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Spade -- No Regrets on Farley Direct TV Ad

11/4/2009 2:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Spade says he has no regrets about resurrecting a classic scene from "Tommy Boy" -- featuring the late, great Chris Farley -- for a controversial DirecTV ad, telling TMZ that offending people was never his intention.

David Spade: Click to watch
We got David outside Boa last night, where he told us Farley's family and the director of "Tommy Boy" all gave their seal of approval for the spot.

He wasn't lying -- Kevin Farley, Chris' bro, was there too and said the commercial was "an honor to my brother."


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Spade hasn't done sh*t lately-unless you count knocking up a Playboy model. I felt like he was using Chris for a check. That's why it bothered me.

1817 days ago


This is a stupid controversy.

They weren't making fun of Chris Farley, they weren't demeaning his death, they weren't degrading him in anyway...

they were playing a scene from a movie... and just editing in a commercial for Direct TV.

It would have been more controversal if they were trying to digitally make Chris Farley do the ad.

What next? no station is allowed to play Beverly Hills Ninja because Chris Farley is dead? (My fave movie by the way)

This was just a scene from a movie used as a direct tv ad. It was more about Spade than it was Farley. Grow a pair people and find a real battle to fight.

1817 days ago

Who Dat!!!    

The ad was great and was a tribute to Chris Farley. Maybe you think we should stop showing his movies also......Geez people, get over it.

1817 days ago


Spade "loved" Farley & I think it's cool to see Farley again. It's not offensive.

1817 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

I will always miss Chris Farley... me and my friends grew up watching SNL and his movies, they bring back great high school memories for me. I remember crying when I heard he had died :(
I thought the commercial was funny and never thought it was a wrong thing to do.
BTW Anon(#19)- Spade is set for life, you really think he needs the money??

1817 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

I'm not the least bit offended, but it does kinda freak me out a little, just like seeing commercials with Billy Mays do.

1817 days ago


We love Chris Farley, and he was David's best friend. What is to be offended about?? Man there are so many stupid people out there!

1817 days ago

Esther Hoffman    

I was one of the people offended -- not because Chris is dead and they were making money off of him anyway. That's hardly new. What I found offensive was the line Spade said -- basically that he'd rather be watching DirecTV than where he was -- and where he was, was with his long dead best friend! Who on earth would rather watch TV than get to be with a loved one who has passed? That was what disgusted me. Had it been a different line, I know I wouldn't have cared.

1817 days ago


I actually saw the commercial, ironically enough, during a commercial break from SNL. I was a bit surprised at first, but did not mind seeing Chris Farley with David Spade at all. Let us remember that we've seen Fred Astaire dance with a vacuum cleaner, John Wayne sell beer, the Marx Brothers hawking diet soda with Paula Abdul in a commercial many years ago, and even footage of John Lennon and George Harrison for Guitar Hero, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and so many other dead celebs who posthumously promote products.

The commercial was done in very good taste, and had a scene from a very memorable movie of Chris Farley's. It may be deeemed offensive to use the memory of dead celebs to advertise, but some celebrities' appeal continue long after they pass on. And in this day and age, remember this mantra: money talks, bull$%^& walks!!

1817 days ago



1817 days ago


Esther, are you a little slow? Do you think There's such a place as Hogwarts? Do you think Elves are real?

Have you even seen the movie?

He wasn't talking as David Spade being with Chris Farley... he was talking as the CHARACTER from the MOVIE.

I mean, freakin DUH Esther.

1816 days ago


We applaud Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump with the former President sceen and we can’t get the humor of two great friends… People need to get a life!

1816 days ago


I loved seeing Chris. I bet he would have approved too, I'm sure it would make him happy knowing he still makes us all laugh :)

1816 days ago


i dont think anything is wrong with it. it makes us remember chris farley!

1816 days ago


I absolutely think Chris would have been cool with this. I think it's David's ultimate compliment to his best friend!

1816 days ago
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