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Church to Prejean: Live and Learn

11/5/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean's pastor isn't willing to give up on his famous fallen beauty queen, after learning she made a graphic, solo sex tape.

Pastor Darren Carrington from The Rock Church in San Diego says, "Everyone is a work in progress," adding everyone has "something we're not proud of."

The Pastor is reacting to the TMZ story that Carrie folded like a cheap suit during settlement negotiations with Miss California USA officials after they pulled out the ultimate Trump card -- a solo sex tape.

We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to reduce her demand from more than $1 million to ... just validate my parking, please.


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She must give BIG DONATIONS......

1820 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Nothing like having the old porn tape card up your sleeve. They don't call him "The Don" for nothing.

Now somebody pleeeease release that tape. I wanna stroke one out to that Christian babe.

1820 days ago


So when are we going to see the video? It is not fair that all the guys at TMZ are getting to jerk off to it and your loyal viewers can not see it. It is educational and should be shared.

1820 days ago

cha ching    

Carrie Prejean was right! TMZ F(gay slur)will do anything to curtail her freedom of speech!Like pull a sex tape,gerbil ,gerbil,out their assets! To such her up!

1820 days ago

sandy k.    

S.B asked, What are gays doing on beauty pageant JURIES anyway?

Well except for the fact that gays probably STYLED the contestants hair, and did their MAKE-UP, DESIGNED their gowns, DESIGNED the sets, and CHOREOGRAPHED the show, I can't think of any reason they'd be on the JURIES.

1820 days ago


God bless Carrie and we all pray for her strenght in these trying times of her life. As for the twisted extremists that have insulted her for her rightious views, may you all eventually return from your immoral lifestyle. It goes down throughout history to be an immoral, and unnatural, act. All the fuss in the world is not going to make it normal, or moral. You all better repent or accept the consequences for your unnatural lust. We could make it legal for you to marry your favorite, sensious carrot in the vegitable bin, but it would still be immoral and unnatural. And by the way, what are you twisted freaks doing at a beauty pageant for women and why are you worried about a womans sex tape? I thought you were only into the freakish things with sausage? As I said, all the fuss is not going to change the view of your unnatural, immoral, twisted acts that deprive humanity of our integrity. You do have a choice to refrane from such freakish, lustful acts.

PS I would recommend you all get girlfreinds and a good psychiatrist

1820 days ago


For you Religious Nuts that think every Hetero Couple that Gets Married Believes in God well think again they DONT !!! some Hetero Couples get married for the Benefits Because they LOVE EACH other and would like to make sure their Spouse is taken care of when they Die. Using God against a reason not to allow Civil Rights for GLBT and Using a vote were gay people are outnumbered is UNFAIR. Gays Deserve the Right to have Civil Protection against this Discrimination. Its not a Religious Battle its a HUMAN RIGHTS Battle. Just becuase I dont believe in Jesus and God dosent mean I dont deserve basic CIVIL RIGHTS! Get over yourself churches you are all Hypocrits and only deny people Civil Rights.

1820 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1820 days ago


Lucky for her she is not a Mormon, since this so-called church frowns on masturbation and harps endlessly on it.

Adolescents are grilled regularly in great detail by their bishops about the "sin" of "self abuse".

No, I'm not making this up.

In the Mormon "church" Carrie would be disfellowshipped and the bishop would want to know exactly which finger was used for what and how often.
Damn cult.

1820 days ago


Being GAY is Immoral? I guess because GOD said So? HoW FUNNY You have no proof of existence of God and you believe in someone imanginary GIVE ME PROOF. Science and Evolution Proves that things didnt happen the way Your FICTIONAL BOOK SAYS IT DID. Gay People are just like anyone else and MORAL as HETEROS.

1820 days ago


In order to justify the human sacrifice of Jesus Christ to "YHWH"? "SATAN"? or whoever, evanglicals recommend sinning big time. Don't skimp. Can't let a good killing for God go to waste.

For what its worth, Prejean wasn't the best contestant, and her answer didn't mean squat, even if Willie Geist is gay. The winner deserved the crown.

1820 days ago


How can you people believe this lie?
There is no tape.
It has allegedly been out for 3 months and no one has uploaded it on the internet or bittorrent. Why not?
Because it does not exist.

1820 days ago


Religious leaders that bag on the gays but give support to the prostitutes. I'm surprised She isn't a Mormon.

1820 days ago


I go to the Rock Church!
Darren is right we all have things in the past that are shameful, but there is forgiveness and wisdom
to be gained from bad decisions.

1820 days ago


No one is perfect. Ok, so now we can all get over this right? Why is this news anywhere? I mean, come on TMZ?!

1820 days ago
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