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Joe Jackson Wants Money from MJ's Estate

11/6/2009 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson Joe Jackson claims there was "no justification" for him to be excluded from getting money from Michael Jackson's estate ... and now he's asking a judge to grant him a monthly allowance.

Joe just filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he's "entitled to his own independent family allowance."

In the docs, Leonard Rowe -- a guy who claims to have been MJ's manager -- says Michael used to give his mother Katherine up to $60,000 a month to live on, and that Michael instructed her to give half of it to Joe.

Joe claims Michael's estate has "earned more than $100 million dollars in the first seven (7) weeks following Michael Jackson's death" and is "well able to afford a family allowance for Joe Jackson."

Joe says he has $15,425 in total monthly expenses, including the following:

the jacksons-- $2,500 eating out
-- $2,000 for air travel
-- $3,000 for hotel bills
-- $1,000 for groceries
-- $1,200 for rent
-- $50 in charitable contributions

UPDATE -- Howard Weitzman, one of the attorneys the Special Administrators for Michael Jackson's Estate, tells TMZ: "The Special Administrators have been made aware that Joe Jackson filed papers asking to be paid a family allowance from the Estate. It was quite surprising to learn of the request. Mr. Jackson's Petition will be considered as are all requests for money from Michael's Estate."


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First he wasnt in the will for a reason. Also, this creep of a man, spends $2500 eating out, and an additional $1000 in groceries, but he only gives $50 a month to charity???? As far as Katherine goes she strikes me as being a doormat. I hope they dont give him a penny, and heres an idea. If you cant afford your expenses, CUT BACK! Like everyone else has to.


1729 days ago


Did MJ Support his Dad & Mom when he was ALIVE- Don't these People know how to Survive on there own without there Children?
Makes me sick. Living in these Huge Houses and eating like Kings, WHY? Can't they just be Normal People and live in a Modest 3 bedroom home, why does it have to be a Castle- I mean come on a Grocery bill of $1,000 how unrealistic. Just terrible how they think they are owed, It's always about Money with the Jackson's Mom & Dad. You raised them, SO WHAT-Doesn't mean they have to Support You in Your Old Age. Are they going to make the 3 Younger ones do the same, Be Entertainers and force them to make the same mistakes the other made. As I read more & more how they are making decisions for the Younger ones and brain-washing them into thinking they ALL have some special talent cause they are MJ kids and need to grow-up with these expections. Please!! Maybe these Kids just wanna be Normal but again ALWAYS about the MONEY!!
I wish MJ was still here, He will be missed.

1729 days ago


Joe #1 You not in the MJ well. #2 You introduced MIchael to Dr Murray the crack that killed your son how can you live with that the rest of your life.If you get money then the rest of the family should be entiled to money and all your doing is taking money that is suppose to go to MIchaels kids. Joe maybe its time to get a job or stop living like you do. Im sure you have money but still trying to get more. I think you live like the devil sleeping around and when your still married. You know even though your not living with her God still see you married . At your age you should get right with God before its to late.

1729 days ago


There is no way Joe Jackson should get any money from the estate just because it can afford it. It is already crazy how much Katherine gets per month. Stop raiding the estate and earn a living yourself. All of you Jackson!!!!!!!!

1729 days ago

Kendall Weddington    

I just read a wonderful article about Michael Jackson at: in the Icon section. The article really showed him in a great light.

1729 days ago

Joe Jackson is a pimp who used to beat Michael to make him work for mo'money. He should get nothing but a kick in the head.

1729 days ago

Rans Deon    

The "no justification" for being excluded from a will is used by CHILDREN of parents. It's not used by parents of children. Also, an omitted "child" will not receive a share if it appears from the will that the omission was intentional. You might be a child, but you ain't no pretermitted heir, Joe, and you ain't Mike's child. You received received an advancement against any inheritance in your treatment of Mike. Man-up, Joe. And while you are at it, maybe look up the word father and love.

1729 days ago


where the EFF is Joe living that he only needs $1200 for rent?!
&if you're spending more to eat then you are for a roof over your head, maybe you should stop eating.

1729 days ago


OMG, the little one, blanket is MJ's identical twin, have you seen side by photos of them at the same age. Looks exactly like Michael!

Posted at 4:55PM on Nov 6th 2009 by yourenutts

Read more:

you got to be kidding me.
that kid looks nothing like wacko.
jermaine has kids with a hispanic and they look like the jackson.

1729 days ago


I also don't think any of the kids are biologically Michael's. It doesn't really matter - they thought of Michael as their father and no doubt always will, but the only thing that would EVER convince me that there was a drop of Michael's blood in them is an official DNA test. I see no resemblence whatsoever between those children and the way Michael Jackson used to look before he wrecked his face with plastic surgery. Yes, Blanket has big brown eyes. So does my best friend. But that doesn't mean she's biologically related to Michael Jackson because of it.

1729 days ago


79. OMG, the little one, blanket is MJ's identical twin, have you seen side by photos of them at the same age. Looks exactly like Michael!

Posted at 4:55PM on Nov 6th 2009 by yourenutts

yes i agree they all look like MJ!

1729 days ago


Between Katherine and the kids she is getting 87000./month and she requested more of an allowance cause that is just not enough to pay her electric bill. Now Joe is saying when Michael was alive she was gettin 60,000. and she was giving half to Joe. So how come she could live off 30,000./per month and now 87,000 is not enough?????? That Rowe is a slim ball and if Michael wanted Joe to have half the money when he was alive why didn't he just give it to Joe?? Rowe also put in a 50,000 claim to the estate claiming to be Mikes manager. THese two both need to go to hell, I'm sorry but this money is for the kids and for Katherine while she is alive!! I cannot even believe he has the gall to think he has this entitlement to the money! Its not what the estate can or cannot afford it's the fact Joe Is NOT in the will!!!!

1729 days ago


The words that first came out of my mouth when first reading this were not particularly ladylike.

I hope the judge(s) laugh this right out of court.

What a buffoon. Michael left Joe Jackson and the rest of his family (exception mom and kids) out of his will on purpose.

Old age pension will have to do Joe, you mean old b**tard.

1729 days ago

A Person    

Greedy father your not getting any money!

1729 days ago


Bulls***!! If Michael wanted Joe to have an allowance, he would put that in the will. What is wrong with that guy?? He is a piece of greedy crap!!! He got Michael started in the business, but MJ obviously learned alot more than he could have ever taught him!! He has paid him back more than enough in his lifetime! Get a real job Joe and stop living off your son!! His kids deserve all the profits he is making after death!

1729 days ago
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