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Rihanna: I Went Back to Chris

11/5/2009 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna revealed that she got back with Chris Brown after the brutal beating she took in February -- but broke it off for good when she realized the dangerous message she was sending to her young fans.

Rihanna: Click to watch
This morning on "Good Morning America" an emotional Rihanna told Diane Sawyer she didn't want to be responsible for "some young girl getting killed" for following in her footsteps.

Rihanna added "Don't react off of love. Eff love."


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It is sad reading all the comments. It is wrong for anyone to strike another person..male or female. I do applaud Rhianna for stepping up and getting out of a bad relationship and telling young people she was wrong to go back. if it saves one person, male or female, I applaud her. As for Chris Brown, I hope he understands he played a part in this too. And he realizes it is time to be a real man and understand violence is not the answer. I am not saying Rhianna is totally innocent...but it is better to walk away with a broken heart rather than a broken arm or even worse, not being able to walk away because you end up dead. Violence is never the answer.

1820 days ago


this young girl is not saying these things because she cares, she's worried about her career.

this young girl also hit, screamed obsentities, was up in his business before all this took place.

Rihanna is a role model for HYPOCRISY, and that's about it.

1820 days ago


i mean hey they both is wrOng chris shOuldnt have hit On her like that it wasnnt that seriOus but RiRi def shOuldnt have reacted the way she sis tO make him hit her cuz it all cOuld have been talked abOut &| delt wiith wiithOut any physical cOntact but i jus hOpe she really did learn her lessOn frOM this cuz if she didnt then maybe later On in life she wOuld have fOund sOme1 else tO dO that tO &| cOuld kill her fOr actiing like things shOUld always gO her way

1820 days ago


She is way too stupid to make any kind of decision to break it off afterwards.

You gotta know that it was her PR people that advised her to break it off because of the backlash from the public and the fear of falling record sales.

Don't be fooled. She isn't that smart nor does she care for a second about what or how her fans re-act.

1820 days ago


My Mom's life was like the woman in the movie, The Burning Bed. After seeing what she went thru for 16 years, I would never let a man raise his hand to me.

1820 days ago

Fred Farkel    

OK... I am enjoying reading these comments as well, so RIHANNA... if you are reading these comments, then perhaps IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO APOLOGIZE TO CHRIS FOR YOUR PART IN THIS.

Yeah yeah us bad men are all expected to be saints and rise above all of your daily female hormonal crap, but now that Chris took 100% of the rap... maybe let's SEE RIHANNA step up and say that she is sorry for her part in this too.



Would it KILL HER to say she was sorry???

Maybe say she was sorry AND MOVE ON AS WELL????

This being an imperfect world and all.

1820 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Rihanna is waaaay smarter than I initially believed, after Chris beat her up. When she almost immediately joined him afterward, I thought this girl is not too bright. When she disappeared again I thought it must be only a publicity move. But apparently she has the intellect, intelligence, and courage to make great decisions and follow through. She's the amazingly normal exception in a sea of celebrity morons.

1820 days ago


Chris who?

1820 days ago


Good for you Rihanna. I was in a similar situation at your age and it took time to leave but I did. Time will heal all wounds. Take your time don't jump into any relationships, causal or serious.

**Heard Chris is planning to do an hour interview on MTV friday after RiRi's interviews. How disgusting!!!

1820 days ago


#36, you nailed it. She is only concerned about her career. What she said, in effect, was that if she wasn't in the public eye, she would have stayed with Chris Brown. Stupid cow; I feel like smacking her myself.

Yes, she should also apologize for her role. However, unlike other posters here, just because she had a role in this, it did not give Chris an excuse to beat the crap out of her.

1820 days ago


She did not broke with him because the young girls, she broke up with him because she read in the newpapers that the way she act was killing her career.

*Sorry for my english, i'm french ;)

1820 days ago

Dave Evans    

black womens like the beatdown its in their DNA

1820 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Chris Brown was Rihanna's first??? That's news to Chris!!

What about JayZ and Kanye? And the rumored long-lasting gifts she gave to Chris B??

BTW I don't condone beating women but Rihanna with her history should not have anchored unto this young guy; go find another guy in JayZ's or Kanye's age group. Leave Chris alone to grow up with 19 and 18 year olds and have fun doing it...HE IS NOT READY TO SETTLE DOWN!! I still love Chris, he has learned his lesson and suffered enough.

1820 days ago


She is so full of it, I don't believe her one bit. They probably broke up for other reasons and she sees this as an opportunity to make herself look strong, whatever, to help her image. She definately played a part in the abuse that night and is no better than him.
Hate her!!! What a wack-o!!!!

1820 days ago


B!tch please. You didn't break it off because of fans. You had to do it or his a$$ goes to jail for violating probation.

I seriously doubt Chris Brown was willing to do time for you.

1820 days ago
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