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Church to Prejean: Live and Learn

11/5/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean's pastor isn't willing to give up on his famous fallen beauty queen, after learning she made a graphic, solo sex tape.

Pastor Darren Carrington from The Rock Church in San Diego says, "Everyone is a work in progress," adding everyone has "something we're not proud of."

The Pastor is reacting to the TMZ story that Carrie folded like a cheap suit during settlement negotiations with Miss California USA officials after they pulled out the ultimate Trump card -- a solo sex tape.

We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to reduce her demand from more than $1 million to ... just validate my parking, please.


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What a PIG!!!

1815 days ago


Interesting how Donald Trump is suddenly doesn't have much to say. I hate hypocrisy of any kind. She is the epitome of talking out of both sides of your mouth. I don't care that she stripped or did sex tapes, what bothers me is that she pretended to be so saintly!

1815 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    

This whole Prejean matter just proves how hard the mean gays (like Harvey) will go after you if you don't cheerlead the gays.

1815 days ago


If she includes a copy of her tape with her book, the book should do well. Wonder what she was doing to her preacher man to get him to stick by her so tightly. Maybe she did him when she finished doing herself. What a trashy, greedy hypocrite Ms. Carrie Prejean is. I cannot believe any decent religious people would not have already distanced themselves from her, unless they are using her for money or sex. She is worse than a whoring prostitute. Actually, that is what she is.

1815 days ago


This is just another example of organized religion's hippocracy.

1815 days ago


Maybe she can go into porn now...

1815 days ago


LOL, she attempted to make herself look all high and mighty when she made a brief speech on how she feels about gays when in actuality, she made time to spread her legs like a sleaze but yet condemns Gays rights. She has no leg to stand on. Buhbye!

1815 days ago


It's obvious Mrsbojangles doesn't sway her hips for ANYTHING. lolol Eww to be YOU.

1815 days ago


Prejean should have taken the $1 million. Who cares if she masturbates??? Probably 98% of all humans have masturbated, but less than 1% of people get $1 million plus due to a serious discrimination lawsuit! That's a 1 with six zeros after it. She could do a lot for herself and the cause of marriage with $1 million dollars. If she settled to "keep it a secret" she's really not thinking straight. The world already knows, and soon enough that video will be leaked like all the others. Who cares?

Take the $1 million, Carrie! No one cares about this blackmail threat.

1815 days ago


How long ago was this sex tape made? If it were years ago, it's possible that she has changed her life. Everybody has a skeleton in their closet. She shouldn't have lied on her applications for entering the pageant though, and claimed she was a Christian at the same time.

1815 days ago

Bloviating Hammerhead    

Remember how Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family supported her? Now comes the tape, and the fun the unbelievable details here: I think I know why Dobson's retiring now.

1815 days ago


I hope she goes away for good now, but something tells me she won't, since the media highlights train wrecks. Think of all of the people out there who are doing tremendous things with their lives and having a positive impact on those around them. I'm just guessing there are some since we never hear about THEM. Young people get the message that being a loser is the way to win.

1815 days ago

Bloviating Hammerhead    

What must Dr. James Dobson and his Focus on the Family cronies be thinking right about now? Remember how they held Prejean out as the ideal of Christian womanhood. I read an opinion piece by an evangelical preacher (believe it or not) who used to work in Christian Radio. He talks about how Dobson is notorious in broadcasting for his defensiveness, his screwed-up priorities, and his weird obsession with church-ified celebrities. He also gives an insider's looke at the sweetheart relationship between Dobson, Focus on the Family, and this pitiful, disgraced beauty queen. Turns out even some Christians have had enough of Dobson and Prejean.

1815 days ago


Re: Molly~

I'm Mormon and I've never heard of such a thing. I think the bishop would ask general questions, but they don't go into explicit detail. It's inappropriate and I just can't believe a kind and loving bishop would ask explicit questions. And as far as I know the only time a person gets interviewed by the bishop is if they request an interview...I hardly think the bishop just comes into sunday school and draws out people to grill.

1815 days ago


Conflicting info as to whether she received a money settlement, but if not, it sshe really didnt get ANYTHING for settling. She jumped out I'm sure in order to help save her rep, but now everybody knows the tape exists and in least one confirmed instance, they are cancelling her events. She might as well have stuck it out and let the tape be released.

1811 days ago
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