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TMZ Live -- Dr. Arnie Klein ... Take Two

11/5/2009 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein has shown up at the TMZ offices to appear on TMZ live at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET today.

Dr. Klein -- who bailed before his scheduled appearance on Tuesday -- promises to tell all about his most famous patient, Michael Jackson.

Dr. Klein will talk with Harvey Levin -- no restrictions.

Come back at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET.


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Do you know how the Jackson Family is Responding to Kline’s cheat shot story.. I say cheap because Mj was supposed to be your friend and you come with these Ludicrous stories.. He is no friend just someone who had stars and dollar sings in his eyes.. He stabbed Mj and his kids in the back.. With this one.. Harvey next time you have Tea with Kline tell him the fans lined up a special place in hell for him..

1790 days ago


Don't get me wrong I love you show but I'm so sick of John and Kate, their everywhere and I hate their faces. When is the show going to be done?

1790 days ago



Why has DR. Klein suddenly changed his decision to come on the show
when his criminal lawyer told him not to?

1790 days ago


Harvey.. since Dr. Klein is here today. What is it that made your jaw drop? Please do tell!

1790 days ago


HARVEY, You need to have MJ's nutrition nurse, who broke
the propofol story, on TMZ Live. She also said that Michael did not
have injection marks. Someone is lying and covering up...and it's not
the nurse.

1790 days ago

hmmm strange    

See if you can get Arnie to pee in a cup.

1790 days ago


Klein needs to shut up. I am glad he is not my Best Friend, How disrespectful and disgraceful to Michael's memory and trust. If I were a celebrity client I would run as fast as I could from Klein's office and never look back . Everytime he speaks he sounds ridiculous.. I hope he is never allowed to lay eyes on Michael's children ...EVER... Disrespect their father...Disrespect them. As the judge said, "He has NO standing". Shame on you Harvey for running such a story.. The only thing I want to see of Klein is in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT.. they finally got Annas group, and they will get Klein...NOW HARVEY READ THIS TODAY...

1790 days ago


Nicki - Nicki - Nicki,

but would you like my Canadian tongue ?

PS. Gorgeous in the scarfe

1790 days ago


I hope Harvey had a tape recorder or video equip and witness's cuz I am afraid dr. k will back peddle. He is a strange dr. weird, thee is so much i want to know why joe jackson refered dr. murphy to MJ for his kids, then for his persoanl use. Thats strange since he hated joe jackson, remember joe is raking in money now, MJ is worth more money now that MJ is dead than alive, and come one mama jackson is giving the kids hers that is all the money they want. shame on all of the free loaders. jackson sisters and brothers.

1790 days ago

Lee Lee    

Harvey , can you please ask Dr Klein why he feels the need to spill the beans on his very close friend Michael????

Michael,had trust issues with alot of people and people like Klein are the reason why!!!!!! Tell Klein, that Fans of Michaels, like me, find his actions revolting and his motives questionable.

1790 days ago


Dr. Klein,

Have you seen Michael's kids since he passed? :(

1790 days ago


Dr. klein why did u say the family was broke? Dont janet have money of her own? also did michael like his mother?

1790 days ago



Did you get Ripped Buying Your Ripped Photo ?
In case Klein backs out again

1790 days ago


Harvey go review the 93case chandler lied the description did not match! and MJ didn't want to settle that was the insurance!

1790 days ago


Can you please have Dr. Klein clear up the BS about Michael Peeing in front of people and that is how the boy could idendify the markings on MJ. I personally heard MJ say in an interview with Diane Sawyer that the markings the boy said were there were not a match when the officials persona lly looked at MJ'S body.

1790 days ago
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