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Joe Jackson Wants Money from MJ's Estate

11/6/2009 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson Joe Jackson claims there was "no justification" for him to be excluded from getting money from Michael Jackson's estate ... and now he's asking a judge to grant him a monthly allowance.

Joe just filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he's "entitled to his own independent family allowance."

In the docs, Leonard Rowe -- a guy who claims to have been MJ's manager -- says Michael used to give his mother Katherine up to $60,000 a month to live on, and that Michael instructed her to give half of it to Joe.

Joe claims Michael's estate has "earned more than $100 million dollars in the first seven (7) weeks following Michael Jackson's death" and is "well able to afford a family allowance for Joe Jackson."

Joe says he has $15,425 in total monthly expenses, including the following:

the jacksons-- $2,500 eating out
-- $2,000 for air travel
-- $3,000 for hotel bills
-- $1,000 for groceries
-- $1,200 for rent
-- $50 in charitable contributions

UPDATE -- Howard Weitzman, one of the attorneys the Special Administrators for Michael Jackson's Estate, tells TMZ: "The Special Administrators have been made aware that Joe Jackson filed papers asking to be paid a family allowance from the Estate. It was quite surprising to learn of the request. Mr. Jackson's Petition will be considered as are all requests for money from Michael's Estate."


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just have to respond to blogger # 35 !! right on babe!! want me to adopt u as my 3rd son????? no joke u are spot on !!!!!!!
get off your lazy asses sib's and get a friggin job !!!!
demanding designer clothing for the premier of "this is it"?
MJ would roll over in his crypt you prick's!!! go back into your abyss of wannabee !!! MOVEON TMZ!

1758 days ago


47. He bust his ass to make those kids into stars.
He deserves some money.
Why give it all to the kids that are not even biological Jacksons.
Like him or not he and Katherine brought Michael into this world.
Thanks to him you know Michael.

Posted at 4:38PM on Nov 6th 2009 by Go Joe

Yes, and he busted their asses too! Michael always gave his father money. Michael told a friend of his how his father would call him all of the time asking for money, and Michael gave it to him. That is probably why he didn't leave any money for Joe. His father nickled and dimed him all though the years.
Poor Michael, no wonder he turned to drugs.

Go listen to Michael's taped conversations on youtube.

1758 days ago


what an idiot...this guy is just no good...michael hated him with a passion and left him out intentionally...if katherine was giving him half of what mj gave her thats her support this skank of a man is just too stupid for words..he lived off of his kids success for years..they do not owe this skunk anything...just go in some corner and die old azz pimp is what joe jackass should do!

1758 days ago




1758 days ago


You greedy old man, I guess supporting you for the last 50 years wasn't enough, now you want to dip into the childrens share!!!!! Money that Michael did not want you to have, and you have the audacity to try and overwrite those wishes. SHAME ON YOU!!!! Those kids deserve every last dime they get, and this greedy, family needs to find jobs and shut up. Michael supported them long enough and they didn't appreciate it in the least. They only show up when the cameras are rolling, DAMN

I hope the judge has the sense to make sure that no money goes to this old reprobate. Isn't it enough that Kathrine takes care of a house full of grandchildren and x-wives????? I really don't object to that, but for JOE, NO WAY!!!!
Joe never looked at his son as anything other than a commodity, and lied and cheated on Kathrine and now he wants half of the money Michael left to his Mother....... damn, I have no more words........

1758 days ago


Hey #35. . .you have me in stitches! That was so funny but right on the mark! All that dough for luxury and only $50/mo. to charity? And, how can one guy eat $1,000/mo. in groceries? In any event, Joe received his $$$ during the reign of the Jackson 5. When Michael broke away to go solo, that $$$ was his to do with what he pleased. Who knows but what there may have been a Michael Jackson with or without the Jackson 5? I'm sure glad I don't have this guy's nerve in MY tooth! I do have a question, though. If MJ's Will states that anyone who contests it will be disinherited, then isn't Joe out of luck anyway?

1758 days ago


57. If MJ wanted Joe to have any money MJ would not have cut him out of his will! Prince,Paris,and Blanket will get everything after all they are MJs bio-kids. After Katherine dies all her money goes back to his children anyway! I think Joe is just jealous that he was cut out of the will! But then again this is a tmz story and they haven't really been into facts lately just hearsay! I think there is more to this that hasn't come out yet! I really hoped Joe had changed over the years!

Posted at 4:43PM on Nov 6th 2009 by MJ fan

hey stupid...those are not his biological kids......aint nothing black about them but their shoes.....

1758 days ago

Frankie J.    

"$2,500 eating out & $1,000 for groceries"

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwhiches (COSTCOS)

"$2,000 for air travel"

Photo of an American Airlines Jet (FREE OFF INTERNET)

"$3,000 for hotel bills & $1,200 for rent"

Section 8 Senior Citizen's Home... for everything else get a carboard sign and stand on the street...PRICELESS!!

1758 days ago


Joe Jackson needs to stop. If he was to be included in the Estate it would have been noted...and why is he speaking up about it now?

He sees all the money coming in from the This Is It moive and he wants some of it. IMO, MJ probably did give his mom $60,000 a month but I doubt seriously if MJ instructed her to give Joe half of it.

1758 days ago

so wrong    

OH, michael was SO GENEROUS, HE TOOK CARE OF HIS ENTIRE FAMILY. But, he did not include his father in the will for a reason.

Michael would have been such a cool dad, I think. I'd would have loved to had been his 4th child, except I'd have a bad, bad crush on him. he, he, he

Who's bad!

1758 days ago


If he had $15,000 in expenses per month wouldn't that leave him with plenty to put back into savings after all those years of getting money from Michael? I understand why he is trying to get money since everyone else is getting it from his son but he is asking for a lot.

1758 days ago


Sorry, Joe. You stole his childhood, his innocence, his life. You deserve not one penny. He left you out of the will for a reason, buddy. Get over yourself already, will ya?

1758 days ago


$3500 a month for food!!!! That's sinful.

~ No wonder you're threatening people ol Joe. Just don't take poor Randy down with you.

1758 days ago


Are you kidding me? MJ barely had anything to do with his father and he RARELY let his kids around him. Part of the eldest two children mother allowing Kathrine Jackson to keep the kids was that Joe Jackson not be allowed around them . Have you noticed how you have seen the kids with several Jackson family members and Mj's friends but not Joe? It is because none wants him near the kids.. Part of the deal with Kathrine having custody is that she agreed Joe would not be allowed near them

1758 days ago

so wrong    

hey stupid...those are not his biological kids......aint nothing black about them but their shoes.....

Posted at 4:50PM on Nov 6th 2009 by MJ FAN IS STUPID

OMG, the little one, blanket is MJ's identical twin, have you seen side by photos of them at the same age. Looks exactly like Michael!

1758 days ago
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