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Kardashian Gets Pounded

The Video

11/4/2009 4:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the video of Rob Kardashian getting pummeled during a charity boxing match last night -- and dude didn't even last 10 seconds before hitting the ground!

Rob Kardashian: Click to watch
According to sister Kim's Twitter, Rob (wearing red shorts above) was fighting against a dude "at least 25 lbs heavier than him" -- and the guy punched Rob's face while he was trying to fix his mask, knocking him to the floor.

The fight lasted a whopping 1:15 after that -- and Kim says Rob was taken to the hospital with a concussion.

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Trooper Tom    

The whole family are a bunch of media whoring little bitches, any thing for publicity. The should put them all in the ring and have some one ....any punch their f*cking lights out

1814 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Kardashian Gets Pounded

The headline says is all about this family of whores.

1814 days ago


His daddy up in heaven must be proud.................They have now proved they are worthless.

1814 days ago


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!!!!

1814 days ago


Who's bright idea was it to have all the Kardashians box?

Of course they got their asses kicked...none of them have any experience boxing...do they?

1814 days ago

Black Power    

To k*i*l*l whit3y post #11. Real nice. You have no idea what Obama is about. By the way, he is half white you knucklehead. Until you can forgive the past you will never move on. You may hate the white man, but they are still the majority in America, so get used to it. I'm sure you would be all riled up yell out racism if someone talked smack about your race, yet you seem to be able to spew out your own brand of racism with no problem. The white man is not the problem in America. Dumb asses like you are.

1814 days ago


Why does Rob continue to allow himself to be bullied and humiliated by his stupid family? He needs to leave the nest and find his own life.

1814 days ago


Nice to see such a lack of interest in these desperate attention whores..Rob is a big crybaby who cancelled his twitter because he was getting razzed so hard about being a loser..he was a loser in the ring and his desperate family is making up excuses for him..Kim is even more pathetic because she is whining about a black eye and it is obviously BLACK EYE SHADOW..how low and pathetic you are Kim..I wish you had got a REAL black eye because maybe that would knock some sense into your vapid, empty brain. Where did your dad hide OJ's bag containing the murder weapon? Your family is a bunch of plastic, fake, LOSERS...try to ease up on the industrial silicone you are flooding your face and body with Kim..you are looking very old and haggard and it seems to take about an hour for your face to actually make a facial expression..jealousy and insecurity are eating you alive! What will be your next family embarrassment? The lot of you on street corners offering up blow jobs for cash? At least Rob might actually enjoy that. LOSERS!!

1814 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

I knew their Dad and know he is spinning in his grave over what his daughters turned into, but props to the kid for stepping into the ring. Crappy video but looks like he held his own for a while. Bad corner guys did not put his headgear on correctly.
Respect kid.

1814 days ago


How about an admission that your last post was racist? Maybe an apology? Own it and admit it was incredibly offensive. This wasn't a post teasing some little rich girl about her personal problems, this was a post flat out referencing girls preferring to have oral sex with a group of activists because they are black.

1814 days ago


I think Rob did great againt dude. Rob dont live in no projects or bad neighborhood, why should he have to fight. The guy fighting him a hater anyway cause none of the sisters want him.Jealous.

1814 days ago



1814 days ago


They can only blame themselves for not thinking this charity idea through. Boxing is no joke. People get killed all the time doing it. You treated it like a game and paid the price.

1814 days ago

i pee freely    

what do you expectn the boy grew up with woman maybe he thinks he is one lmfao

1814 days ago

MJ FAN    

their whole family is a bunch of wanna-b celebritys.....kim is a ho

1814 days ago
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