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Jericho's Victim: Chris Is an Offensive A-Hole

11/6/2009 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who Chris Jericho targeted with racist and homophobic slurs on stage at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival isn't just saying Jericho was an "a-hole" that night -- he also claims Jericho's apologetic statement afterwards is a bunch of crap.

Mr. Lobo -- the guy who hosted the film festival -- says despite Jericho's claim that "everyone on stage was having a blast," he was deeply offended by the insensitive remarks and calls Jericho's statement a "complete fabrication."

Lobo claims Jericho never apologized to him and added, "I don't think [Chris] has the capacity to give an honest apology. I don't think it's in his character."

As TMZ first reported, Jericho went on a drunken slur-filled rant and called Lobo the homophobic f-word and another slur used to demean Middle Easterners.

For the record, Chris didn't even get his insult right -- Lobo says he's mostly Portuguese.

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He's not washed up, you clearly haven't been following him at ALL. He's one half of the world tag team champions. the UNIFIED tag champ that is.

1777 days ago


maybe he is but he dont take it in the rear

1777 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I still can't understand that there's more than 2 people on the planet stupid enough to watch "Wrestling". I'd love to know the average IQ of a crowd of "Wrestling" fans. Probably right up there with members of the KKK. Somewhere in the double-digits.

1777 days ago


Simon, Simon.......I find it particularly interesting, that you would come to the defense of this drunken sot. Making a public spectral of himself and using that co(k hole of his to insult our brothers and sisters in the middle east. Not to mention, after reading your two posts, you are obviously a star struct, wanna' be groupie, willing to stand in line, just to fall to your knees! Shameful, of you. You must be all of thirteen, with an equal amount of pimples, blackheads and puss pockets on your face and butt. Now get off the big peoples blog and go squeeze a zit!

1777 days ago


Wrestling fans are smarter than people think they are. Don't judge people you don't know. I'm not even a teenager. A lot of wrestlers are some of the nicest guys you will EVER meet.

People make mistakes. GET OVER THEM. Bunch of hypocrites.

1777 days ago



September 23-October 22

You need to expect delays today -- things are just crazy! You need to maintain a level head if you want to make any progress at all, because your people are all looking to you for leadership.

1777 days ago


People who bash wrestling are ignorant. WWE visits the troops in Iraq every year, and they do a lot of good for people.

Enough said.

1777 days ago


Mr. Lobo is not gay! He has an Amazian Beautiful girlfriend plus he was married years ago and has two kids. Even if he was gay it's wrong to call him the f word and those racial slurs are wrong too! I have been a Mr. Lobo fan for at least five years now and I have met him a couple times at Wondercon. He is really nice and funny. He doesn't deserve all these hate filled comments! Nobody does. For the record Mr. Lobo is a horror/sci-fi movie host and his show is called Cinema Insomnia! He is not a nobody! He has fans and his own show! You can watch his show for free on his official website http://www.cinemainsomnia.com/

1777 days ago


Team Jericho!

1777 days ago

Your name:    

Mr. Lobo is nothing but a sycophant and a germ incubator.

1777 days ago


Chris Jericho is a hazbeen.He is a peice of crap.

1777 days ago


Are these even "celebrities"? TMZ should start writing about te SEX that happens at community playhouse theaters and when clowns are hired for birthday parties.

How is "celebrity" defined? As anyone who has had their image appear in a photograph or on videotape?

If so, there are an awful lot of "celebrity" grandmothers out there who have appeared on wedding video.

1777 days ago

alan brickman    

Lobo's a typical opportunist...who was he before this???

1777 days ago


I was there that night, there was no "drunken rant". It was obviously all in fun, and Lobo didn't seem bothered by it at the time, and didn't say anything about it then. Lobo should have watched this week's South Park.

1777 days ago


Why The F*ck do people have to apologize about everything they say, what happened to free speech?

1777 days ago
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