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Miley the Fraud -- I've Never Heard a Jay-Z Song

11/6/2009 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her annoyingly catchy tune "Party in the U.S.A.," Miley Cyrus sings about "a Jay-Z song was on" -- just don't try asking her which one.

During an interview on Halloween in Kentucky, MiCy admitted the unthinkable: She's "never heard a Jay-Z song" in her life.

It only gets worse from there -- the prepackaged pop tart also tried convincing the interviewer she doesn't sing pop music and that it's "not even my style." Cue Amy Poehler & Seth Myers: Really?!?

The unbelievable statement is at the 3:15 mark. Thanks to Best Week Ever for pointing out the cringeworthy clip.


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Believe Tabloids Much?    

I didn't think it was possible but it seems that Miley is actually dumber than i had thought. This girl has the brain of an insect.

1789 days ago


This is an evidence that she is progressing into one brain-dead pop wreck.

1789 days ago


So what is her music genre? Oh I know, annoying.

1789 days ago


Very few songs are about the artist. Elvis sang about other people, so did Sinatra.Even if the artist writes the song, nobody claims that it is a literal accord of their life. The Beatles never lived in a submarine.

1789 days ago


Jay-Z pop music? Is she a 10000% idiot?! Glad she isn't on Twitter cos I'd Boo her off

1789 days ago


Is it just me or is her speaking voice incredibly annoying?

Also, she has ruined Janis Joplin for me.. I can't stand that an idiot like her listens to amazing music like that. I bet she doesn't even know who Big Brother and the Holding Company is.

I wish she would just get a drug addiction, get pregnant, and fall out of the spot light already.

LOL, is that too mean?

1789 days ago

in the know    

this b&%ch is a f ing POSER!

1789 days ago



1789 days ago


I think this guy needs to go out and get a real job (and life) instead of being a creepy Miley Cyrus groupie. Leave that to the little teeny boppers.

1789 days ago

Todd Lee    

HAHAH, i love when these teeny-bopper, cookie cutter singers get backed in a corner, and basically get exposed for being complete morons. she doesnt even write her own songs, none of these hack-job teeny boppers do, some guy in a suit and tie writes bubble gum lyrics for these no brain pop tarts to sing, she so retarded she cant even write a friggin song, and you know when they record them, they tweak the voices to make them sound like they can sing, they are complete fakes and stupid little 12 year old fall into it, and miley cyrus the THE QUEEN OF THE FAKE HACK JOBS!!! thats why i admire REAL musicians who play instruments and wirte their own songs and have a ounce of talent..HEY MILEY YOUR A NO TALENT SKANK WHO CANT SING, CANT HOLD A TUNE, CANT WRITE A SONG, im sure her red neck daddy could at least write a song, but then again hes no better. GOD I WISH THESE BUBBLE GUM CHICKS WOULD GO AWAY FOREVER!!!

1789 days ago


I find it amusing that you're all talking about the Jay-Z thing when in the video, the interesting part in my opinion was Miley addressing that crazy fan that is threatening to eat her cat if Miley doesn't reopen her Twitter

1789 days ago


I think its fine that she hasnt heard a jz song....neither have I,I am not into his music....but for me she is so talented and she said that she did not right the song....thats to me does not make an artist!!!!!

1740 days ago

Rap sucks    

Jay-Z is crap music. But ha ha people you heard it from Miley, she did not write the song. Just like any other pop star and not I'm not surprised she said it. God, the number one song all the time is either a pop or hip hop song that sounds exactly like the same crap that came out months ago only it is more annoying. Learn some real talent folks. I guess girls today really like to hear rappers brag about money and ho's all the time. Trust me, even in the "underground" it's exactly the same thing either it's violence, or coming from the dumb hood. I remember when i was in a studio, it took a second to make a beat it's so easy. Keep popping, mother hoppers!

1789 days ago

Rap sucks    

Hell, even people that play harmonica's have more talent.

1789 days ago


Well that's like any other job, you get told what to do and you do it, doesn't mean you like it, she don't like pop, but it's not upto her what to sing.

1789 days ago
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