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Jericho's Victim: Chris Is an Offensive A-Hole

11/6/2009 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who Chris Jericho targeted with racist and homophobic slurs on stage at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival isn't just saying Jericho was an "a-hole" that night -- he also claims Jericho's apologetic statement afterwards is a bunch of crap.

Mr. Lobo -- the guy who hosted the film festival -- says despite Jericho's claim that "everyone on stage was having a blast," he was deeply offended by the insensitive remarks and calls Jericho's statement a "complete fabrication."

Lobo claims Jericho never apologized to him and added, "I don't think [Chris] has the capacity to give an honest apology. I don't think it's in his character."

As TMZ first reported, Jericho went on a drunken slur-filled rant and called Lobo the homophobic f-word and another slur used to demean Middle Easterners.

For the record, Chris didn't even get his insult right -- Lobo says he's mostly Portuguese.

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No Avatar


I thought the "f-word" was f*ck?? What the hell is this new crap? So dumb to bar certain words from the English language. In life, certain things are going to offend you. DEAL WITH IT AND STOP WHINING.

1693 days ago


Who freaking cares. They are both nobodys and thats all they will ever be. I pray for the day Harvey is killed. Then maybe they can shut this dump down.

1776 days ago


Shut up, Haji.

1776 days ago

Yeti Lee    

If you're going to call Jericho a racist, then you better go after Johnny Quest as well because wasn't the Indian sidekick named hadji?

1776 days ago


Chris seems to epitomize the hypocrisy that most born-again Christians show on a regular basis.

1776 days ago


oh boo-F'in-hoo!!!!!!! Yet another sissified pansy that wants to get his 15 min of fame because someone said something that hurt his wittle feewins.

1776 days ago

Tom Tuttle    

At the end of the day who cares. You can tell Jerico was really drunk because he went for gay and racial slurs. When any sober person would take one look at that guy and find so many other things to make fun of.

1776 days ago


That guy looks like RYAN JENKINS with glasses!! SCARY!!

1776 days ago


Sounds like the guy his trying to distance himself from the controversy.

If he was that offended, he should have taken the mic away from Jericho and asked him to leave the stage, or left it himself. Get security happening if you had to.

I think it was like Jericho said, everyone was joking and having fun...until the GLAAD posse rode in and started pointing fingers.

1776 days ago


Why would TMZ give these two losers this much attention? They must be holding something over Harvey's head. You'll couldn't find Wacko Jacko to make fu...... oops, never mind!

1776 days ago


Chris isn't a nobody, you idiot. He's a very successful wrestler and entertainer.

1776 days ago


There is NOTHING to make fun of about Chris, so shut the hell up. Look up his wrestling career, he's done more than you ever will.

1776 days ago


Hey ive met Mr. Lobo! and he sooooo not a homo. In fact far from it! What a jerk Jericho is. So, not christian like.

1776 days ago


Jericho made some wrong comments but he apologized so move on guys. Are you that immature? You're just seeking 5 minutes of glory. If this guy was THAT offended why didn't he tell it right then? Are you sure you're not inventing everything? I'm becoming to think that you are lying now.

1776 days ago


Consider the source. We're talking about a washed-up wrestler on a drunken binge. I think the comparison to Johnny Quest sums up the I.Q. level we're dealing with here. A Freakin' Cartoon character!! If you expect anything better, you will be disappointed, just like jericho's career has been. Ooops, I meant HAS-BEEN!!!!

1776 days ago
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