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Dr. Arnie Klein Reveals The Secret MJ

11/5/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein came into the TMZ office today and for an hour and 45 minutes talked about all things Michael Jackson -- including his Propofol addiction, his penchant for peeing in public, MJ's family's futile attempt to intervene just days before Jackson's death and how Prince almost radically changed one of Jackson's biggest songs.


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Stop Milking his name    

Ask yourself, If he lied about this:

I have seen "This Is It" It took my breath away... My friend, you will be missed7:38 PM Oct 27th from web

What else is he lying about?????

1779 days ago




1779 days ago



those things have been said the last few days! that was what i was getting at! I do not trust klein or harvey! tmz has not been reporting facts just hearsay!

No "vadiva30" klein is not!

1779 days ago


I saw the whole thing live. Dr. Klein is full of himself and nothing but a name dropper. If he ever treated you he put your business out there. He made sure to mention how much $$ he's donated to who and how all of MJ's drug problems we're everyone else's fault and NOT HIS. He takes NO RESPONIBILITY for MJ's DRUG PROBLEMS. HE CONTRADICTS HIMSELF!!!

1779 days ago


what a hyppocryte Arnie is!!! he keeps saying to Harvey how much he appreciates his work and how much he does a great job, just so that TMZ wouldnt write anything bad about him. and then he goes on talking about how much a good person he is. All this interview was obviousley to clean his ass. SECOND Michael never gave jesus juice to the boy nor did the boy explain in details the discoloration of th genitals. it never matched. YOU have to see: Iside michael jacksons trial on youtube, you will undertand everything. plus michael didnt have to tlk to his mother on front of this doctor to prove that he loves her. Maybe he wanted to keeps it private. AND why did we need to hear all things about you being a jew who the hell cares.
and if anybody believes this man is a good guy now, they must have the lowest IQ level ever, for being brainwashed that easely.
michael certainly didnt die by a mistake, he was about to become againn the most powerful celebrity like he was in the 90 and late 80s and clearly somebody as opposed to that. the only thing i agree with arni on, is that AEG s role is fishy in this whole story

finally TMZ dont u ever think that ure going to be able to tarnish his image again, other wackos tried before ang guess what? the losttt, so come up with something new and TRUE orelese shut up.

1779 days ago


Te hehe Watch Me Pee

1779 days ago

so wrong    

Hum, I find this guy, Klein very weird. He's violated everything under the HIPAA, it's a law- a doctor can't release medical information (any - all) about their patient, dead or alive, unless the deceased's estate attorney signs a waiver stating it's OK for Klein to release medical information (to the entire world). I very much doubt MJ's attorney's did this.

I don't think they were that close of friends, he went years without talking to him. I don't know. I certainly wouldn't want him to be my doctor. MJ pissed in cups, good for him! Wish he'd piss in my Michael! he, he, he! he's a drug addcit, who cares, everyone is holly-weird practical is. MJ ROCKS!

1779 days ago


It's obvious that he is trying to hide something.... maybe he used to many fictional names for MJJ prescriptions? What type of doctor will be out , without checking on the nurse job ? It's his responsibility .

Does he really think people are going to believe him? ....

HARVEY : Great job !!! you did not fall for any of his traps! :)))

1779 days ago


I am sick of this drunk lying fool. Its so obvious he is trying to cover his own lying asssss. Why is he so damn greasy looking? *wipes grease off my pc screen*

1779 days ago

For Sure    

To all:

Yes Klein was slurring alittle and Harvey had the nerve to say he never recieved Facial injections...Yeah right Harvey !!!

I think Klein was pumped up with Restalyn and Botox so tight that he had a hard time speaking lmao...Not high...

But I definately can tell you some things he said were absolutely true and He really cared about MJJ and not just for Money...He will absolutely Miss him and is having a very hard time dealing with his death....and not just because his business is down...He knows when the wind blows over he will have twice the business.

I think he really sincerely cared about MJJ and will miss him greatly!!!

He made some great points about drug addiction which are soooooo true!

The truth will eventually come out and Arnie Challenged TMZ to get to the bottom of it ...Guess what I think Havey will......

He now knows where to look...and so would you if you really listened to Klein....

1779 days ago


Is Harvey a Pitcher or a Catcher? Anybody know?

1779 days ago

so wrong    

it cracks me up when people go on here and are like, "MJ is a freak, a child molester." If that's your opinion, fine. There are those he beieve he wasn't. What's the point, no one is going to change their minds, one way or the other. MJ doesn't care, he has nothing to prove..he won in court and he's dead.

If you think he's a freak, don't read about him. I mean, really!

1779 days ago


I had cortisone shots in my head for alopecia, and I would get anywher from just a few shots to at least a dozen on more on one visit. They didn't hurt at all...So I don't buy this whole demorol cause I was gving him shots in his scalp and they were painful...

1779 days ago


Excellent interview

1779 days ago


maybe mj was saying goodbey to everyone b/c he was going to england and was not planning to c them for a while....

1779 days ago
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