera and starts talking I knew in an instant it was a DirectTV ad! It was brilliant.

Anyone approx 15 yrs old and up during their time on SNL/movies together would remember they were best friends and there is NO WAY he would have had any other intention than to honor his friend. And it accomplished what it was supposed to: for about 60 seconds it seemed as if Farley was still with us. It was very cool.

1789 days ago


Anytime you can get more Chris Farley on TV...that is a good thing!

1812 days ago


It seems that just everyone needs to be on the "shock" band wagon.
So many have a desperate need for attention!Using dead people for their needs is nothing new.These so called "friends" never payed enough attention while let's say Farley ,in this case was alive to help him with his eating disorder, and drug disorder that killed him. They watch as their depressed friends famous, or ,not sink deeper and deeper into a depression that ends in their demise.Once they are dead the other so called friend, family member,press agent ect. can capitalize on their good friend. They never payed enough reall attention to how mentally unstable their pal was,or perhaps they wanted their pal dead( competition) out of the way for future revenues?

1812 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I think it's an honor to Chris. It's a reminder that there will NEVER be another Chris Farley. RIP

1812 days ago

Sherry O'Tinger    

People will always find something to bitch about. I finally saw the commercial and thought it was good. When a celebrity dies, after the shock and speculation wares of, people go on to something else. It's nice to see Spade pay homage to his friend and co-star. Now if someone would do the same for Belushi and Radner, just to reminds us these people may be gone, but never forgotten!!

1812 days ago


If people looked at this in a "Farley" kinda way, I don't think they would be so offended. Chris lived to make people laugh...something tells me that in death, nothing's changed. If he knew people were getting a chuckle at his commercial, I think he'd be very pleased.

1812 days ago


It makes me smile every time I see it. No problems here.

1812 days ago


How stupid, I saw this commercial this's not offensive! If you know anything about these two guys you know they were very good friends and that Farley's image could not be used without express consent. Get a life people!

1812 days ago


Chris would be proud. It's a salute to him, as it were.

1812 days ago


I thought it was funny as hell. Who doesn't like "Fat Guy in a Little Coat"?!

1812 days ago


I think he did a good thing so we would not forget him.
I am sorry he died so very very young!

1812 days ago


I loved the ad, there were so many funny moments in that movie, it made me smile to see a part of it again.

1812 days ago

Another pointless story....    

I know that movie line for line and it still cracks me up every time. He had a great talent and is truly missed. I think it's cool to re-live his legend for a minute or two.

1812 days ago


F U to all the politically correct azzholes who oppose this sort of stuff.

1812 days ago


I loved the commercial. I think David Spade was a true, good friend to Chris Farley and only meant for this to be viewed as a positive thing. He had good intentions with the ad. It comes from his heart.

1812 days ago
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