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Joe Jackson Wants Money from MJ's Estate

11/6/2009 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson Joe Jackson claims there was "no justification" for him to be excluded from getting money from Michael Jackson's estate ... and now he's asking a judge to grant him a monthly allowance.

Joe just filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he's "entitled to his own independent family allowance."

In the docs, Leonard Rowe -- a guy who claims to have been MJ's manager -- says Michael used to give his mother Katherine up to $60,000 a month to live on, and that Michael instructed her to give half of it to Joe.

Joe claims Michael's estate has "earned more than $100 million dollars in the first seven (7) weeks following Michael Jackson's death" and is "well able to afford a family allowance for Joe Jackson."

Joe says he has $15,425 in total monthly expenses, including the following:

the jacksons-- $2,500 eating out
-- $2,000 for air travel
-- $3,000 for hotel bills
-- $1,000 for groceries
-- $1,200 for rent
-- $50 in charitable contributions

UPDATE -- Howard Weitzman, one of the attorneys the Special Administrators for Michael Jackson's Estate, tells TMZ: "The Special Administrators have been made aware that Joe Jackson filed papers asking to be paid a family allowance from the Estate. It was quite surprising to learn of the request. Mr. Jackson's Petition will be considered as are all requests for money from Michael's Estate."


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It's just amazing how
this creep is still
alive, with all the
bad bad karma he has.
The nerve!

1780 days ago


LOL...I'll look around for ya..LOL

2. what a jackass.. cant someone find a hit man to get this guy gone for good.

Posted at 4:15PM on Nov 6th 2009 by just me

1780 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Michael can afford it so that means Joe should get it??? Is he serious??? Bill Gates can afford to pay me too, but that doesn't me he has to! Give me a break.
By the way...does anyone that Debbie chick (I think that's her name..MJ's kids mother) trying to get any money now?

1780 days ago


That man has no shame. He should feel horrible for introducing Michael Jackons to Dr murray but instead he's asking for money. Jerk faaace

1780 days ago


eighty years old.... time to go, Joe!
you don't need any money for your trip, your son has bought your plot.
when you get there, stay away from sweet michael, please!!!!!

1780 days ago

In My Own Words    

OH what a surprise. Joe Jackson is nothing but an old pimp and a disgrace. Who didn't see this one coming? Michael Jackson didn't like his father and we see why.

1780 days ago


I ditto #15.

1780 days ago



Yah, right Joe!!!

You're SH&T outta luck, pal!!!


1780 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Hey Joe you old prick here's a few clues fr your old ass

-- $2,500 eating out.................. EAT AT HOME
-- $2,000 in air travel............... TAKE THE BUS
-- $3,000 in hotel bills.............. GET CHEAPER ROOMS
-- $1,000 in groceries ............... BUY GENERIC BRANDS
-- $1,200 in rent..................... MOVE BACK WITH YOUR WIFE AND SUPPORT HER

Read more:

1780 days ago


This is so sad. Joe - Here's some sound advice:

1). don't eat out
2). don't stay in hotels
3). don't travel
4). don't give money to charity

I just saved you $8,000/month!

1780 days ago


The only loyal people in Michael's life were the kids and us real fans.

Greed is a sin, all those people that claim will burn in hell.

Love you MJ, wherever you are!

1780 days ago

get it right    

All I can say is what a F**king jerk JJ is.

1780 days ago



This AssHol@ should not get SHI!! Seriously, he's milked poor Michael long enough!

Please Judge, don't give him a damn thing! Michael was heard telling a friend how Joseph had pretty much drained all Michael's accounts, and how he kept reminding Michael how he wouldn't be who he was, if it wasn't for him. A JERK!

1780 days ago


joe jackson is a crappy person who is trying to such off his son. funny when his son was alive his son gave him a little bit of money here and there but not what he is asking for. kathrine did not give him half. that is what he was told,but it was never half. that money should only go to those kids of his and his mother to pay her bills. accounting should be called on this one to make sure she is not giving the rest of the family his dead money.

1780 days ago


I don't understand what makes Joe think he's entitled to anything that belonged to Michael. He's not entitled to a dime of Michael's money!!! He beat, abused and belittled Michael almost all of his life. Joe doesn't deserve to even have his name in print beside Michael. Joe might have started the Jacksons, but Michael made more on his own than he did with his brothers. Michael hated Joe and he didn't want anything to do with him. Joe just wants to take advantage of Michael's death 'cos Michael isn't here to tell him NO anymore. Go home and get a life...Don't get me started.

1780 days ago
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