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UFC Honcho's Ferrari Takes a Serious Beating

11/5/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dana White's custom Ferrari just got its ass kicked by something with a total disregard for the well-being of a beautiful automobile

-- a Hyundai rent-a-car.

Dana White

The UFC kingpin tells TMZ he was changing lanes while cruising through Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon when a "Hyundai rent-a-car" suddenly stopped in front of him -- and Dana smashed into the back of it.

White said his beloved car -- which he had only driven 3 times before the crash -- took the brunt of the blast ... while the Hyundai only suffered a few minor scratches.

As for Dana's condition, he tells us, "I'm fine ... but my heart is broken."

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1821 days ago


Wow, I feel really sorry for anyone whose heart is broken over a stupid car! Almost as sorry as I feel for people who post nonsensical comments on TMZ for a bit of attention. I'm guessing that your mommy didn't love you enough and the other kids laughed at you :(

1821 days ago


P.S. If you rear-end a car, it's always your fault! Love how this ass made it sound like the Hyundai driver's fault. Leave 2 car spaces between you and the car ahead of you, then you'll have room to stop or change lanes. DUH!

1821 days ago



1821 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

He need`s o learn how to drive!My neck hurt`s bad,how much dose he make?

1821 days ago


Assured CLEAR distance. Bet he knows that now. Don't drive the nice toys unless you can handle them.

1821 days ago


Yeah. I believe this. I also believe in the tooth fairy and that Obama is going to become a great leader. This is yet another case of to much, to easy, to soon. Yeah..."But your honor, I was driving 30 mph in a 45 when, after turning on my signal and looking all ways, I changed lanes when this big terrible Hyundai stopped infront of me and I, um, my breaks went out. Yeah, yeah, that's it."

1821 days ago


You all are missing the bigger pictures here - karma reared it's head as dana is one of the biggest douche bags on the planet.
He is constantly cheating on his wife, a notorious liar and a misogynist to the nth degree.
Hopefully he will continue to get what is long overdue in coming to him...

1821 days ago


1. buy a toy car that's more than you can handle
2. drive like a prick
3. rear-end somebody the fourth time you try to drive the car
4. watch toy car crumple after you hit a hyundai
5. cry about it
6. get sued by the driver you rear-ended

that sounds about right to me...

1820 days ago

Maurizio Maranghi    

Ouch! Poor Ferrari!

- Maurizio Maranghi -

1660 days ago
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