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Chris Jericho Slurs Speech

11/5/2009 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WWE star Chris Jericho is wrestling with a pretty serious controversy -- after he made a slew of offensive slurs against Middle Easterners and gays.

Jericho was at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival two weeks ago ... for a screening of a movie in which he appears. During a Q&A session, Jericho referred to the moderator several times as "Hadji" -- a term sometimes used as a racial slur against Middle Easterners.

After the first wave of slurs -- and a random shot at Paris Hilton -- the host jokingly takes Jericho's drink to sniff it for booze, when Chris chimes back, "it's apple juice ... fag."

Jericho tells TMZ, "After seeing the video I realize some inappropriate comments were made and I apologize if I offended anybody." Jericho continues, "Just know that everyone on stage was having a blast and we all shared a drink and a laugh after! The good news is I got my wish of being posted on TMZ."

Yes you did, Chris.

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All I see in this video is Jericho's schtik. He's been cutting promos like that all his career. That's funny this makes any kind of news.

1791 days ago


Isn't Jericho kind of an albino himself?

1791 days ago



1791 days ago


dwadwanin, it's a slur the way Jericho is using it. It's a slur the way soldiers are using it as well.

1791 days ago


Having met Jericho before, I can vouch that he is a really down-to-earth, affable kind of dude. Having been a wrestling fan from way back, it is obvious to me that he is doing a bit.
Everybody needs to relax.

1791 days ago


Who really cares what he says? If you do, I dont care what you think. Please.

1791 days ago


what an idiot. must be alot of fun at a party. i am not offended by anything he said i just dont think he was funny. i hope they didnt pay him for that performance. drink some more apple juice it might make you funny or at least make you have to leave the stage and go to the bathroom.

1791 days ago

Miss Me!!    

I have nothing against homosexuality. I'm totally for gay marriage. I think that EVERYONE should be allowed to make that mistake! LOL

But, seriously... GLADD... everyone gets made fun of at some point in their lives. Who hasn't heard jokes concerning white girls giving head or "the voice" and "the dance" used to stereotype all white people? Then there are the black jokes that our "uncles" like to tell when they get a little too tipsy and, since I married into a Mexican family, I have heard Mexican jokes GALORE (coming from my IN LAWS). So, if you want to be accepted by everyone, quit being so damn sensitive. WELCOME TO MY WORLD!! White people are considered to be the nerdiest race on the planet. But I don't care. If I got upset every single time I heard Chris Rock make fun of my race, I'd be one pissed off bitch.

No one likes a cry baby. NO ONE. So get over it, please!

1791 days ago


SOOOOOO sick of hearing gays being upset, really, really, really starting to get old.

1791 days ago


For all you readers supporting Chris and telling complainers to man up. I bet if it was a middle eastern guy referring to a white person as "white trash", you would be on the flip side of the argument

1791 days ago


Why must every person with celebrity status come out with a controlled PR statement about something they said? Get over it! It wasn't bad. I'm Pro-Gay, Pro-rights, Republican ( since some Dbag wanted to turn this whole topic political), and I am also very much politically incorrect. Even if I didn't know Chris and the family, I would stand from the same POV.

1791 days ago


The bottom line- There are white trash people out there- not because they are white but because they provide little to society with the exception of COPS and cross-linking their own DNA ( and as a person from the south- I take no offense). I have brother who is gay and I'm proud he is my brother- his choices, his life BUT sometimes their CHOICES in behavior prompt a view that is less than positive- my brother prefers men but he doesn't sashay down the sidewalk, knocking bricks to the ground with this hips to try and PROVE to the world just how gay he is. GLADD should focus more on preventing hate crimes against gays, lesbians, transgenders and less time trying to encourage more negitive attention to G, L & T's because of what Chris said. I am so tired of our society having to guard what we say, how we feel, and " sugar-coat" our reasons to simply satisfy the feelings of someone else. I'm quite certain if I somehow upset or insult someone from this they will not think twice in calling me something. Grown some thick skin, know that in life someone will always have something to say against you and know that if you are certain in who you are as a person and what you contribute to our world and your life- then the words of someone should be a minor dent in the big picture.

1791 days ago


Really? Everyone is getting mad about THIS?! haha.

1791 days ago


Yes. Interesting how no one made anything out of that one.

1791 days ago


People at the festival were more offended at his patronizing and joking about other festival features than any slurs onstage....especially after some alcohol. In fairness, Jericho was friendly to all the horror fans in attendance and accomodated all requests for autographs and photos.

1791 days ago
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