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Hindus Call 'Avatar' a Big Hin-Don't

11/5/2009 2:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron's new film "Avatar" may have one of the biggest budgets of all time ... but it also has one big problem -- a group of Hindus are up in arms because they claim the title disgraces their religion.


The Universal Society of Hinduism and its president Rajan Zed are demanding Cameron put a disclaimer before and after the new 3-D flick saying it has diddly squat to do with the Hindu religion and its concepts ... and the title is just a coincidence.

The concept of "avatar" -- commonly known as incarnation -- is a central theme in Hinduism and prominent Hindus are worried the movie will completely botch it if Cameron doesn't bother to explain himself.

Ironically Cameron's film will reportedly be the biggest ever Hollywood release in India.


No Avatar


Avatar has roots in Japan, China, America and computers.

it doesn't just have anything to do with the hindu religion in the contexts that they are used.

I'm so sick of people like this. First we can't say Under God because of Athiests, then we can't say Avatar because of hindu's? People need to get over this PC Crap otherwise, pretty soon we are going to have not not say a word and live our lives as mutes because everything will be offensive to say.

1780 days ago


It's good to see America is no longer a pathetic rascist country.
No wonder the rest of the world HATEs you!

1780 days ago


The media really needs to stop focusing on Rajan Zed. EVERY time you hear about Hindus in the US supposedly being upset about something like this you can be sure it will be Zed making the claim and no one else. All he wants is fame and attention and figures he'll try to be the Hindu Al Sharpton.

1780 days ago


Oh, pleeease. Give me a break.

"Avatar" might be of Hindi origin as a word, but it is used for an awful lot of things that have no religious meaning whatsoever. Where were these people when the "Andromeda" series was running? Why don't they pick on the WoW players and their ingame AVATARS?! Pathetic.

1780 days ago


I am not a Hindu but I take the time to do research before I make comments like those made above. Avatar is a sanskrit word ( indian) which refers to the state at which Hindu gods descended to earth in more primative forms for special purposes. Some of these gods were blue like in this movie. These gods (avatars) possessed some superhuman abilities like you might see in this movie.

1780 days ago


If you don't like it, go back to India. Geeeez, don't people have better things to focus on. Everyone is so overly and stupidly sensitive.

1780 days ago


Wow - The Indian is upset because the name of the movie is avatar. Meanwhile, hes got what looks like a swastika chilling on his forehead. Stupid Dirty Indianz

1779 days ago


bitch bitch bitch why should we be considerate of others bitch bitch bitch insert racist comment here.

1779 days ago


This is a joke, right? I would NOT do any such thing. This is a movie and anybody who doesn't understand that needs their head looked at by the nearest, most qualified doctor.

1779 days ago


Yes, Lenin, all us Americans are so ignorant about everything. All 350 or so million of us, we're all the same...blah blah blah..get over yourself, seriously

1779 days ago


This movie looks like a big turd anyway. I'm supposed to believe that in a future of space travel and cloning aliens that they can't heal a spinal injury?

1779 days ago

Sing Sing    

@ #26 Mike, swasicas have origins in Sanskrit dating back thousands of years in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Hitler took it from them, not the other way around. Go get educated. Okthnx

1731 days ago


All Americans are foreigners especially the European kind who killed the natives to take over this land. Go F*** yourself all you rednecks! Comments here simply reaffirms how DUMB middle America is. No wonder we have less than 20% of our fellow citizens go off to college. I wonder if I made a dumb remark about Jesus how many of you stupid numbnuts would actt up. Good one of these days the deep South and all you rednecks will eventually evolve and become humans. better yet go back to what ever place you all crawled out of.

1779 days ago


I´m hindu and this news is a lame fake. Damn. How stupid people are. That´s only a news to make the movie bigger.

1779 days ago


Im from India and we never heard of this guy before. Looks like he is only trying to earn some money out of creating a controversy. Can this idiot name 10 people who support his views?

1730 days ago
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