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Mariah -- Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

11/5/2009 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing one of Lady GaGa's one-piece castoffs and the remains of Britney's pre-conservatorship weave, Mariah Carey hung out on the beach in L.A. on Wednesday.


The sexy 40-year-old diva took the plunge ... and showed off her photoshop-free curves.


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She is quite curvy. More so than she looks in clothes.

I think the most unflattering thing going on here is the odd, too-revealing cut of the bathing suit.

1813 days ago

For Sure    

I heard from some reliable sources that she has not been walking to well lately??? She keeps falling...Not just on TV either ...Rehearsals ETC. I hope her new husband is watching out for her and not her Money. I heard she is headed to the same place as Anna Nicole...

Another one Tommy Matola(sony) screwed over!

1813 days ago


At least we now know where the Swine Flu originated.

1813 days ago


She looks like a bull in a bathing suit. Put your clothes back on.

1813 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Now thats what you call a hot broad! Back in my day, all the dames looked like that.

Today the girls look skinnier than my stools.

1813 days ago

Justice !    

Mariah is one beautiful lady! She looks great at 40! I love her music! Go Mariah!!!!

1813 days ago


Wow..size 2 my foot!!! def got comfortable w/her new hubbie..aka started eating again.

1813 days ago


Come on, take this photo off. Mariah has looked so thin and sexy for the most of her life. Can't she enjoy food and the beach for once without being made a spectacle of? I don't know any couple who didn't gain weight after marriage. Now if she was on stage in a bikini singing -they you can say something. What ever happened to some privacy??

1765 days ago


Bacckkkkk Fatttttt!!!!! Hehehe!! She's soooo annoying!!

1813 days ago


Ok, she needs to work out a bit, but that is THE most unflattering swimsuit ever!, somebody needs a new stylist!

1813 days ago

Justice !    

There's nothing wrong with the way Mariah looks, she is very pretty and sooooo talanted. An average bodied woman is very attractive, it's the size 0 that's ugly! If I wanted to see a bone yard I'd go to a museum! LOL

1813 days ago

Rap sucks    

That's gross. Her knockers are probably the only good thing about her. And Amber, no she doesn't look as good as my ripped healthy body. Many chicks over 50 are waaay damn sexier than this flabby thing right here. I can't even imagine how she'll look like when she reaches that age, Aretha Franklin anyone? Trust me Amber, I can get women (who are not sticks) much hotter than her. And Nick sucks!

1813 days ago

spread the love    

who cares what her age is???? stop the nonsense. am I the only one looking at those photos??

all you defenders out there. i agree, she is not obese. BUT....she ain't no runway model either. She is fat. Yes, overweight. It is neither attractive or healthy. A big ass, thunder thighs, and a paunch are not my idea of attractive qualities. And those big, oversized, flip-flopping implants....does she own a mirror??

she jumped the shark when she did her christmas album. she lost her range and is becoming a sad parody of herself.

finally, stop all the hype about her new movie. she sucks in it. just because oprah produced it, it is getting press. But she is horrible in it.

I'm just sayin'.....

1813 days ago

Justice !    

icebaby.... you sound like a total freak! poor thing... good luck to you! LMAO

1813 days ago


1813 days ago
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