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Jackson Creditor's Claim Over Neverland

11/4/2009 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonA British law firm is the latest to file a creditor's claim against Michael Jackson's estate, and it involves the "sale of Neverland."

There had been rumors Jackson put the ranch up for sale, but they were never confirmed. Now the law firm of Atkins Thomson Solicitors in London is asking for $209,204.36.

The services the firm claims to have performed involved "General discussions re Michael Jackson, personal and professional situation dealing with Colony Capital, Tohme Tohme, Frank Dileo, and Others, Work in Relation to the Sale of Neverland."

The firm also claims to have done work with Jackson's U.S. lawyers and AEG. The firm also did legal work for the London concerts.


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moving on....I think that Randy Phillips, is however, greedy and probably manipulative, to some degree stuck his neck out for MJ at the behest of Thome....Colony Capital was heavily invested in MJ from Neverland to his comeback I think that Thome overextended MJ...for sure...because if you can recall Phillips has said numerous times that when the concerts sold out in pre-sale he called Thome and he gave the okay to extend the dates to 50...he has never said the he spoke directly to MJ at all on that subject....and subsequently Thome was fired.

1792 days ago


Deb's not laying low contrary to one post - I have been here, just haven't had anything to say. Same sh1t, different day. And I must admit, although I am a fan, I wonder about the peeing thing. I wonder if Arnie had folks there who maybe didn't say anything at the time but could now that Michael is gone and we may hear more about it. If we don't I will chalk it up to a rumor. If it's true I am going to be really sad.

1792 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Since TMZ got your side and wont let my real post come thru.
I'm here. Carry on. You must work for them. let me try that
s@@t again.

1792 days ago



At ease soldier....

1792 days ago


MJ fan you're full of selfdenial BS. He didn't have a hair on his head. He was stenciled (tatooed) blacklined from ear to ear around his face so that his fans couldn't see the distinct line of where the wig fits against the face. Even that buffed up edited incomplete autopsy report stated that black tatooing around the hairline from ear to ear. What did you think that meant? DUH?

Next time don't go out of your way to reprimand me on my comments unless you know what you're talking about which you obviously do not.

AND Michael Jackson fought back at anything that didn't go his way.
He was definitely a "do as I say or else" person=A SPOILED SELFABSORBED BRAT!

Posted at 7:56PM on Nov 4th 2009 by Stef Lawrey

Read more:

You should get your story straight before commenting, Dr. Klein was on Larry King shortly after MJ died and he said he had "significant hair loss on the top of his head" from the pepsi commercial now he tells Harvey he was totally bald. Autopsy report said some hairloss with tattooing around hairline! Then Klein said MJ was at his office on the 22nd and MJ was fine dancing in the waiting room for his patients now he says he noticed this big change in the 3 weeks prior to his death. He also claimed on Larry King that he had giving Michael demerol in the past, now he tells Harvey he was giving him small doses in the three months prior to his death, he said he knew he was an addict so why is he giving him that at all for botox treatments knowing he was an addict??
So Harvey says MJ was bald and thats the gospel??? Harvey only reports what he wants too he talked to Klein for three hours and he could only report about being bald and pissing in public?? Did you see him with no hair? Did you see him being a spoiled brat?? Unitl you talk to someone face to face don't judge!!

1792 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Yeah see how my s@@t didnt come thru.You work for
TMZ. BUSTED....I'm gonna try again.

1792 days ago

MJ's PYT    

NO Stef is right..MJ was bald.I knew a fireman/ paramedic
who responded to the call. He said MJ was dead when they got there. the 4th of July I'll never forget that day. I went to
Carrollwood. There were people from everywhere. Beautiful house. That ED Hardy guy bought it.Anyway, the fireman said he was bald.
Howdy Deb.....

1792 days ago


stef lawrey-109 what the hell rock did you climb out of in that cave you have been living in!!!! you are wacked!!!you are the true definiton of a tmz hater!!!! oh only for michael jackson right??? taking these claims and his life a little to serious for a must really be a fan and you are trying to trick us RIGHT!!!! sue from tampa

1792 days ago


154 Posted at 8:57PM on Nov 4th 2009 by This is it

Good lawd MJ fan...alright already give it a break give it up piss off.
Bald/partially bald who gives a rats ass! The EMTs said bald, the edited partial autopsy result said some hair loss, Harvey said bald, Klein said no then yes.........WHO GIVES A SH$T!

You MJfanatics are dauntless and relentless in pursuing your point according to YOUR gospel! THE MAN DIDN'T HAVE ALL HIS HAIR and wore wigs and tatooed his hairline to unconvincingly deceive the public that he was wearing wigs. WIGS and Prosthetic Nose tips. Only you MJfanatics reactions make it a disgrace to do so!

Good lawd..........DROP IT!

1792 days ago


*****Tohme being fired by MJ had nothing to do with the 02 concert agreements it had to do with Tohme threatening Juliens and MJs family.

1792 days ago

MJ's PYT    

#148 My mama fits taste good . MMM, mmm Just like campbells
soup. WE will get me. What we??Are you serious. F22k u and
yo crew. There are grown people here trying to conduct real
conversations. Here you come with that elementary s@2t. It
gets old boo. Whether its Jana or whoever. and yes she's my
girl .PROBLEM..Whats it to you? I talk to who, and say what the f@2k i want. My heart dont pump koolaid b@2ch.I'm all woman.
Bring it..............(lets see if this one post)

1792 days ago


deb the pig is back.
good to know that you learned to shut the f@ck up.

1792 days ago


Harvey and tmz should report the truth not their opinions or halfass their stories! the autopsy said basically going bald,not bald and he did have some hairloss from the burns! yes i can be relentless when i am standing up for someone who can't defend theirself! I really hope the Jackson family can sue over this! tmz only reports what they want too! i agree with earlier posters about lindsay lohan...tmz picks what not to post about her because of how bad it maybe! WTF they post anything negitive about the Jacksons!

1792 days ago


Howdy Deb.....

Posted at 9:09PM on Nov 4th 2009 by MJ's PYT

Hi there - getting ready for bed here.

1792 days ago


yes i think mj had drug and money problems, but i wonder in whose best interest it is to keep this out there for the public..that way when they sell the catalogs people will think it was nessecary.also this klien character .i am just not buying it .i dont believe him at all.remember his take off on heal the world called heal the skin? the man misses the mj spotlight... either someone is paying him to give harvey three hours of interview or there is a book deal.probably figures if the rabbi could do one so could he.mj was not a perv in my opinion .but he was an assh@le magnet... this is a gossip site and gossip usually is not meant to flatter...harvey is not a fan of mj .harvey is a fan of harvey

1792 days ago
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