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Jon Gosselin -- Hommmmmmm-Wrecker

11/6/2009 5:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With reports that he split with girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin has already found a new peace.

The 32-year-old father of eight blocked out Kate's nagging long enough to meditate while practicing yoga in L.A. on Friday.

Jon's favorite pose: downward facing d-bag.


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Stevie P    

Hey Jon save yourself the embarassment and get a job!!

1778 days ago


This guy is out for attention and it is sickening. He wants to be noticed and just cause more and more problems with his family. He need to reorganize his life stop talking, get a job so he can support all his kids and just man up about it.

1778 days ago


Ickkk. I was eating when that image came up on my screen. I may have to sue somebody for the extreme mental scarring I've just experienced. Little stubby fingers and nasty pudgy little toes and, OMG, the horror that is that TANK me, helpmeeeeeeeeeeee. Thud.

1778 days ago


So who took the picture? Oh I bet the Bodyguard past Paparazzi

1778 days ago


God, that's an ugly pic!!

1778 days ago

Pink Blonde    

Awww, thanks, Jill. With all of the other compelling posts, you responded to mine. If it's only a damn tv show, then why you so damn interested enough to keep osting about it? *He* has no morals, sweetheart. I know if must really irk you that she's managed to stay classy throughout all of this, and I'm curious of what exactly the kids were "subjected" to? Free stuff, free trips, oooh they were really tortured, eh? I guess their dad continuously publicly humiliating them with pictures like this ridiculous looking pose don't count? Gee, aren't we all so dumb for sympathizing with someone who's had a pig for a husband, publicly humiliating her and their children...oh, that's right, she did it first! Because he said so, right? And he's just been sooo honest, while stealing money, diddling the babysitter, Kate Major, etc etc...I just love you obsessed "khaters", you twist the truth almost as good as he does! Well done, bravo.

1778 days ago


and what abt the show with 8m

1778 days ago


what a joke!

1778 days ago


what is wrong with Americans...why are you so fascinated by this guy. It reminds me of a saying...big minds discuss events , little minds discuss people!

1778 days ago


What a disgrace.

Why is he doing this to these children? How shaming this will be to them someday.


1777 days ago


what a pudgy, annoying, little goblin! he is nothing but a poser and a money-grubbing, fame whore.
hope you lose it all "john goblin"! you and lohan's father ought to be put down with a bolt to the back of the head, just like sickly horses.

1777 days ago


I dont understand why you guys at TMZ hate Jon so much. Yeah he has made a ton of mistakes lately but i think he has perfectly good reasons to go crazy for a bit. Hes been emasculated and beaten down for years by someone and now that hes free (and has money) hes doing what makes him happy. Yes, Kate is now a single mom so you simpithise with her but shes fine. She has employees to boss around now.

1777 days ago

Pink Blonde    

Hannah L., you hit it right on the head! Couldn'tve said it better myself. It's just funny to me that when you make a smart, well informed answer.....*crickets*..... (I just can't count post above me..what is simpithise?) sympathize? was that what you were going for?

But loved the goblin post...I just adore all these gosselin posts because they bring out the funniest comments!

1777 days ago


Simone...every time you come on any sight i see you say the same thing..Get it straight Kate didn't have an affair. if she did it would have been proven by now...why don't you think of the children instead of trying to belittle their mother.Every time we come on the Internet or turn on the TV JON is showing his IQ.Kate does not put him down and he is just letting us see the true Jon, he did this when they were together , he was just sneaky.

1776 days ago


GO PINK BLONDE and HANNAH LIGHTFOOT!!! Finally some intelligent, informed debate concerning Jon! You two have hit the nails on the head! Love the way you put the "Khaters" in their place and lay out the truth about Jon. I applaude you and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!! GO TEAM KATE!!!!

1775 days ago
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