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TMZ Live -- Dr. Arnie Klein ... Take Two

11/5/2009 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein has shown up at the TMZ offices to appear on TMZ live at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET today.

Dr. Klein -- who bailed before his scheduled appearance on Tuesday -- promises to tell all about his most famous patient, Michael Jackson.

Dr. Klein will talk with Harvey Levin -- no restrictions.

Come back at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET.


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Do you think Britney Spears uses her Cup to Pee ?
or is she Rehearsing for a 2 girls 1 cup remake ?

1812 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Dr. Klein:

1. Tell us some of your favorite moments of Michael. Please talk about *him* without betraying him and not what you did for him.

2. Have Michael's children reached out to you, since you were so close to them?

3. If Debbie worked for you for so many years, why are you two no longer speaking?

4. Do you know how Michael met Conrad Murray? It was said recently possibly through Joe Jackson. Is there any truth to this?

1812 days ago


Dr. Klein, why did you wait until after Michael died to tell people that the kids knew what he looked like naked because he pees in front of everyone? You could have told everyone sooner that this was the reason they knew what he looked like instead of making people the reason was because Michael molested these kids.

1812 days ago

not kooky    

Dr. Klein, what is your favorite balloon animal?

1812 days ago


Has Dr. Klein seen This is It yet? I've seen it 4 times its VERY good.. if he was a real friend to Michael he should see it!

1812 days ago


How come Klein said that Michael peed in front of other people when in 1993 case he said he's never seen Michael's private parts?

1812 days ago



1812 days ago

Veronica K    

Hi Harvey,

QUESTION 1) Is it true that in a 1993 0r 2003 deposition Michael Jackson had to admit that he has never been sexually active until 1994/1995 when he met Lisa Marie Preseley?

QUESTION 2) Is Latoya Jackson dating anyone she is always with a gentlemen that wear a hat on backwards he is literally everywhere drives her car as she is a passenger and he was sitting next to her at MJ Memorial service and at Dancing with the Stars?

1812 days ago

Tammy L.M.    

Why don't you just admit the real reason you're dropping these so-called bombshells Klien.. You know you're out of a medical lisence and you are just trying to bait tabloids and publishers for a book and interview deal. You're making up these crazy stories about Michael, just to say to the people out there willing to give you a book deal, "Hey, I'm willing to say ANYTHING juicy and racy about Michael. Nothing's too sick or twisted. Just write your own story, I'll sign my name to it. Just let the bidding begin!" We all know that's exactly what you're doing. And you're just using TMZ and Harvey as a launching pad for it. You're putting feelers out there to see how much some sick SOB will offer you for a jaw-dropping tell all full of lies on Michael. You're a sick SOB and I hope you lose EVRYTHING YOU'VE GOT LEFT!!!!!!!

1812 days ago


with "friends" like that, MJ can only be better off wherever he is...

Love you Michael!

Burn in Hell DOCTOR!

1812 days ago


Arnold Klein, I hope you handle this interview with a bit of decorum and common sense and not go making any more wild accusations which we didn't need to hear.
This Is It is tops, so please don't do anything to besmirch MJ's legacy today.

1812 days ago


Dr. Klein -

How did Michael seem around the time that he passed? Was he still jovial and joking around? He seemed very happy around the time of the footage in This Is It was filmed, and I was curious if that changed closer to the time of his passing.

Thank you!

1812 days ago


So said you actually saw the picture that the kid drew of MJ's testicles. Did you see the actual Photos showing the match? hmmmmmm? or are you just going by what the cop said?

1812 days ago


OK. I'll bite Harvey.
Are the kids shown in public really MJs kids?
Family says MJ face pretty bruised, etc. Why then did they also say kids allowed to see body....twice? Wouldn't that be traumatic to see? Saw in hospital first so no prep time
Is Dr Murray legit or an imposter?
Ambulance picture is a bit odd and so is coloring on MJ. Elaborate.
How many imposters did MJ employ?
What did you think of This is it? Truthful? Planned?
Why didn't any of the family members shed a tear at memorial or burial?
And finally, eyes focusing on everything except the interviewer speaks mountains about honestly and truthfulness of answers.

1812 days ago


Has Debbie Rowe told you who is the biological father of Michael Jackson's kids?

1812 days ago
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