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Dr. Arnie Klein Reveals The Secret MJ

11/5/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein came into the TMZ office today and for an hour and 45 minutes talked about all things Michael Jackson -- including his Propofol addiction, his penchant for peeing in public, MJ's family's futile attempt to intervene just days before Jackson's death and how Prince almost radically changed one of Jackson's biggest songs.


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It is only the word of a debauched and a pusher (it's interesting that just he speaks of "addiction"......) that it is known it doesn't count and above all doesn’t prove anything!

1779 days ago


Little Jacko Is Looking More & More Like A Wacko.

1779 days ago


Hubcap? kooky you so silly, lol!!!

1779 days ago


Pleeease, post the entire interview. I wasn't able to watch last 30 minutes or so in live stream.
Dr. Klein is a lot of fun. I hope you invite him back!!!

1779 days ago

so wrong    

49. Little Jacko Is Looking More & More Like A Wacko.

Posted at 8:05PM on Nov 5th 2009 by OhWell

Who cares if he was a wacko, he was the largest selling entertainer of ALL TIME, the world love - loved his music. The other stuff, who the hell cares, everyone artistic is different, wacko, that's what makes them great, look at all the great renaissance painters - artists, composers, bill gates even...everyone thought he was 'weird' and a weirdo too. WEIRD ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! Piss in a cup, piss on the floor, piss on Arnie Klein's head. Who cares!


1779 days ago


49. Little Jacko Is Looking More & More Like A Wacko.

Posted at 8:05PM on Nov 5th 2009 by OhWell

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Let me get this right MJ is the WACKO? I think your the WACKO you obviously don't like MJ but yet your always on the first couple pages posting?? I find it a little odd that you can't stay away from Michael stories....admit it your a closet fan!!!No other SANE person who don't like someone would sit and read about him on a daily basis!!

1779 days ago

seeking the truth    

Dr Klein's game plan:
* come across as a friend to TMZ host in hopes of lenient reportage
* bad-mouth other doctors
* mention lawyers getting in the way of his desire to be interviewed
* deflect all blame elsewhere
* come across as a close friend to MJ that had nothing but his best interests at heart

Money, and the desire for it - we're assured - is what other doctors are about, not the honourable Dr Klein.
Posted at 7:49PM on Nov 5th 2009 by shuffler


Yep Shuffler that is exactly what I think and was expecting from the start - he is one sly liar

1779 days ago


what was he talking about some dr fondling patients genitals .is that the surgeon that went ontour? they are probably reviewing the video so they dont get sued .if anyone saw it live and has some info could you put it up? .did he explaain wtf he was talking about with that pee thing .that sounds insane

1779 days ago


Good interview! Hurry with the rest of the video please.
From someone who is following this case if you will, I found the Dr. to be upfront. Now, is he trying to steer himself away from the controversy and push someone else under the bus? I don't know. But no one can deny that this whole MJ lifestyle was a crash and burn waiting to happen. So many people surrounding him but NO ONE confronted THE MAN.

1779 days ago

so wrong    

Ah, news flash. ON ONE cares what Michael Jackson did in his personal life. It's his life! I don't care if he made himself purple, shaved his entire head and wizzed all other the wall. Frickin' look at Marilyn Manson, Bowe, all the ecentrics..The guy rocked in music, wrote kick azz lyrics and danced the world into joy.

1779 days ago


Demerol is a synthetic opiate!
It was also reported they found Methadone in MJ's house (a drug to detox off opiates).

What about the note they found at Neverland from a doctor in Florida who was giving him Bupernex (another drug used to detox off opiates)?

1779 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey Arnie... I know you are reading this so I want to tell you that your stock just went up 1,000,000 percent.

Good move.

Some times you have to say f*ck the lawyers.

And don't you dare give an ounce of credibility to these idiot fans who oddly enough have almost completely STFU today - obvious proof that even those kooks now find you to be credible.

My god you are a walking encyclopedia of MJ trivia... your book will sell millions of copies.

Best of sure to present some of the proceeds from the book to those Jackson family losers and smirk when you turn around and walk away.


And thank you Harvey for being so respectful.

1779 days ago


Arnie Klein is disturbed. That's all I've got to say. I won't waste anymore time on him.

Hopefully Harvey will not put up the rest of the interview.

1779 days ago


why didn't klein intervene if nobody else would, and why didn't he go to the police with everything he claims to know about this other doctor or doctor's. If klein thinks he knows so much why didn't he go an talk to the DA and the police. Seems like there's a lot of individuals who know what happened to Michael or want to speculate but don't want to help put the ones responsible in jail along with the doctor who gave him the propofol. If these individuals who really cared about Michael know something now is the time to tell the truth. Do it because you cared about Michael and not the money. Do it for his children to give them peace. Michael is these kids only father and always will be no matter what anybody else says or think. How can anyone not like children they are a gift from God and the one with the most love. God bless all the children of the world.

1779 days ago


50. Harvey, you talked to this guy for an hour & forty minutes! Why do you want to cut it? What do you want to excise from this interview? Why? I'm very disappointed that you feel it's necessary to edit a second from this man's testimony of MJ's life & who's really responsible for his untimely, unnecessary death. My respect for you just evaporated.

Posted at 8:04PM on Nov 5th 2009 by seriously?

Read more:

The whole interview was on live so people already saw it in full so they are not going to edit it to hide stuff

1779 days ago
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