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TMZ Live -- Dr. Arnie Klein ... Take Two

11/5/2009 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein has shown up at the TMZ offices to appear on TMZ live at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET today.

Dr. Klein -- who bailed before his scheduled appearance on Tuesday -- promises to tell all about his most famous patient, Michael Jackson.

Dr. Klein will talk with Harvey Levin -- no restrictions.

Come back at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET.


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so wrong    

Commenting on anyone's medical history, condition, medication(s), by their physician, whether they're dead or alive is a total violation of HIPAA, unless MJ's estate attorney's signed something saying it's OK for Klein to release confidential information about his health. Which, I'm sure they did not. I don't get how this man won't get sued!

1814 days ago



Is DR. KLEIN the sperm donner for MJ's kids?

1814 days ago


Dr. Klein,
Why did you prescribe meds for MJ's anxiety and insomnia when you are NOT qualified to do such? Why are you protecting MJ re: pedophelia. Do you think ANYONE believes the "peeing in front of others" story?

1814 days ago

jay g    

Dr. K'
If you are laying all the cards out that stack in your favor,(for fame and monetary reasons)why don't you discuss the fact that the first round of surrogate kids that MJ had were actually yours.

1814 days ago


if you think this accurate harvey, mike, arnie, god help you:


1814 days ago



I Bet M.J 'BEAT IT' in a Golden Shower of his Own Pee and

'went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP Convention.'

on the first Bahrain Child he could find.

1814 days ago

seeking the truth    

Did Murray call him that day before he called 911? And if he cared about Michael so much and the kids etc etc then why is he telling crazy stories about Michael urinating in front of people?? I believe he is doing that to make Michael look crazy so people believe what he says more... setting himself up to look ok and innocent before any trial... What does he say about my opinion?

1814 days ago


Dr. Klein, a fine friend you are! You are a wannabe friend at the best. I am sure you are not even able to spell the word FRIEND nor you are one. Shame on you!

Michael Jackson is and will ever be unbreakable!

1814 days ago



To All YOU Loyal Fans who Worship a Drug Addicted Pedophile like M.J

Go Expose your Genitals to Children in Public and See What Happens !

Better Yet - Join a Heaven's Gate Cult.

Same For You Lot Who Think O.J's Innocent And The Cia Killed JFK.

1814 days ago

just an observation    

Was it Joe Jackson that introduced Michael to Dr. Murray?

1814 days ago

jay g    

Why is Rihana upset about the images of her after the beat down with chris... I am sure she sold them!

1814 days ago


Why isn't Grace the nanny under investigation? She was the one keeping family away from Michael, away from helping him? Wasn't she one of the enablers? Is it true she had a crush on Michael?

1814 days ago


If Michael Jackson had lupus why was he being injected with botox and collagen?

1814 days ago


If you say your good Buddies with Mj.. why spil things like the Pee story is really gonna make people belive what you are saying? have you ever heard something are better left unsaid.. you say your no monster but you seem have no troble making Mj sound should have known or thought about what your actions would have had on the media..Why didn't you talk about All the wonderful things he has done.. what do you think Michal's children would say if they were aware of this story?

1814 days ago


Why is Debbie Rowe mad at you? What happened to make the two of you turn against each other?

1814 days ago
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