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GLAAD to Jericho: Thanks for 'Hollow' Apology

11/5/2009 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

GLAAD isn't buyin' Chris Jericho's apology for using anti-gay and racist slurs at a recent event -- in fact, the gay rights group is going after the wrestler for being "insincere and worn."

Chris Jericho

Jarrett Barrios -- president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- tells TMZ:

Chris Jericho: Click to watch"Just three months ago Chris Jericho's boss and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon acknowledged to GLAAD that words matter.

There is no time, context or occasion in which it is acceptable to utter racist and anti-gay slurs. Jericho's hollow apology 'if (he) offended anyone' is a template used by many and is insincere and worn

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The gay community is the most hateful, nosy, gossiping, intolerant, name calling group in the nation. Who cares what they think. As for the word "hadji", in Muslim culture, it refers to those to have made a trek to Mecca. So you bleeding hearts can just get over it, or get bent. Fools

1821 days ago


Yeah, but GLAAD never said a word when one of their own (Perez Hilton) called a woman the worst slur imaginable - a stupid f-ing c*nt. All b/c he didn't like what she said about gay marriage - and she said it in a completely unoffensive way, without any slurs. Crybaby hypocrites. It's funny, I've known quite a few gay men in my life, and truth be told, they are funny as h*ll, in a viciously critical way. Very snide and sarcastic in their humor. But let anyone say a word about THEIR lifestyle and look out...

1821 days ago

GG Allin    

Man those dudes can take a love rocket up the pooper shooter, but a "widdle" word hurts them. Remember the first amendment those freaks out in "hollyweird" always scream about.

1821 days ago


Well, by gauging the feelings of these comments, and my own, about the gay agenda, hate speak, and bigotry, glaad and all things gay have finally worn out their welcome. It's obvious we now see them for the deviant, hateful, hypocritical mob of fools they are.

1821 days ago


The biggest part of this story is missed!
The host was none other than MR. LOBO !
He has/had a horror host show that was/is fantastic.
His mom even runs the camera!

1821 days ago


I wonder if GLAAD saw the new South Park episode The F Word LMAO

1821 days ago


hey glaad get over your selfs ! think about it jericho is in wreslting terminology a heel it is his job to say inflamitory things in front of a large crowds and sometime its hard to turn off a persona that you are used to being the majority of the time in public plus he is canadian so that might also explain it

1821 days ago

Gold Diggers beware    

Remember when you couldn't say the word queer or gay, now it's f@g. Queer is now used by gays and straights alike and it's perfectly acceptable as in queer eye for the straight guy. If gays want to overcome being offended they should accept the word and be proud to be f@gs as they are proud to be queers and gay. After all it's just a word and words can never hurt you.

1821 days ago


He used the word "if" in his apology. "If" is used by people who arent really sorry. This is because your apologizing because you DID offend someone. "If" you didn't, you wouldn't.
Anf there are alot of homophobes on the net today. For shame

1821 days ago


chichiman suck!!!!!!

1821 days ago

You Can Do Better    

Homosexuality is just another niche for odd people to purposely try to "fit" into to make themselves feel part of something. Unfortunately, some people, including GLAD think that being gay deserves some sort of accolades, when in fact it should be looked upon as another psychiatric disorder, and be treated as such. I for one (of the majority in this country)will NEVER vote for gay marriage, much as I won't consent to people marrying their cars.

1820 days ago


so insecure and paranoid .........

1820 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

It looks like they are out for nothing but some more special treatment. I am so sick, and fed-up with this group, and any group like it, and to have it continually pushed in "OUR"faces. It just does not need to be that way. I know why it is though, and it is these types of news-sites. TMZ, and all the others are being used to shove the homosexual lifestyles down "OUR" throats. I for one am sick, and tired of it. Please move on TMZ, there are more important hings going on in the world besides this group, and there crying.

Larry D. Crumbley

1820 days ago
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